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Technical Tuesday Episode #437: Versatile All-Heart Redwood Custom Racks

July 30th, 2019

One of the most sought-after features in a wine cellar is the versatility of the racking units. A lot of WCI’s clients make the same request, particularly on custom projects. Fortunately, that is something we can definitely deliver. In fact, not only our custom lines are versatile. Our more affordable wine rack “kits” are as well. But today, it’s all about the beauty of custom racking with this gorgeous wine room in Suwanee, GA:

Project # 317377
Wood: Custom / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 816
Where: Suwanee, GA

Wine rack pegs Straight off the bat, you can see that there are several racking styles incorporated into this layout. Here we have some wine pegs which will allow for label-forward storage of the client’s bottles. This will be a nice departure from the usual cork-forward storage. It will also allow for the bottle labels to be showcased accordingly.

WCI Vino Pins are fine examples of these affordable alternatives to standard racking units. The pins come in two different finishes – Anodized Black and Milled Aluminum. The mounting hardware can go into just about any surface – drywall, masonry or wood. In addition, you can have the pins with or without collars. A collar is a small circular piece of hardware that will slide over the stud that comes out from the wall and finish off your pin nicely.

Versatile All-Heart RedwoodHere we have some snaps of the other racking styles. There are several Individual Column Racks with High Reveal Displays. There are also Open Diamond Bins and Rectangular Shelves for bull bottle storage. This assembly can accommodate a little over 800 bottles in total. That’s a pretty generous bottle storage capacity for a residential wine cellar. Notice as well how everything was laid out to maximize the room’s floor area without making it look cramped. There’s even enough space at the center of the room for a tasting table.

Elegant Dark Walnut stain on the racksFor this project, the wood of choice is the versatile All-Heart Redwood. It is a favorite wood option for custom wine cellar projects. The clients went with a Dark Walnut stain that gave the racks an extra touch of elegance. Dark Walnut is a popular stain option as it deepens the natural colors of the wood. It gives the entire wine cellar a timeless appearance. *Cheers*


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