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Mixing Traditional And Modern Styles In Your Wine Cellar

July 15th, 2019

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds in your wine cellar project? With the array of choices  offered here at WCI, this is 101% possible! If you’ve always wanted modern styles but still with some traditional touches, we can definitely get you that. The first thing you need to do is to get fully acquainted with the right wine racking products and accessories.

Mixing modern and traditional styles

Explore your racking options

Your wine racking assembly constitutes the largest part of your wine cellar. So this is a big point of consideration when you’re trying to mix it up for your wine cellar theme. Wooden wine racks offer that traditional feel that most people want. But in the recent years, there has been a slow but steady shift towards more contemporary themes. That’s why WCI started to introduce racking products that can reflect both styles. One of these is our Steel Rod & Wood series. This series combines wood and steel elements. The elegant stainless steel rods married to the beautiful Grand Mahogany wood exude a modern vibe with traditional touches.

Another great example is our Cable Racking System.  This racking system made out of stainless steel is perfect for high humidity environments. You don’t have to worry about the units rusting out. Strong cables are attached to wood panels above and below for strong security for your wine. The wood panels can be created in a variety of woods, stains and lacquer. You can even go with a uniquely created blended stain to go with the theme of your home. Our Vintner Series has embraced this racking system and now offers “kit” versions of the same. Check out the cable racking options at Vintner’s affordable price point here.

Explore your accents and decor options

The trimmings on your wine cellar project will also have a significant role to play in achieving a successful modern x traditional mix. You can transform a simple layout into something more edgy by adding the right accessories. Glass panels are a good example. Glass-enclosed projects are inherently elegant. But adding accents like some black metal trim will change the look considerably. Incorporating pops of color is another great concept. Nothing screams “modern” more than vibrant pops of color. A contemporary wine cellar art piece displayed in your archway is one way to do it. You can also try putting in bright lighting elements. Experiment with colored LED lighting accessories, just like what several of our clients did. ^_^


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