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Learning The Benefits Of Shallow-Depth Racking Systems

July 8th, 2019

We’ve had a really good run of projects using short-depth racking this year. We’re also confident that there will be more of those coming! So why did this type of racking become really popular? Let’s delve into it and learn the benefits of shallow-depth wine racking systems:

Shallow-depth wine racking systemsHere at WCI, we carry one series in our kits collection that feature this kind of racking: the WineMaker Series. If you explore their respective product catalogs, you will see that even bulk storage racks are configured in shallow depth. Now what are the benefits of utilizing this type of racking as opposed to standard depth ones?

The first advantage it can give is in terms of space-efficiency. The shorter depth makes it easier to create racking arrangements in compact spaces. That is why the WineMaker is pretty popular with smaller sized wine cellar projects. You can really maximize on bottle storage capacity thanks to this kind of racking. Moreover, you will be able to transform relatively tight spaces in your home into proper storage for your collection. A good example would be under-stairwell transformations, dining room wine displays, and home wine bars.

WineMaker Series with popping displaysAnother wonderful benefit of these shorter depth racks is their affordability. Less material is used in manufacturing the racking units. That obviously means that cost is kept low as well. This is why this is one of the most recommended racks for entry level wine cellars. First time builders usually want to stay within budget. But sometimes, it can prove to be quite a challenge. Working with cost-efficient racking products can make a huge difference in your wine cellar project.

Last but certainly not the least, shallow-depth wine racks also bring a very unique aesthetic to wine storage. Since the bottles are not stored in standard full-depth fashion, their necks will slightly stick out from the racks. The bottles pop out from the rails, making for a really attractive display. It even makes it convenient to remove or replace the bottles! You can check out more designs using shorter depth racking in our photo gallery. Be inspired and don’t forget to share the results with us! ^_^


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