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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Rack Choices For Uneven Spaces

July 3rd, 2019

Not all spaces for wine cellar projects will be your straightforward four corners. Some may be a bit compact, others may have sharp corners or awkward angles. But isn’t it reassuring to know that there are wine racks that can work with these uneven spaces. We have compiled this helpful selection just for you guys:

The Mini Stacks

The small wine racks or “mini stacks”

Small wine racking units are absolute miracle workers. They can fit into almost any space and give you sufficient bottle storage. WCI has its own line of these small wine racks which we call our “Mini Stack Series.” These babies are stackable which can allow you to expand your wine storage. They also come in several storage styles: Individual Bottle Storage, Bin Storage, Diamond Slat, and Open Bin units. As a bonus, the series also carries glass rack storage. Mix and match these different options to come up with a versatile racking arrangement. The Mini Stacks are crafted from beautiful Premium Redwood and available in four different stain options. And here’s the cherry on top: the racks can be shipped fully assembled!

The Vertical Displays

The vertical display cabinets

Vertical displays are sometimes a bit underrated. These units provide the perfect showcase for the jewels of ones collection. Moreover, they are designed to complete the end of a waterfall wine storage. This creates a beautiful and continuous display of your finest wines. But there is more to these wine racks than their “accessory” value. Here at WCI, our Designer Series Vertical Displays can also be utilized for shallow spots where there is not enough room for a standard depth wine rack. They are perfect for bars, wine rooms, and even in the home. The Wine Bottle WaterfallOur units stand at 6 rows high and will accommodate two standard wine bottles or one magnum bottle per shelf.


The wine bottle waterfall units

Sure, they are aesthetically pleasing, but that’s not all that you get with these waterfall wine racks. The individual bottle storage configuration allows for the hosting of a good number of bottles. Moreover, you can also utilize the top portion of the racks to showcase your wines. This style of racking is available with WCI’s wine rack kits such as Vintner and Designer. They can be combined with other racking styles to create unique arrangements. The cascading silhouette is very eye-catching and can be utilized in different ways. For example, you can have a waterfall display come out from a wall to the center of a room. You may also choose to line a waterfall wine display along a wall. ^_^

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