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Exploring The Designer Series: Wine Cases, Tables, And Displays

June 24th, 2019

The month of June is nearly over and we’re officially in the first week of summer! This is definitely music to our ears. That’s because a lot of home construction projects usually take place during this season. In our case, that translates to wine cellar projects. In fact, we’ve been getting more custom design requests in the last few weeks. Our design teams have also been super busy with both residential and commercial projects. So today, w’re going to keep the momentum going. We’re going to go exploring more racking design options, particularly with our Designer Series. There is more to this wine rack kit than meets the eye, so let’s go and find out:

Designer Series wine cases, tables and displays

We were lucky enough to pull photos from this completed wine cellar featuring units from the wine cases, tables and displays category. Take note that the Designer Series offers tons of bottle storage options, from individual to bulk storage. There are even bottle storage add-ons that can help increase the height and storage of the standard racking units. The kit also includes tasting centers and waterfall bottle displays. While the kit does not have the 3-foot and 4-foot options like Vintner, it has its own brand of flexibility. The racks in this series sport full depth racking. This holds the full body of the wine bottle, along with the 6 foot tall height. Moreover, as earlier mentioned, you can now purchase extra individual racking to stack on top of the racking units. The add-ons allow for an additional 20 inches of height.

Speaking of flexibility, this wine room designed for a client illustrates that feature. We have here Vertical Display cabinets from the series which have been wall-mounted. The units were actually designed to finish off the end of a waterfall wine storage. This is to help create a continuous display of your finest wines. The Vertical Displays can also be utilized for shallow spots where there is not enough room for a standard depth wine rack. But in this case, the displays were mounted on the walls instead. They certainly enhanced the charm of the circular room while showcasing those magnums. As an FYI, the displays are 6 rows high and can accommodate two standard wine bottles or one magnum bottle per shelf. ^_^

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