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WineMaker Racks In Rustic Pine Bring Joy To Clients

April 25th, 2019

Our WineMaker Series is really stepping up its game this year! More and more clients are discovering the benefits of using these shorter depth racking units. Today, we’re showcasing another DIY wine cellar that made use of our WineMaker wine rack kits. It’s a beautiful racking arrangement that highlighted some of the assets of the series. Let’s take the grand tour and see why these racks bring joy to our clients:

Beautiful WineMaker racks in Rustic Pine

The photos above show just how much variety there is in the racking options. This is one of the strengths of the WineMaker Series. While it is the more affordable product compared to, say, Vintner or Designer, it is no slouch when it comes to style. Take for example the Individual Bottle Storage racks. These units also come in Curved Corners and Magnum Wine Bottle Racks to accommodate larger-format bottles. Moreover, we’ve upgraded these individual racks to include display rows. The WineMaker Bottom Stack with Display Row and Top Stack with Display Row have recently gained  a lot of popularity. For the client’s wine cellar, they chose to go with the standard Individual Bottle Storage units. They combined those with Open Diamond Bins, the Individual Diamond Bin, and a Tasting Center with Case Storage.

Now in case you’re not aware of it, WineMaker also carries wine tasting centers. You will find a nice selection of these tasting centers, with room for further customization. You can select from several height configurations, wood, stain and finish options. The choice for this project is unstained Rustic Pine, as well as for the rest of the racking units. But that’s not all! You also have insert options for your wine tasting center. Choose from either racking with archway and table insert or racking with glass rack and table insert. Our clients went with the second option which provided storage for their wineglasses as well.

Happy clients with their WineMaker wine racks

This snapshot of our happy clients is definitely one for the books. We like how it shows those wine bottles popping out of the displays. As an aesthetic consequence of the shallow-depth racking, the necks of the wine bottles stick out. Not only is it very attractive, but it also makes for convenient organization of the wine cellar. Notice how the clients have already started putting bottle tags on some of their wines. We just know they can’t wait to fill all those racks up!

“We just finished the wine cellar and are very happy with the setup.”

~Larry I.~

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