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Why Grand Mahogany Wood Option Is Worth The Money

April 15th, 2019

There are lots of wood options to choose from for your custom wine cellar project. In fact, there are such a healthy selection of wood types that it can get confusing. What kind of wood would work best with your desired theme? Would your preference be commercially available? More importantly, will your wood option be worth the money you’ll putting out? Well, here’s one thing our experienced wine cellar consultants can assure you: Grand Mahogany wood option IS worth it!

Stunning racking arrangement

Grand Mahogany is the most recent addition to WCI’s stock wood options. It’s considered as one of the top five best choices for custom wine cellar projects. Grand Mahogany is a plantation grown hardwood that is extremely attractive. It is blessed with a uniform color, with just a few slight variations ranging from medium to pale pink. The wood also sports a moderately coarse grain pattern. For the most part, the grain pattern is straight. However, you will notice that it is slightly interlocked in some cases. This contributes to the beautiful texture and character of the wood, particularly when it is stained. This completed project by our client presents a wonderful illustration of the same. Check out this stunning racking arrangement, in Grand Mahogany x Midnight Black Stain combo:Grand Mahogany wood option

Now this versatile wood is actually comparable to sapele and cherry with it’s hardness, density, and grain texture. As far as its durability and stability, is concerned, it can also match up to sapele, hard maple, or cherry. You will find that as the wood ages, it becomes even more attractive, especially in its unstained state. But of course, for those with a specific wine cellar theme in mind, stains and finishes are the way to go. This completed project by our client is a wonderful example of that. They wanted something a bit more contemporary, but still with a traditional touch. The bold stain option combined with the light countertops definitely delivered that:

Midnight Black Stain on Grand Mahogany racks

Here’s a closer look at the racking assembly. Grand Mahogany is great to work with, as far as the manufacturing process goes. But it does cost a bit more compared to other wood types, such as Rustic Pine. The uniform color and relatively clear grade of the wood are some of the bigger reasons for this. Grand Mahogany may have a moderately coarse grain pattern, but it does not sport knots or streaks. Whether stained or unstained, the wood is pristine. So if you are going for a bold, modern, luxurious and/or sophisticated themes for your wine cellar, THIS is the wood for you. ^_^

Bold, modern and sophisticated wine cellar

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