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Highlighting The Ease Of Assembly Of The Designer Series

April 11th, 2019

One of the strongest selling points of a wine rack is when it allows for ease of assembly. This is why at WCI, we have put a lot of effort into this particular feature with our wine rack kits. All our collections have been lauded by clients as convenient to put together. Naturally, that includes our Designer Series. In fact, Designer easily matches up to our Vintner Series when it comes to this aspect. The overall rating for both kits is at a solid 4.4 out of 5 stars. This is what we want to highlight today, with the help of this DIY project by our client Chris:

The client purchased several racking units from the Designer Series kit. Specifically, they got some Individual Columns with Display Rows and Open Diamond Cubes. Now take note that with this series, you get the racks in 6-foot and 8-foot height configurations. You do not get the half-height configurations that are available with the Vintner and WineMaker Series. Nonetheless, there are still options available to increase the height and wine storage of your racking assembly. This is all thanks to the “add-on” options that were introduced with this kit. These add-ons come in several bottle storage capacities, to match your individual racking. Plus, there’s also one for the Curved Corner Racks. But that doesn’t end there! You can still pile on a few more inches by incorporating crown and base moldings. The moldings are also instrumental in removing awkward gaps between your racks and the flooring and/or ceiling.

The question now is this: how easy would it be to assemble these racking units? It’s actually a no-brainer! We have made it less cumbersome for our customers with our Stacking Assembly Manual and add-ons. They can purchase exactly the racks and stacking equipment they need for their wine storage needs. First, they just need to select the main racking unit. Then, all they need to do is mix and match those with the add-on extension racks. Next, they can go for the extra options, such as the moldings, platforms and center seam trim.. Last but not the least, they have the ability to select their wood, stain and finish options. Designer offers the full selection of woods and finishes, just like Vintner.

Once the racks have been purchased and delivered, actual assembly can be done with a nail gun. This is the most recommended method as it is quick, efficient, and requires little to no construction experience. A quick view of our 7-minute assembly video will help you bring to life your wine storage in record time. ^_^

“They arrived and were relatively easy to assemble.”

~Chris K.~