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Custom Wine Cellar With All The Bells And Whistles

January 7th, 2019

It’s a brand new year and definitely the best time for a fresh start. With us, that translates to staring your wine cellar projects from scratch. If you’re determined to achieve your wine cellar goals for 2019, then we’re sure that today’s blog will help you lots. This custom wine cellar has all the bells and whistles and should be the perfect inspiration:

Vintage Wine Barrel tabletops

The snaps of this completed wine room really dazzled us. From the racking assembly down to the accents and other details, it was just a dream. The usual two or three photos were not enough to do the project justice. So we decided to capture all the beautiful features of the wine room to share with you wine cellar fans. Let’s take the visual tour, starting with the luxuriously designed racking units. This is obviously a custom project, designed to accommodate all the whims of the client. So apart from bottle storage, custom cabinets were also created to host glassware and other accessories. These were further augmented by a Vintage Wine Barrel tabletop with adjustable shelves at the bottom. The shelves allowed for convenient case storage. You will notice from the first photo above that a half-height Quarter Round Shelf capped off the tabletop nicely. This gave the client even more room to display other knick-knacks:

Custom glass storage

Now check out the wine cellar door below. It’s just our standard full glass door, but accentuated with delicate glass etchings. Note that here at WCI, we offer a bevy of decorative applications for wine cellar entryways. We have lots of pre-made designs to choose from. But if you want something totally custom, we can definitely do that for you as well. Here you can see that apart from the cellar door, the accent wall mirror was also customized with painted grape clusters:

Etched glass door and painted glass mirror

Below are gorgeous shots of the racking assembly. This wine cellar also features a built-in Cigar Humidor. It’s a great addition to have, especially if you’re into collecting cigars or tobacco. WCI usually makes the humidor to the client’s specifications.┬áThe cabinet is kept to a certain degree of humidity, keeping your cigars in peak condition. Keep in mind that your wine cellar is already kept at a certain temperature and humidity level. The addition of a custom cigar humidor will help keep all of your investments safe and sound. Also, take a closer look at what’s above the humidor, slightly obscured by the intricate chandelier. It’s actually a WineZone Ductless Split wine refrigeration system! The Wood Grille Covers were also crafted from unstained All-Heart Redwood to match the racks:

Custom Cigar Humidor

Here are some more snaps of the other angles of this wine room. That wine cellar art in the archway is definitely a statement piece, don’t you think? The racking assembly also sports a full height Quarter Round Shelf, Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim, and a metal bar up top for the Red Oak Rolling ladder. This wine cellar certainly set the bar high and we’ve barely begun our 2019 journey. So don’t forget to bookmark our blog and expect more amazing things to come! *Cheers*

Wine cellar artwork

Archway with Open Diamond Cubes below


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