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We Had A Blast This 2018 And We Hope You Did Too!

December 31st, 2018

We had a blast this 2018 and we hope you did, too! It was such a productive year for us here at WCI. There were fantastic product launches that really made a mark in the wine cellar construction business. Props to our Modern Wine Cellar Series for leading the pack! From the Contemporary Cable Wine Racking System down to the Invisible Wine Rack Series, and our latest Steel Rod and Wood Series – the contemporary style is definitely a game changer.

Happy New Year!

Our wine rack kits have stepped it up as well – and not just by a notch or two. The Vintner Series, in particular, has become such a powerhouse product this year. The Vintner Elite Cabinetry line was considerably expanded with the addition of compact cable racking units. Then there was also the launch of the Vintner Bins and Tables which accommodated both residential and commercial wine cellar projects. And speaking of commercial wine cellars, Vintner has really gone full blast with a complete commercial collection as well.

But our wine racking lineup was not the only one that made incredible progress this year. Our selection of wood, stains and finishes was raising the bar as well. The extremely attractive Grand Mahogany saw a great year in wine cellar projects this 2018. Plus, we had three gorgeous additions to our stain and finish options to almost all of our racking products: Whitewash, Graywash, and Opaque White. These options have been made available to more of our wine rack “kits,” and not just our custom lines.

Now with all these amazing improvements this year, what can WCI bring to you and your wine cellars this 2019? All we can say is – we never disappoint! So join us for even bigger and better things in the New Year! *Cheers*

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Our Best Wine Cellar Designs For 2018 (Part 3)

December 26th, 2018

We’re down to our last installment for our best wine cellar designs for 2018! If you missed the first two parts, check them out here and here and let us know what you think. Now moving on, let’s begin the countdown for our last batch of wine cellar projects. These are the designs that round off our list:

Clear Alder Racks with Dark Weathered Stain

This was a custom project completed for a client in Powell’s Point NC. It’s a fairly large wine room, with a bottle capacity of over 2300. That alone is impressive, don’t you think? But the way the racking styles were mixed and matched is pretty amazing as well. These are all custom wine racks, carefully planned to accommodate the sharp and irregular corners of the designated space. See how the units fit perfectly. This built-in look for irregular spaces is always best achieved with custom racking products. Our favorite feature though, is the timeworn appearance of the wine racks. To achieve this aged look, a Dark Weathered finish was chosen. And instead of the standard wood options such as Redwood or Pine, the client chose Clear Alder.

Glenville Wine Cellars Debuts Steel & Wood Series

We launched our newest addition to the modern wine cellar series late this year: the Steel & Wood Series. We were fortunate enough to have our client Glenville Wine Cellars send us photos of their completed project. They wanted a clean and minimalist design for their wine storage. But they also wanted the wine cellar to retain some traditional touches. The Steel Rod and Wood Wine Cellar Series provided for the perfect solution to this design request. The racking units in this series combine wood and steel elements. The stainless steel rods are the epitome of understated elegance. Paired with the wood frames, the racking assembly still exudes a traditional appeal.

Modern Melange of Space and Style

This modern melange of space and style was designed for a client in Panama. The clean layout features our Modern Wine Cellar series, as well as our Vino Pins. As you can see from the photos, the Modern Wine Cellar racks were installed at the very center. This makes them a focal point of this wine cellar. The wooden platforms are done in Midnight Black Stain, complementing the Anodized Black finish on the Vino Pins. It’s definitely one of the best features of these modern racking units. They are fully customizable to suit your style or existing decor. With the flexible configurations of the racks, you also have options in storing your bottles. You can store them in the standard cork-forward manner. You can also opt for a label-forward storage. Whatever you choose, your bottles will look like they’re floating on air!

A Very Merry Christmas From All Of Us At WCI!

December 24th, 2018

Christmas Giving

By Iris W. Bray

Christmas is for giving
And for showing that we care,
For honoring the Christ Child
With the loving gifts we share

The wise men gave of riches;
The shepherds, faith and love.
Each gift, in its own measure,
Was smiled on from above.

Let every gift be treasured;
Not always size or price
Determines the extent of love
And willing sacrifice.

Handsome gifts with festive trim
Brings smiles of sweet content,
But modest gifts of humble means
Are ofttimes heaven sent.

Whether it be large or small
Each gift will share in part
The message of true Christmas joy
If given from the heart!

May the love and blessings of this beautiful season fill your homes. Merry, Merry Christmas, everyone! ^_^

Client’s Lovely Tasting Center Created With The WineMaker Series

December 20th, 2018

We’re down to our second to the last Testimonial Thursday feature for the year – and we’re going to make it a great one. Today’s project features the WineMaker Series wine racking units. This is one of the series from our wine rack kits and it deserves a lot of love. Check out the client’s completed wine cellar below and you’ll see why:

The WineMaker Series

The client said he loved everything about his wine racks and not by any coincidence, so do we. There is tons of bottle storage for his growing collection. The layout is clean and space-efficient with more than enough room for future acquisitions. The term “space-efficient” is key here because we’re talking about the WineMaker Series. The WineMaker series has shallow-depth configurations which makes the necks of the bottles stick out when stored. However, this does not compromise the safety of the bottles in any way. The well-crafted, square cut rails cradle the bottles beautifully, as one can see from these photos.

WineMaker has a lot more up its sleeve though. The racks come in 3-foot and 4-foot height options, enhancing their stackable qualities. Much like Vintner, you can stack these racks to any height you desire. Plus, we’ve made it easier for customers by allowing them to purchase exactly the racks and stacking equipment they want. You can shop by height option (up to 8-foot) then throw in some add-ons. These include stylish moldings, base platforms, and center seam trim. Mix and match them up to create the racking height you desire! And don’t forget – these racks come at a more affordable price tag. That’s all thanks to the shallow-depth configurations. As you can see from the photos of our client’s finished product, WineMaker can certainly give Vintner some tough competition:

WineMaker Series tasting center

The variety of racking styles WineMaker offers is also pretty impressive. Recently, we added bottom and top stack options with display rows to the Individual Bottle Storage racks. These allow for both convenient storing and showcasing of one’s best labels. Moreover, WineMaker also carries tasting centers which is what our client here purchased. It’s so easy to build and expand your racking arrangement with them. And of course, you also get all the stain and finish options at your disposal to suit your style preference. ^_^

I just received my order. Everything is here and intact. Love it. Looks great. I just love this thing.”

~Joe S.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Our Best Wine Cellar Designs For 2018 (Part 2)

December 19th, 2018

It’s Wine Wednesday, wine cellar fans! But for us, it’s also Wine Cellar Wednesday. We’re back with part 2 of our best wine cellar designs countdown for 2018. These beautiful creations were real standouts this year. That’s why they deserve a second shot at the spotlight. Check them out and let us know which one gets your vote:

Dusty Weathered Finish Racks

The Charm of Dusty Weathered Finish Racks

This project is certainly eye-catching. The racking arrangement was tastefully designed to be both space-efficient and stylish. The wine cellar can host just under a thousand bottles in a variety of storage options. We especially liked the use of the custom island with the Mini Quarter Round Shelf Cabinet in the center of the room. Moreover, so as not to waste the bottle storage potential of the room, wine rack pegs were utilized. These are our Vino Pins from our Vintage View Series. But the outstanding element in this project is the stain and finish option used on the racks. Notice that wooden racks exude a rustic appeal laced with a contemporary charm. This is all thanks to the Dusty Weathered Finish applied on the racks. This finish option will give your wood a classic timeworn appearance that is very attractive.

Bold statements with Dark Walnut

Clean Lines & Bold Statements with Dark Walnut

This racking assembly with its clean lines and bold statements is an attention-grabber. The attractive features of this project rest on its racking arrangement and style. We love how the simple and clean lines of the racks make them come together in a seamless layout. Plus, thanks to the custom crown and base moldings, there are no awkward gaps between the racks and the flooring and ceiling. The racks are done up in Dark Walnut Stain to compensate for the pretty straightforward layout. The golden-brown stain option increases the natural colors of the wood. The end result is usually darker and bolder shades on the wood which is just stunning.

The Modern Wine Cellar Series

Our Modern Wine Cellar Series Take The Stage

2018 is definitely the year for modern-themed wine cellars. This project is one our best ones showcasing that contemporary charm. The unique racking style and vibrant lighting accessories really give it that modern vibe. When wine bottles are stored in these racks, they will give those bottles an ethereal, “floating” appearance. Notice how the units are installed within platforms in a floor-to-ceiling layout. The metal supports the wood components which is responsible for bringing a beautiful “floating” illusion.

We have one more batch to go before we end 2018 with a big bang – so don’t miss out! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #412: Modern Melange Of Space And Style

December 18th, 2018

This is it, folks! We’re down to our last Tech Tuesday for 2018. That’s why we’re going to make it an extra special one. Feast your eyes on this modern melange of space and style. It is a gorgeous wine room that exudes class and contemporary charm. Let’s get down to the finer details of this project:

Project # 311440
Wood: Modern Series/Vino Pins
Bottle Capacity: N/A
Where: Panama

Modern Wine Cellar series

Designed for a client in Panama, this racking arrangement is a stunner. The clean layout features our Modern Wine Cellar series, as well as our Vino Pins. As you can see from the photos, the Modern Wine Cellar racks were installed at the very center. This makes them a focal point of this wine cellar. The wooden platforms are done in Midnight Black Stain, complementing the Anodized Black finish on the Vino Pins. This is one of the best features of these modern racking units. They are fully customizable to suit your style or existing decor. You can go with the standard wood options: Rustic Pine, Premium Redwood, All-Heart Redwood, or Grand Mahogany. But you can also choose something custom, like Black Walnut, Clear Alder, Oak, and more. Moreover, with the flexible configurations of the racks, you also have options in storing your bottles. You can store them in the standard cork-forward manner. You can also opt for a label-forward storage. Either way, your bottles will look like they’re floating on air!

Vino Pins

Now let’s talk about the Vino Pins. The photo below shows a great close-up of these pins. They are one of the most versatile wine storage units you can find. These pins can easily go anywhere: kitchen, living room, or any social area in the home. They can be utilized for both residential and commercial wine cellar applications. And of course, they are just wonderful space savers. Mount them anywhere and you need not worry about your floor area getting cramped. As far as design is concerned, the Vino Pins have that covered as well. You can get them in two beautiful finishes: Milled Aluminum or Anodized Black. You can also choose whether or not the pins will have collars. Last but definitely not the least, there is even a mounting option for them. Select the type of surface you will mount the pins on: dry wall, masonry, or wood.

Vino Pins in Anodized Black finish

The overall styling of the wine cellar gets a two thumbs-up from us. How about you, wine cellar fans? Share your thoughts in the comments below. *Cheers*

The Vintner “Stackables”: Creating 7-Foot Racks And More!

December 17th, 2018

It’s another Vintner appreciation post today, wine cellar buddies! You’d think we’d get tired of talking about this series, but it’s just the opposite. In true Christmas tradition, Vintner is like the gift that keeps on giving. You might want to check your list and see who deserves a Vintner rack or two under their tree. These “stackables” are definitely worth checking out. Let us show you guys how to create 7-foot racks and more with them:

Glass-enclosed Vintner wine cellar

Just this year, Vintner added yet another versatile racking product to its family: the “stacks.” These are units that range from 6-feet all the way to 9-feet in height. If you think about it, 6-feet wine racks are quite common. But adding an extra foot or two (or more) can’t always be achieved so effortlessly. You’ll have to splurge on custom racking to get the results you really want. This is what makes our Vintner Series so revolutionary. It’s part of our wine rack “kits” collection, yet it delivers these awesome custom amenities. Just by browsing our photo gallery, you can see how truly versatile the series is. And every year, it just keeps getting better. This completed DIY wine cellar shows us how it’s done:

The Vintner "Stackables"

With these “stackables,” you can create racking assemblies that can go as high as 12-feet. Plus, you are afforded a wonderful variety of bottle storage styles to boot. As you can see from these photos, the client’s cellar exhibits several bottle storage options. You have the Individual Bottle Wine Racks, Open Diamond Bins, and Magnum Racks as well. The Vintner Stacks offer a number of racking combinations that can accommodate both individual and bulk storage. Once you’ve chosen your desired combination, you can select the height, wood, stain and finish options thereafter. You basically have so much control over the styling of your wine racks. In this project, the client went with Redwood racks in Midnight Black Stain option. But to give the wine cellar that really luxurious look, they added in a lacquer option as well. Browse the full product page for the Vintner Stacks and discover more ways to style your wine cellar! ^_^

Midnight-Black Stain with Lacquer

“Super awesome experience when I got great advice about ordering and what would be the best fit for me. Great product, the racks are sturdy and of excellent quality. Overall experience as a customer was outstanding.”

~Greg F.~

Professional Services & The Right Tools Make For A Happy Client

December 13th, 2018

A successful wine cellar construction business is best represented by happy clients. We are not blowing our horn here, but we daresay that we have passed the test with flying colors. Today’s Testimonial Thursday is a terrific testimonial to that. We are grateful to our client Chris for sharing with us these amazing shots of his completed wine room. And we are humbled by the high praise he has given for our professional services. His WCI experience was definitely an enjoyable one – and we are glad to have made that happen for him.

Like a good number of other clients, Chris purchased his wine racks from our website. Naturally, he also had his moments of anxiety while ordering the products. This is one of the most common fears of online shoppers. No matter how reputable a business may be, there is still a chance that something could go wrong. After all, you are not there to personally see and inspect the products. He purchased several units from our Vintner Series wine racks kit. These included an Individual Tasting Center with glass storage, Solid Diamond Cubes and Quarter Round Displays. The wood option was unstained Grand Mahogany. It was a fine choice since the uniform color and grain pattern of the wood really shine through. Center Seam Trim was also incorporated into the racking assembly. This helped significantly in giving the assembly a clean and polished look:

The end result was obviously exactly what the client had wanted. But this could not have been possible without the invaluable assistance of WCI’s design consultants. Chris worked with our experienced design consultant throughout the entire process. With the step-by-step guidance, he was able to purchase a nail gun along with the racks. This made the assembly and installation of the racks go smoothly. The extensive experience of our design consultant brought about the desired results. Thanks to professional services and right tools, we have one more happy client to add to the list. ^_^

“I have nothing but positive things to say about the racks and my experience with WCI. I also have to rave about Amy Hernandez who worked with me through this process. She was a dream!!! Very patient, informed, and supportive. She’s a keeper for sure!! We got a nail gun included in my order and it made ALL the difference in the world. I have no idea how folks would assemble these without a gun. We absolutely love the racks! ”

~Chris M.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Our Best Wine Cellar Designs For 2018 (Part I)

December 12th, 2018

Alright, wine cellar buddies! We have barely a little over two weeks before we say adieu to 2018. It has been a truly fantastic year, especially for wine cellar projects. So before the year officially comes to a close, we’re doing one more fun thing. We’re going to be counting down our best wine cellar designs for the year! Since there are so many, we’re going to be delivering them in three parts. Let’s check out the first batch and see which is your fave:

The perfect compact glass-enclosed cellar

The Perfect Compact Glass-Enclosed Cellar

First up is this entry from our February Tech Tuesday archives. 2018 was a year for a fairly good amount of compact wine cellar projects. We loved how even smaller residences have taken to creating proper wine storage for their collection. This project, in particular, was a standout. It’s a glass-enclosed cellar in Naples, Florida. Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in the country. Obviously, real estate is pricey as well. This is a custom-built project utilizing unstained Premium Redwood wine racking units. You can see from the photos how it looks wonderfully built-in. It’s tucked perfectly into that lone corner by the wall, making it a focal point of the home. It certainly is one of the major selling points of this property.

Premium Redwood with Blended Stain option

Premium Redwood Racks With Blended Stain Option

Next up is this magnificent wine room from our March archives. It features our blended stain option – a product that deserves more love. We’re pretty happy that our stains and options have risen in popularity this year. In this project, almost everything is a custom job. The wine racks were fully customized to accommodate the circular layout of the room. Instead of the usual flowing assembly, you’ll notice that this one has the units spread out in a detached fashion. The racks are then dressed up with blended stain to achieve the desired shade. With the Blended Stain option, WCI is able to offer clients a a 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50 ratio of our stock stains.

Exploring the beauty of unstained Premium Redwood

Exposing The Beauty Of Unstained Premium Redwood

Of course, while stains and finishes can make your racks gorgeous, there’s nothing wrong with unstained ones. In fact, this project exposed the true beauty of Premium Redwood in its unstained state. This beautiful, medium-sized wine cellar was completed for a client in Carmel, IN. It can house approximately just under 1600 bottles in a variety of storage options. It has everything: Individual Bottle Columns, Open Diamond Cubes, and Quarter Round Shelves. To add more character, the Wine Bottle Waterfall racks were also incorporated.

And Part I ends here! Which is your top pick from this batch? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned next week for Part 2. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #411: Simple Goodness With Unstained All-Heart Redwood

December 11th, 2018

The saying “Simplicity is beauty” will never grow old. That applies to wine cellars as well. While we are all for unique styles and modern designs, we still have a soft spot for simple and clean silhouettes. Today’s Tech Tuesday brings us back to that. Check out this sweet, compact wine cellar for our client in Lees Summit, MO:

Project # 303443
Wood: Custom/ All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 162
Where: Lees Summit, MO

Simple goodness with unstained All-Heart Redwood racks

This is another custom project using All-Heart Redwood wine racks. You can see from the seamless flow of the racking assembly that everything is a perfect fit. It’s quite a smart move on the part of the client seeing as this is a relatively small project. Going custom and splurging on the finer details really paid off. Notice how smooth the transition is with the curved corner racks. It also helps a lot that custom crown and base moldings were integrated into the assembly. They help eliminate any awkward gaps and give this wine cellar a really clean-cut appearance.

Now for such a compact space, see how there is a good variety in the bottle storage options? The Individual Wine Bottles and Solid Diamond Cubes can accommodate individual and bulk bottles. High reveal displays were also thrown in to make the cellar look more spacious. In fact, you wouldn’t know from just these photos that the racks can hold just over 160 bottles. The simple and space-efficient layout makes everything look airy and comfortable.

Speaking of simplicity, we should also point out that the racks are all in unstained All-Heart Redwood. Don’t get us wrong! We absolutely love racking units that are dressed up in stains and finishes. However, you also cannot deny the appeal of the unstained version of the wine racks. It’s especially so since All-Heart Redwood sports natural, reddish-gold colors that are very attractive. As you can see, the unstained racks go well with the other elements of the cellar. The flooring, in particular, is complemented by the natural beauty of the All-Heart Redwood racks. Indeed, simple goodness can go a long way. Designs like today’s Tech Tuesday is certainly a welcome change, don’t you agree? *Cheers*

Prep Your Wine Stores With Vintner Commercial Display Racks

December 10th, 2018

The Christmas season is undoubtedly a busy one. “Busy” might even be a total understatement. The holiday rush tend to get a little crazy, especially with last-minute purchases. It also goes without saying that wine sales are definitely at their peak during this time. So as a proprietor, you’ll have to prep your wine stores to accommodate the increase in sales activity.

This is where wine cellar establishments will get to fully appreciate our Vintner Commercial Display Racks. Not too long ago, we introduced this more affordable option to our commercial racking line as well. Vintner is already a huge hit with our wine rack kits. The racking units are highly flexible with custom amenities, yet reasonably priced. So we decided to expand the Vintner line to retail wine storage as well.

What does this mean then? Essentially, our commercial display racks are now divided into two categories: Vintner and Classic. The Classic line encompasses our traditional units, from wine display islands to merchandisers, wine lockers and more. These units are all hand built to order. In other words, these are fully customized wine racks, to the customer’s specifications. Naturally, the Classic line comes at a higher price tag.

But for wine retailers who need to work within their budget, the Vintner racking units can provide the solution. True to the Vintner theme, these commercial racks are low priced but of top-notch quality. Versatility-wise, it can’t get any better than these stackable babies. The 3-feet and 4-feet options will allow one to create arrangements as high as 12 feet. The racking styles from the Classic collection are mostly available with the Vintner line as well. The only difference would be the half-height option which Vintner does not carry. But the individual 3-feet and 4-feet racks more than make up for that.

As for the other custom amenities, take note that this includes the industry exclusive vinyl base and caster options. You can choose to apply the vinyl base to the sides of the rack as well. The vinyl covered base platform can raise your unit around 4 inches off the ground. This keeps the merchandise safe from accidental kicking or other injury. You will find that it will also make clean-up a more hassle-free task. Now for the casters,just keep in mind that not all the racking styles will have them. But for those that you can, we highly recommend getting these casters. It will make rearranging stuff in your store so much easier! *Cheers*

Circular Wine Merchandiser

Client Showcases The Impressive Versatility Of Our Vintner Racks

December 6th, 2018

Our Vintner Series has really dominated 2018 and it’s not going to stop slaying anytime soon. Today’s Testimonial Thursday is definitely proof of that. Check out this gorgeous DIY wine storage that our client Mark has put together. It’s a testament to the versatility of the Vintner racking units:

The versatility of Vintner

The client wanted to utilize the wall space in this room for formal wine storage. His goal was to have a customized racking arrangement that will suit his style, apart from bottle storage needs. But he also wanted it to be fully a DIY project. Luckily, he managed to come across our Vintner Series wine racks kit. The series allowed the client to explore a wide range of options. This is because Vintner has the greatest variety of designs that can actually rival custom creations. This completed assembly is a terrific example. Look at the bottle storage options, as well as the beautiful layout.

The Individual Bottle Storage racks and Solid Diamond Cubes provide individual and bulk bottle storage. Grande Crown moldings and center seam trim were also incorporated to give the assembly a really polished appearance. Tying it all together is the standard archway with a vintage looking cabinet under it. The cabinet was a personal touch by the client and it worked wonderfully with the racks. This is why working with Vintner is always a satisfying experience. It’s easy to mix and match other elements with the racks. You can still achieve that built-in look even when different materials are thrown in.

One of the biggest factors why the Vintner Series is convenient to work with is because it sports custom amenities. Yet, one does not need to pay a “custom” price for that! The moldings are a good example of these amenities. Another would be the stains and finishes. Even if it’s a “kit,” the series carries an extensive selection of stain and finish options. This includes lacquer as well. These stains and finishes make it easy to match the racks with any existing decor. It also makes it possible to add other accessories and without breaking the symmetry of the racking assembly. ^_^

Beautiful DIY wine storage

“I think the racks came together very well and they look great. I married the wine racks with a cabinet under the arch.  I am really enjoying the wine racks.  The assembly went very well and was not difficult.” “

 ~Mark L.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Ideas For A Wine-Themed Christmas Party

December 5th, 2018

What better way to celebrate the Christmas holidays than hosting a wine-themed party? If your family and friends are certified winos like yourself, this is definitely the direction to take. So we’ve put together some fresh ideas on throwing a really memorable holiday party:

Make it a memorable wine-themed Christmas party!

Throw a winter wonderland wine party…

This is a really fun concept that a lot of your guests will surely enjoy. Sure, the “ber” months can be horribly cold, but don’t let that dampen the mood. In fact, you can use it to make your holiday party more enjoyable. Let’s start with the decor. Go all out and all-white! Change your drapes, tablecloth, and throw pillow covers into snowy white ones. Put white tea light candles in glass containers in strategic corners in your home. Add some dashes of silver by incorporating tinsel and silverware into your table setting. Next, bring out some white wine and champagne. Complement the drinks with “white” hors d’oeuvres, like Asiago cheese, Camembert, and white chocolate.

Try a DIY-cocktail [party!

Try hosting a holiday “mystery party”…

Mystery parties are all the rage. But instead of a murder or haunted theme, go for a positive one to raise the holiday spirits. And what better way to do it than having a “mystery wine” party! Wrap some mystery packages and put them on a table. Set up clues for each one. You can have your guests work in pairs or groups. The goal is to work out the clue and match it with the correct package. Each one will lead to another, with the last package being the mystery wine. Prepare a prize for the winner and be creative with it as well. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all!

Turn it into a “DIY cocktail” Christmas party…

Here’s something really fun and interactive. You can host a DIY cocktail party for Christmas for your family and friends. Naturally, you have to make sure that everyone is of legal drinking age. You can request your guests to bring a bottle (or bottles) of their favorite wines (and other liquor/beverages). Set up a mini bar in your dining area or other part of the house you might see fit. Don’t forget to augment the drinks with “extras” like fruit juices, cream, sliced lime, lemons, or other fruits. Print out easy cocktail recipes for your guests to try out. You can also have mocktail options for the non-drinkers. Of course, it goes without saying that everything should be done in moderation. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #410: Rustic Pine Racks Are Gorgeous In Gray Wash

December 4th, 2018

It’s Tech Tuesday time, wine cellar buddies! We made some significant additions to our stain and finish options just this year. The great news is that our newest offerings are certainly making an impression. So today, we’re featuring a Tech Tuesday project that utilized one of those new stain options:

Project # 310049
Wood: Platinum / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 517
Where: Smyrna, GA

This may be a smallish sized wine room, but it’s packed with so much character. At first glance, you will already be drawn to the unique color of the wine racks. These are all custom units crafted from Rustic Pine and dressed up in our Gray Wash stain. Gray Wash was developed to exude both a traditional and modern appeal.  The stain has been carefully tested over several months in order to bring about the desired results. It is actually a semi-transparent stain, much like our other product, Whitewash.

You will notice that there is no texture that comes through when the stain is applied on the wood. The result is a smooth finish that showcases the beauty of the wood beneath it. The grayish hues take on various gradations depending on the type of wood. Rustic Pine is the wood of choice for this project. As you can see from the photos, it absorbs Gray Wash really well. You can get a preview on how different wood types will work with the stains and finishes. Our handy Interactive Wood Swatch Viewer is just the tool you need!

Another feature that makes this compact project stand out is the versatile racking arrangement. Note how the  individual and bulk bottle storage styles were cleverly combined. This wine cellar can accommodate just a little over 500 bottles. Still, there is enough room to store not just standard-sized bottles, but larger formats as well. There is even a nice tabletop area that can be used as a prep station. It can also be a place to showcase fine stemware and other wine cellar decor.

We are also pretty sure you guys will agree with us when we say that this is a really seamless arrangement. The racks come together in a clean and professional layout. This is the beauty of custom racking units. There will never be a problem of getting the “right fit” for the space allotted for your wine cellar project. However, don’t forget that our wine rack “kits” are no slouches as well. In fact, our Vintner and Designer Series also offer this gorgeous Gray Wash stain option. *Cheers*

Beauty & Elegance Redefined With The Modern Wine Cellar Series

December 3rd, 2018

December greetings, wine cellar fans! Let’s get that holiday spirit all fired up with some inspiring wine cellar concepts. Luckily, a client sent us these amazing shots of their wine cellar, including the assembly and installation process. It features none other than WCI’s Modern Wine Cellar Series:

The Modern Wine Cellar Series

Suffice it to say that the modern wine cellar trend has become really popular this year. A good number of our projects centered around this theme. We’re quite pleased to see how well people are taking to this contemporary design approach. Our newest offering, the Modern Wine Cellar Series, was created to appeal to even the most discerning wine collector. The combination of metal and wood elements brings about a cutting-edge style that still exudes traditional elegance.Acrylic bottle supports

Structure-wise, the units are installed within platforms ranging from the ceiling to the floor. These platforms are being held up by metal supports. This design will then give the appearance of wine bottles floating in the air. The bottle supports are offered in a variety of wood options. You can select from the stock wood options or choose to go with something more custom. WCI offers a healthy assortment of Select Hardwoods like Black Walnut, African Sapele, and Knotty Adler to name a few. Naturally, you can further customize your racks with stains and finishes. This will allow you to achieve the style that you really desire for your wine cellar. But as you can see from these photos, the client went for something a little more different. Instead of wood, Acrylic Bottle Supports were incorporated:

This will give your bottles "floating" appearance!

Acrylic is a beautiful material to work with because of its glass-like transparency. It’s like having the properties of glass but in a more versatile format. With acrylic, your wine bottles will really look like they’re floating on air. It will add a whimsical touch to your wine cellar, making it a focal point in your home. Speaking of acrylic, this material is also available in our other racking collections. Some popular ones include our Acrylic Cube Series,  Invisible Wine Rack Series, as well as our Wall Wine Racks. These racking styles will really redefine beauty and elegance in any wine cellar project. Plus, they have that inherent minimalist appeal that’s perfect for bringing out that “contemporary” charm. Chat with our experienced design consultants today to learn more about these products! ^_^