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Technical Tuesday Episode #409: Room For More With WCI’s Adjustable Shelves

November 27th, 2018

We’re down to our last Tech Tuesday for the month of November! Finally, the Christmas season is here so let the festivities begin. And with festivities, we mean more exciting wine cellar projects to inspire wine cellar fans everywhere. Let’s start with this eye-catching wine storage designed for our client in Spartanburg, SC:

Project # 299522
Wood: Custom / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 224
Where: Spartanburg, SC

Custom Adjustable Shelves

One of the things that you can really appreciate with custom racking is how bottle storage can be made to fit any space. This Tech Tuesday feature is a great example of that. There is no space for an actual wine room. Nonetheless, the WCI team was able to transform a narrow portion of the available wall space into an ample racking assembly. A combination of metal and wood racking units were utilized for this purpose. The metal wine racks were mounted to the wall in order to conserve the floor space. This made it possible for the Adjustable Shelves to be added.

Adjustable shelving is one of the most popular racking styles, especially for bulk bottle storage. It’s very versatile since you can store loose bottles, crates, bins, or boxes. Since these units are adjustable (per their namesake), you can move them around to accommodate your bottles. This is especially useful when you are not sure of the sizes of the wine boxes you’ll be receiving. Also, these shelves make it possible to store other liquor and beverages as well. You can even store your beer cases in them.

Another fantastic feature of these adjustable shelves are the extensive options for dressing them up. Here at WCI, we have quite an enviable selection of wood, stain and finish options for our custom racking. This particular project utilized an Opaque Gray stain. It’s similar to our Opaque White stain since you will not be able to see through the stain to the grain on the wood. In addition, the racks were also coated with Satin Lacquer for a gleaming finish. This worked extremely well with the glass panels and lighting accents. The result is an elegant wine storage that is wonderfully space-efficient. With a wine cellar like this, there is certainly room for more! *Cheers*