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Come Check Out What’s New With The Vintage View Series!

November 19th, 2018

New product launches always bring a lot of excitement and anticipation. We can’t wait to show our patrons and potential customers what we’ve come up with for their wine storage needs. But more importantly, we want to know how well our new product will be received. That’s because 100% customer satisfaction is always the primary goal! So this time around, we’d love for you guys to check out these new additions to the Vintage View Series. They’re especially designed for commercial wine cellar applications and absolutely a must-have:

Welcome the Vintage View Display Racks!

Vintage View has unleashed an amazing collection of display racks for commercial wine storage purposes. The racks carry the series’ signature label-forward system. But on top of that, display rows were added to help showcase popular and/or new labels. The racks also come in half island display extensions and deluxe packages. There is ample bottle storage per unit which is perfect for stores with fast growing merchandise. The units are designed in such a way that the bottles are raised a few inches off the ground. This helps prevent accidental kicking or other injury to the merchandise. It’s a lot like the Vinyl Base and Base Platform options for our commercial wood wine racks. And here’s the fun part! The display racks are available in standard Black or Brushed Nickel finishes. But you can choose to be a little more adventurous and go for custom colors instead. All you need to do is fill up the Design Request form to receive a quote. Some of the custom colors to choose from include Copper, Rustic Red, Antique Brown, and a vibrant Lime option.

Invest in the Point of Purchase Display Rack!

Also joining the Vintage View family is the Point of Purchase Display Rack. This is a freestanding unit that can hold up to 24 standard-sized bottlesĀ in the base and 3 bottles in the top presentation rack. That’s a total of 27 bottles for just one unit. Moreover, multiple racks may be connected side by side or placed back to back. It allows the creation of an uninterrupted racking assembly for one’s wine establishment. Since these commercial racks are not configured for stacking, this was the solution. Thanks to this, the space-efficiency and storage capacity of the display racks are not diminished. Check out the complete collection now and don’t miss out! ^_^