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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Designing Your Refrigerated Wine Cabinet

May 23rd, 2018

No doubt about it, the refrigerated wine cabinet is one of the best solutions you can have to wine storage issues. Not everyone will have the space, the budget, or the time for a formal wine cellar project. But it’s good to know that there are alternatives that can deliver equally satisfying results. A refrigerated wine cabinet is one of them – particularly a custom one. So how do you go about designing your very own? Here are some examples to inspire you:

Custom Refrigerated Wine Cabinet

Incorporate versatile racking units!

Just because it’s not a formal wine room doesn’t mean you can’t have a variety of racking styles. Customizing your wine cabinet also means customizing your wine racks. Mixing and matching bottle storage options is definitely the way to go. One of our favorite combos is the Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Bins. But to add a little more pizzazz, throw in some High Reveal Displays. They will showcase your favorite labels to maximum advantage. You can also throw in some Magnum Wine Racks for larger-format bottles. If you want something different from the Open Diamond Bins, we recommend some Vertical Displays or Rectangular Bins. For more character to your cabinets, go for unconventional racks like the Curvy Cubes or metal wine racks.

Explore a world of accents and accessories!

One of the most fun things you can do with your wine cabinet is dressing it up. There are lots of wine cellar accents and accessories you can play around with. One of these is the elegant Quarter Round Display. You can use this to give your cabinet a more polished appearance. Plus, you can use it to showcase choice stemware, tableware, and other interesting items. Another great accent to consider is lighting elements. Custom LED lighting can accentuate your wine racks and showcase your bottles in a very attractive manner. And of course, don’t forget your wine cabinet doors. Apart from the racks, these doors will be the focal point of your refrigerated wine cabinet. Our favorite are the glass panel doors, but you can have variations of these. The elegant French-Door entry is one of them. You can also go with painted doors! We have a soft spot for off-white or cream-colored doors with their clean, classy charm.

Custom racks and entryways

Never forget your stain and finish options!

Never underestimate the power of stains and finishes when it comes to achieving a unique look for your refrigerated wine cabinets. This is also one of the ways where you can achieve a truly built-in look for them. You can choose to match your cabinet with existing decor in your home. Or you can go the unconventional route and do some contrasting details. Needles to say, setting the theme for your wine cabinet can conveniently be done by these stains and finishes. ^_^

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