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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Our Favorite Finishes For Stylish Wine Cellars

May 2nd, 2018

A wine cellar oozing in style is definitely a must-have. And guess what? You can have exactly that without too much of a hassle. All it takes is the right stain and finish option to get the look you want. We’re not pulling your leg here! By coating your wine racks and other wine cellar furniture with a specific stain or finish, the results can be pretty amazing. So without further ado, allow us to showcase to you our favorite finishes for stylish wine cellars:

The Lacquer Finish

The Lacquer Finish

First up is one of the most popular, if not the most popular finish for custom wine cellar projects. Dressing wine racks up with lacquer is certainly not anything new. We’ve seen this being done with wine cellars over the years. But whether you should go for this finish option or not is an entirely different perspective. Note that lacquer will give your racks a smooth, gleaming finish. They will appear shiny and elegant, like a polished diamond in the rough. If you’re the type to go for the sophisticated and timeless look, then lacquer will give you just that.

The Dusty Weathered Finish

Now if you’re the type who goes ga-ga over vintage, then you’d most likely appreciate a timeworn appearance to your wine cellar. Wine racks and furniture that take on a weathered image make you swoon. If that’s the case, the Dusty Weathered Finish is your magic potion. The process for this finish option is quite complex. The wood is run through a proprietary process that strips intergrain material down below the grain. This is basically the same fashion that outside exposure striates barn siding over 50-70 years. Lastly, a custom topcoat is applied and the color plays on the grayish-brown hues of the wood. The result is a perfect, weathered appearance that exudes that old-country charm. If you want a more solid and darker color, however, try the Dark Weathered Finish instead.

The Distressed Finish 

The Distressed Finish

Taking vintage to the next level is something that this finish option can accomplish. It’s perhaps one of the most intricate ones to achieve owing to its unique properties. Nonetheless, the results are usually simply stunning. Essentially, the wood is strategically gouged, dented and scratch to give it the character of an old used pieces of furniture. Then dark coats are applied to fill in the gouges, dents and scratches in order to highlight them. Last but not the least, a medium dark background coat is applied, finished off with a lacquer layer.

So tell us which finish option would you go for? We’d love to hear your thoughts! ^_^

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