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Points To Ponder When Painting Your Wine Racks

November 6th, 2017

There’s this one question that we have been wanting to tackle on the blog for quite some time now. It’s whether or not you can paint your wine racks! We got lucky because a client recently sent a snap of his wine racks that we can use as a great example:

To paint or not to paint: that is the question!

We’ve talked lots of times on the blog on how to change up the look of wine racks to match other wine cellar furniture or go with certain themes. These posts, however, usually revolve around stains and finishes on the racks. Indeed, custom stains and finishes can do so much for your racking units. You can create various styles to match your wine cellar’s themes. The most popular themes are vintage, rustic or old-country charm appeal, and luxurious elegance. But lately, more and more wine cellar projects have chosen the modern/contemporary route.

However, as much as we promote water-based stains and finishes on wine racks, they are not the only options. You can also choose to have your racks painted. This is especially the case if you want to achieve a specific look that stains and finishes can’t. Case in point: these multi-colored Curvy Cubes of our client. You certainly won’t be able to get vibrant colors like these by just using stains and finishes. If you’re planning on doing something really out-of-the-box with your wine racks, then painting is the way to go.

We do have some useful points you might want to consider first prior to painting. One of these is to make sure you choose non-toxic paints. Just as water-based stains and finishes are preferred for their eco-friendly features, so are non-toxic paints. It’s important to note that both paints and  stains and finishes release low level toxic emissions into the air for years after application. The source of these toxins is a variety of VOCs, or  volatile organice compounds. Until recently, these VOCs were essential to the performance of the paint. However, more rigid environmental regulations, as well as consumer demand, have led to the development of low-VOC and zero-VOC paints. These eco-friendly paints are durable, cost-effective and less harmful to human and environmental health.

Another thing to consider when painting your wine racks is your wood option. Some wood species do not retain paints as well as others. You’ll need to do proper research so you’ll get the look you want after you paint. This is especially essential if you’re planning to use darker or more vibrant colors. And don’t forget – if you need more advice, our professional consultants are just a phone call/e-mail away! ^_^

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