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“Perfect” Products And Exemplary Customer Service Blows Client Away

November 30th, 2017

Nothing beats the fulfillment that is felt with a truly satisfied client. That’s exactly what we got when Greg sent us these totally fun snaps of himself and his newly constructed wine cellar. We loved the pictures and the fact that 100% satisfaction was written all over his face. But what really blew us away was the glowing testimonial Greg gave us right after he had his WCI experience.

The client had a bit of a narrow space in his home for his wine cellar project. But with the help of custom racking units from the WCI catalog, he was able to pull everything together. He narrates having bought the racks with the help of our team of experienced consultants. Note that here at WCI, our consultation services are available both online and offline. For offline assistance, you can utilize our Consultant Locator to locate a sales representative near you. Also don’t forget that initial consultation services are 100% free! That includes design requests which you can easily access via this section of our website.

Now we are very much aware that not all rooms are perfectly square or rectangular. Our team loves the challenge of designing for these types of spaces. So if the space for your cellar is not your typical square space just like our client here,  you can share a sketch of the room with us, including relevant dimensions. You can then just attach the sketch in our online Design Request form or have it faxed to us. Easy peasy!

Our client Greg also talked about the ease of assembly and installation of the racks he purchased. Our racks come with assembly manuals which you can also conveniently download here. In addition, you can also purchase a DIY Installation Assembly kit that comes with a compact brad nailer, 3-gallon air compressor, and brad nails. This kit is tested and proven to make your racking assembly and installation go as smoothly as possible. Last but not the least, we also have several Assembly Videos to guide you every step of the way!

“This was one of the BEST online purchase experiences I’ve had to date!  The communication was fast and effective… the products were PERFECT, the customer service was out of this world.  Overall, 10/10 and would suggest you buy right away!  And don’t be intimidated by assembly…my wife laughed at me when she saw the jigsaw puzzle of racks I ordered, but the instructions were clear and I was able to assemble and install over a weekend.”

~Greg C.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Whitewash Vs. Opaque White Stain

November 29th, 2017

Alrighty, wine cellar buddies! We’re down to our last Wine Cellar Inspirations post for the month of November. Christmas is really just around the corner and things are going to get more exciting on the blog next month. So let’s get a head start on the festivities with something that really marks the coming of the holidays – “white.” Isn’t that how the Christmas song goes: “I am dreaming of a white Christmas…”

Well, whether snow is in the works or not, we know one thing’s for sure. You can still have a “white” wine cellar Christmas! All you need is the right stain and finish option on your wine racks. WCI lays down those options for you with our newest additions, the Whitewash and Opaque White stains.

Opaque White vs. Whitewash stain option

Know the difference…and love it!

Last month, we introduced on the blog how our Vintner Series wine rack kits have incorporated Whitewash finish into the stain and finish options. This month, we’ve raised the bar with yet another awesome addition: the Opaque White stain. Both will lend your wine racks a beautiful, pristine appearance. But there are also some differences that need to be noted so you’ll be able to make the right choice according to your style preference.

Let’s start with Whitewash. Essentially, this is a subtle textured finished. You will notice that there is a slight texture to it. It’s not smooth as silk like a sanded board, but rather, it sports a little textured, bumpy feel. This will work to give your wood a lot more depth and character. Since it is a semi-transparent stain, you will still see the grain of the wood behind it. The beauty of the wood grain will still show and wonderfully enhanced by the Whitewash stain. For example, if you use All-Heart or Premium Redwood, the reds of the wood will still be noticeable.  If you’re aiming for “rustic elegance,” this is the stain for you. It is definitely reminiscent of the old wine country and/or seaside appeal.

Go "white" with your wine racks!

Now how about Opaque White stain? If you want to go for a really “White Christmas” look to your wine cellar, then this is your stain of choice. This will make your wine racks look like they’re really painted white. There’s a primer applied under the stain so that you get an even, snowy appearance. It’s a great alternative to actually painting your wine racks white to match your other cabinetry, especially if the existing ones are already done up in white. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #360: Creativity Unleashed With WineMaker Racks

November 28th, 2017

How creative can you get with shallow-depth wine racks? This Tech Tuesday feature will show you just how! Take a peek at this quite impressive set-up from our client at Livingston, NY:

Project #:
Wood: WineMaker / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: n/a
Where: Livingston, NY

The WineMaker Series

At first glance, one can already tell that this is a fairly large wine cellar. There is more than enough space to put together a really versatile wine racking assembly. This is exactly what happened! With the help of our WineMaker Series wine racks kit, this expansive and highly functional arrangement came to life. See how there is variety in both function and design in this project:

Wine Bottle Waterfall

Now keep in mind that these are all shallow-depth units. You can actually see from the photos how the necks of the bottles stick out from the racks. This doesn’t compromise the security of the bottles though. The body of the bottle is fully supported and yet, the racks occupy less space compared to standard depth ones. That’s why you will be able to maximize the bottle storage capacity of your cellar. That’s not all! Since there is a lot of wiggle room, it’s also easier to come up with stylish designs for your racking assembly. So here we can see that an eye-catching Wine Bottle Waterfall was incorporated to cascade into a vintage wine barrel tasting table. While providing additional bottle storage, the waterfall racks served to be the focal point of this wine cellar.

Wine Barrel Tasting Table

Here you can see how working with “kits” does not hamper creativity at all. To its credit, the WineMaker Series offers a healthy selection of individual and bulk bottle storage options. Moreover, we have leveled up the Individual Bottle Columns with the addition of display rows. WineMaker also offers Wine Tasting Centers which can serve as a starting point in building a more expansive racking arrangement.

Last but definitely not the least, this kit also boasts of a slew of finish options and accessories. This particular project did not include center moldings, but crown and base molding packages are available for the WineMaker Series. You can check out more of these finish options and accessories here. We also highly recommend checking out our photo galleries for more inspiring projects utilizing our WineMaker Series wine racks kit. You will find that creativity knows no bounds and that shallow-depth wine racks can bring your best wine cellar game on. *Cheers*

Get In-Depth With Our Metal Wine Racks Collection (Part II)

November 27th, 2017

Here we go with part two of the getting in-depth and personal with WCI’s metal wine racks! So last Monday, we featured three of them from our collection: WineZone Wine Shelf System, STACT Aluminum Racks, and the Echelon Wave Wine Racks. We have three more to add to that, starting with the one our frequent blog followers are quite familiar with: the Vintage View Series.

Vintage View Series

Vintage View Wine Racks

We’ve featured so many projects on the blog utilizing our Vintage View series. It has been one of the very first members of our metal wine racks family. That will also explain why it’s the most well-known as far as our metal racking collection is concerned. Vintage View units boast of easy to navigate, label-forward wine storage and display systems. The wall-mount configurations make the racks super functional and space-efficient. That’s why it’s so easy to use them in any part of your home, even your living area. The best part about Vintage View is that you can also choose to do a floor-to-ceiling display by purchasing a Floor To Ceiling frame. These options make the racks very versatile and suitable for any type of wine storage.

Metal Lattice Racks

Metal Lattice Racks  

Simple and practical, WCI’s Black Metal Lattice Racks are the ultimate in racking value. These wine racks are made from heavy gauge metal with a satin black, industrial quality, baked on finish. One great feature of this rack is its ease of assembly. You can do this by locking the two metal grids together with the 9 wood bracket connector pieces and attaching it to the wall. Vino Pins, Styx, and RailsPlease note- the Black Metal Lattice rack is currently designed to only hold Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles up to 3 1/4 inches in diameter. It can be used for both residential and commercial racking applications.

Vino Pins, Styx, and Rails

These amazing racking alternatives actually come under the Vintage View collection. They can easily be mounted to the walls anywhere in your home. The Vino Pins, for example, have special metal wine rack pegs to enable you to directly mount them to any wall surface with the proprietary anchor systems. There is no backer board needed. On the other hand, the Vino Styx features a contemporary, label forward wine display in any shape imaginable. The Bottle Retention Strap will help you to defy gravity with installation at just about any angle. And lastly, you have the Vino Rails. It’s a minimalistic and elegant look from the Vintage View line. These displays feature ultra slim rods jetting out from the wall, allowing bottles to seemingly float on air. Aluminum collars are required for drywall installations and can provide additional aesthetic appeal for masonry or wood mounts.

*Edit: Unfortunately, we no longer carry the WineZone WineShelf System. If you are looking for an elegant but modern metal wine rack, check out our Revue Series.

Curvy Cube Inserts Show How “Kitchen Wine Racks” Are Done

November 23rd, 2017

One of the best things about the evolving trend in wine cellars is how truly versatile they have become. The modern setting has acknowledged the reality that wine storage is not limited to basements or other secluded places. In fact, the wine cellar has already been recognized as the next home icon. So it doesn’t actually matter where you create your wine storage in your home – let your imagination be your guide. Our client Robert sets this stunning Ledgewood, NJ wine storage example to help inspire you guys:

A dream kitchen is awesome enough, but a dream kitchen with custom wine storage? Now that’s mind-blowing! That’s also what our client did when they incorporated our Curvy Cubes into their gorgeous kitchen makeover. It only took a little tweaking here and there to make the Curvy Cube Inserts fit perfectly into the set-up. Since this kitchen sported all-white cabinetry, the clients also painted the racks to match the cabinets.

We actually talked about “painting” your wine racks in the blog just a few weeks ago. This is definitely do-able, especially if you’re looking to really match them with your existing cabinetry and/or decor. In this particular instance, the client actually went for a custom stain option called Opaque White. We have talked about staining and finishing one’s wine racks so many times on the blog as well. It’s one of the best ways to make your racks take on a really unique appearance. You can play around with so many stain and finish options to see which ones will bring about the desired look and effect on your racks.

Opaque White is one of our newest offerings. It is more prominent compared to our Whitewash stain as it is not semi-transparent. You will not be able to see through the Opaque White to the grain on the wood. The “white” will be really visible as a solid finish, giving your racks fresh and pristine look. The end result are these functional and beautiful “kitchen wine racks” that can store a good number of bottles.

“We assembled your wine racks without nails, except at the rear where we nailed wood strips to the “X” areas to lock the racks in position. Then we painted the racks to match the cabinets. We used a 1×2 as a shim underneath to elevate the double racks to where they fit snugly up under the counter top. We are delighted with the look!”

~Robert D.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Staycation Activities For The Holidays

November 22nd, 2017

Christmas holidays is drawing closer and closer! For sure, we’re all excited in planning out our winter activities. But for some (and maybe more), the budget just won’t cooperate. That means you can’t really go anywhere nice and warm. Well, think about this, though. A tropical vacation may sound dreamy, but it’s not the only way to enjoy the season. You’ll be wonderfully surprised at how some staycation activities can be even more fun and productive. Here are a few of them. Check them out, try them out, save more money in the process and have a blast this holidays:

Pull up your city or town’s local event guide

Most cities and towns actually have a winter calendar with a bunch of awesome activities already scheduled. If you were too busy with other stuff (or probably staying away) during the winter season to check them out, now’s the time to do so. Most of these activities are scheduled on weekends so that families can take advantage of them. They can range from holiday bazaars to carols and sleigh rides, winter sports, Christmas shows, and so much more. You will discover so many events to go to that you’ll be asking for more time to do them all.

Explore your town or city's hot spots!

Explore local parks and “hot” spots

This is something that happens most of the time. Because we’ve lived practically all our lives in our area, we neglect to explore it. We take for granted that there are actually places that attract other people as well. So if you don’t have the money to splurge on that tropical vacation, go out and explore your local attractions. Visit your local museum or historical societies. Check out the activities in your local parks. Go for a drive and enjoy the sights your city or town has to offer this time of the year. And don’t forget to try out local restaurants you’ve never been to before!

Organize holiday wine and cheese party!

Organize get-togethers or fun nights-out

Now is the time to fully enjoy with your family and friends without having to worry about spending a fortune. The best thing about staycations is that they give you so much time to just hang out and have a genuinely good time. Plan a spa day with your girlfriends. Throw an informal wine and cheese tasting party at home. Do a movie-swap with friends: go to the movie you like this week and the one that they like the next. And of course – go shopping!

Do you have more staycation ideas you’d want to share? We’d love to hear them so leave a comment or two below! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode 359: Compact Custom Cellar In Premium Redwood

November 21st, 2017

We’re down to the second to the last Tech Tuesday for the month of November! Then it will be officially be the Christmas season and before we know it, 2017 will have come and gone. But that only means there will be bigger and better things to come, especially where wine storage is concerned. So let’s enjoy these last few Tech Tuesdays and really end this year with some awesome wine cellar design memories. Today’s episode is sure to leave a lasting impression, particularly in terms of space-efficiency:

Project # 293406
Wood: Gold / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 793
Where: Moore, NC

Custom wine racks

Compact wine cellar projects are really racking up the popularity points this year. We’ve had tons of them and each one has been quite unique both in terms of function and style. This is the huge advantage of working with WCI products. Note that we have a fully customizable racking line that can fit any type and/or size of wine cellar. That’s why even when you have a compact wine cellar, you can still get the bottle storage variety you need. Our client demonstrates this with the help of this wonderfully space-efficient wine cellar closet:

CellarPro wine cooling unit

This project utilizes all custom wine racking in individual and bulk bottle storage formats. Notice how clean and crisp the lines of the racking assembly are. The units just flow smoothly and wrap around the space without making it appear narrow and crowded. These racks offer full-depth bottle coverage and we are confident that once filled, the bottles will be stored safely and comfortably.

The wood option for this project is Premium Redwood. As one of the top wood choices for custom wine cellars, Premium Redwood is worth every dollar you spend. It is a step up from Rustic Pine because it is a clear grade of wood with no knots. But it features a more affordable price point compared to All-Heart Redwood. Premium Redwood showcases a variety of colors since it includes wood from all part of the log. So you can get the whitish pink hues down to the reddish brown and golden brown tones. All-Heart Redwood has a more uniform wood color compared to Premium Redwood. But there are those who prefer the latter because of the uniqueness of the wood’s various colors. You can actually see it here in these snaps. Check out the wine racks and how the colors range from whitish pink down to a darker, reddish brown:

Unstained Premium Redwood

How does this compact custom cellar rate in your books, wine cellar fans? Share your thoughts with us! *Cheers*

DIY Under Stairwell Transformation With Our Traditional Series

November 16th, 2017

What’s pouring, fellow wine and wine cellar lovers? It’s that time of the week again – our Testimonial Thursday feature. It’s been quite a while since we featured a DIY under stairwell transformation project on the blog. So we’re pretty lucky that our client Jeff sent us snaps of his completed wine cellar:

Jeff and his DIY wine under stairwell wine cellar

Jeff definitely looks happy and proud of his handiwork in this picture. And who can blame him? He put together this cozy little nook under the stairs in his basement. It’s the perfect spot for his small collection, with some added perks. We liked how he accessorized the space and how everything works with the rough-hewn stone walls and wooden floors. Naturally, we also give a big thumbs-up to his wine racking choice. He purchased Individual Bottle Column racks with Display Row from our Traditional Series wine racks kit.

Our Traditional Series is one of those kits carrying our shallow-depth racking units. Just like the WineMaker Series, these racks are manufactured with shorter depth, making the neck of the bottles slightly stick out. This configuration doesn’t compromise the safety and comfort of the bottles though. In fact, the body of the bottle is fully supported, as you can clearly see from the great shots of Jeff’s assembled racks here:

Traditional Series in Premium Redwood

Unlike the Winemaker Series, however, the Traditional Series wine racks are available in 6-feet height options only. Nonetheless, you can still easily mix and match them with other racking styles in the series, as well as with other racking elements. They are very versatile, with lots of options for both individual and bulk bottle storage. The series also carries a wonderful selection of of Tasting Centers, perfect for compact wine storage.

Our client Jeff ordered the racks in Premium Redwood, but they are also available in Rustic Pine. The latter wood choice is even more affordable. Moreover, all our stain and finish options are also available with this series. Your budget will certainly love the Traditional Series and all the fringe benefits that come with it.

“The rack was not too difficult to build.  I used a brad gun and a hammer.  The wood split a couple times but is still structurally sound. I built this wine cellar with my own bare hands – tiled the floor, put stone on the walls, and put up the rack. This is the space in the basement under the stairs.  I hope my photos are competitive!”

~Jeff L.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Our Top Picks For Holiday Wine Decor

November 15th, 2017

What’s your theme for this year’s holidays? Will it be the traditional red, white and green for a “holly, jolly Christmas?” Or will you go something modern and sophisticated? Or maybe you’d want to bring out a nostalgic flavor? Perhaps a touch of some retro fun will be good, too! There’s always something so special and exciting about planning for decor for the holidays. In our case, we’re all for wine-themed decor because after all, we can’t get enough of wine! So here are some of our top holiday wine decor picks that we hope you can use, too:

Holiday wine decor ideas

Candle-filled wine and champagne glasses

Don’t chuck out those old wine and champagne glasses just yet. They will definitely come in handy for your Christmas parties this year. Fill them with gorgeous scented candles! You can choose to fill the air with your favorite scents, like pine, cinnamon, or apple for a truly holiday flavor. You can also to opt for those artificial candles you can easily get at Walmart or Costco. Putting them in wine or champagne glasses will really tickle the fancy of your wine-loving guests. A note of caution, though! Make sure you use heat-tempered glassware and they don’t have hairline cracks on them. Otherwise, go for the artificial candle option.

Wine-inspired Christmas ornaments

Cork wreaths, centerpieces, and Christmas ornaments

If you don’t collect wine bottle corks, now’s the time to start doing so. You’ll be wonderfully surprised at how handy they can be for DIY Christmas decor. They are so easy to work with, too. A glue gun will suffice, unless you plan on using something with stronger adhesive properties. Creating Christmas wreaths with wine corks is such a fun project that allows you to explore your creativity. But that’s not all! You can also try other stuff, like making DIY coasters for your wineglasses, or even vases for your table. And of course, you can decorate these corks and make fancy Christmas ornaments out of them, too.

Light up your wine bottles!

Wine bottle lighting accessories

Now while you’re at it, don’t just get rid of your empty wine bottles as well. You can make some very holiday-ish decor out of them by filling them up with lights. There are LED bottle lights being sold in stores or can be bought online. Most of them are battery powered and rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry of the lights running out – literally. They will make for super attractive and festive holiday wine decor that even your non-wine guests will love. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #358: Modern Appeal With Vintage View Racks

November 14th, 2017

Only five more Tech Tuesdays to go before Christmas! This is how we’re doing the countdown to the big “ho, ho, ho.” We’re expecting some pretty amazing things to happen in 2018, starting with the trend towards modern wine cellars. It’s, therefore, not a coincidence that today’s Tech Tuesday is a push in that direction. Check out the modern appeal of this wine cellar project:

Project # 274628
Wood: Custom / Vintage View / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 741
Where: Fulton, GA

Vintage View Series

Just this year, we’ve  focused a lot on our contemporary/modern wine cellars campaign. In fact, we have dedicated a whole section for it under the Custom Cellars category in our website. There are so many racking styles to choose from and your imagination is the only limit. We’ve taken on more and more requests for sleek and modern wine cellar designs this year, showing a positive reception to this type of wine cellar. However, there are also those who do not want to go full-blown contemporary. Our client for today’s Tech Tuesday is one of those. They also want to retain a touch of that traditional wine cellar elegance with wood elements. Our professional design team certainly delivered on this one. With a combination of metal and wood racking elements, this spacious assembly with a modern touch was brought to life:

A modern appeal

Our Vintage View Series was utilized to give this project a contemporary flavor. As far as metal wine racks go, our Vintage View is definitely one of our most popular products. This is all thanks to the easy to navigate, label-forward wine storage and display systems. They serve to provide an interactive wine experience that starts at the moment you see the bottle. Our Vintage View racks also feature a most space-efficient, wall-mounted configuration. This makes them ideal for entry-level or compact wine cellar projects. But they will also work with any size or type of wine cellar, including commercial applications. Note that Vintage View racks come in four different height variations (1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-feet) as well as single, double, and triple-deep options. You can also choose from four types of finishes: Black, Black Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome.

Custom Rectangular Bins

To keep the “traditional” charm in this project, our design team added some custom Rectangular Bins to accommodate bulk bottle storage. The wood wine racks were crafted from unstained All-Heart Redwood and look simple and classy. All in all, this project is certainly very functional and with room to accommodate future acquisitions, as well as possible expansion. *Cheers*


Commercial Racking Updates: See What You’ve Missed!

November 13th, 2017

It’s Motivation Monday, wine cellar buddies! And it’s about time we should get motivated because the Christmas holidays are nearly here. That means we have to get that holiday shopping list going. Now for all you wine store proprietors out there, this blog today is definitely for you. WCI has been working diligently all year long on improving our racking products. One of the areas we really focused on is our Commercial Wine Racks. Here’s a run-down of all the great stuff we added to our commercial racking catalog:

Beer Storage Racks

This is available specifically with our Vintner Commercial Series. Now you can build a nice racking assembly for your beer collection as well. The Vintner Beer Storage Rack will display and store your beer bottles and beer cans in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way. You can even choose to store them in cases as this rack is very durable. Moreover, you can coordinate it with our other retail wine racking, available in all the popular matching wood and stain options. The Vintner Beer Storage Rack is a free standing unit. The posts on either side, as well as the backing provided, give it stability. Note, however, that this product is not stackable.

Maximum Display Merchandiser

For wine establishments with high volume sales, this is the kind of rack you’ll definitely need. The Maximum Display Merchandiser is a stackable unit with adjustable storage capacity. You can choose to prominently display those wine bottle labels in either a side to side format with storage for 3 bottles deep. Or, you can also mix and match and use the rack in a front to back storage format as well. The first option will let you store approximately 96 bottles. The front to back format will hold up to 128 bottles. Manage your storage capacity and display functionality to its highest potential with the Maximum Display Merchandiser!

Stackable Fixed Shelf Cabinet

Our Fixed Shelf Cabinet is one of our more popular commercial racking styles. But we’ve managed to make it even better. This year, we rolled out our “stackable” version of the cabinet. It definitely attracted a lot of attention from the get-go. Because of its stackable nature, this racking style is now even more flexible. You can stack one on top of the other to accommodate almost any ceiling height. You can also incorporate the rack with other racking elements in your wine store.

And these are not all that you may have possibly missed! Stay tuned for more commercial racking updates next week. ^_^


Welcome A New Level Of Function With Vintner Wall Wine Racks!

November 9th, 2017

Are you a fan of wall-mounted wine racks? Well, if you’re not, we’re going to make one out of yet! Our Vintner Series isn’t slowing down even though the year is nearly coming to a close. We’ve had this brewing in the background for some time now. Finally, this awesome product is going live – just in time for the holidays:

Vintner Wall Wine Racks

So what you’re seeing here are the newest members to the Vintner Series wine racks kit family. This is the Wall Wine Rack Series that are available with any of our Vintner product lines. They take inspiration from our Classic Riddling Rack Series from our Contemporary/Modern racking collection. As you can see from the snaps, this rack is designed to be secured to a wall. It is not a free-standing unit, but that’s the beauty in it’s wall-mounted design. The racks won’t take up any of your floor space. They will comfortably be adhered to your walls, all thanks to their space-efficient configurations.

Now the Wall Wine Rack units have holes manufactured in them for the bottle necks to go in. This is exactly the same concept as our Classic Riddling Wine Racks. The bottles are inserted into the holes by the neck. We can assure you at this point that the fit is snug and comfortable for your bottles. The body of the bottles are perpendicular to the racks and are safely supported from behind with notches. One of the greatest advantages of this layout is the visibility of the bottle labels. With the punt facing you, the label becomes more visible. Note that this cannot be achieved with a neck forward design.

As far as the design goes, you can see just how clean and attractive these wall-mount racks are. Like all Vintner products, you have a slew of stain and finish options to choose from. Plus, you can also paint the racks with a more vibrant color if you wish. Check out our blog post last Monday on painting your wine racks. There’s definitely so much you can do with these racks, not just in terms of storing your collection. They will certainly add to the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar. Or, if you don’t have a formal wine room, you can mount them anywhere in your home. Your bottles and the racks will both become fantastic conversation pieces! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Working With Shorter-Depth Wine Racks

November 8th, 2017

First wine cellar inspirational blog for the month of November is up! We’ve less than two months to go before Christmas. It’s definitely time to get motivated and get our wine cellar spruced up for the holidays. That goes for both residential and commercial wine cellar projects. So today, we’re going to draw some inspiration from shorter-depth wine racks. These units have so much to offer when it comes to keeping your collection safe and comfy. Let’s get to know these benefits:

A definite space-saver!

A definite space-saver!

You will come to learn that when it comes to space-efficiency, shorter-depth wine racks are tops.  Take note that they are exactly what they are called. These units are manufactured with shallow depth, allowing them to fit in tight spaces. That’s why they come highly recommended for compact wine cellar projects or entry-level ones. The shallow depth should not deceive you, though. There is definitely no compromise when it comes to the security of your bottles. The body of the wine bottle is still fully supported within the wine racks while the neck of the bottle slightly sticks out. The perfect example of this type of racking can be found in our WineMaker Series wine rack kits. Despite their shorter depth, the racks are no slouch when it comes to quality. Plus, they are stackable which makes growing your cellar together with your collection easier.

A budget pleaser!

Since shorter-depth wine racks are manufactured with less material, it only makes sense that they are more affordable. But just because they are affordable doesn’t mean quality is compromised. You will find that these racks are just as durable and versatile as standard-sized units. There’s the added benefit of being able to equip your wine cellar at a price you can afford. For example, with our WineMaker Series, you can save even more by selecting a more affordable wood option. Rustic Pine is now available as a wood option with WineMaker and it’s certainly much lighter on the budget.

A style contender!

A style contender!

Another aspect that racks with shallow depths will surprise you on is when it comes to style. Because they can fit into more compact spaces, you are able to gain some designing leeway in your wine cellar project. Take again as an example our WineMaker Series. We have Wine Bottle Waterfalls that will create an attractive, cascading effect for your racking assembly. The Individual Bottle Columns also come with display rows to showcase your best labels. Mixing and matching these racking styles will yield a gorgeous result, no matter the size of your wine cellar. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #357: Unstained Commercial Racks In Rustic Pine

November 7th, 2017

Less than 50 shopping days left before Christmas! How’s your holiday shopping list coming alone, wine cellar buddies? Better get a move on before that mad holiday rush sets in. Nothing can be more stressful than last minute gift purchases. And that definitely goes for our wine store proprietors as well. You have to get your establishments in shape for the season. Today’s Tech Tuesday should be able to give you lots of inspiration though:

Project # 279501
Wood: CDR / Vintner / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 5568
Where: Taos, NM

Vintner Commercial Wine Racks

Let’s check out this super spacious set-up composed of our Vintner commercial racking units and commercial wine displays. There is so much bottle storage, as well a variety of storage options in this arrangement. Most of them came from our Vintner Commercial Series. If you have have kept yourself updated with our product upgrades, you’ll be familiar with the commercial aspect of Vintner. A few years back, we launched an entirely separate commercial line for this series. It now consist of an expanding collection of racking units specifically manufactured for retail wine storage. As you can see from the snaps of this project, Vintner has equipped this store with a bevy of racking styles. The wall-to-wall racking is comprised mostly of wine racks with displays such as the Stackable Diamond Bins/Cubes with Display Trays and Stackable Vertical Wine Display Bins. That leaves lots of room to utilize the floor space as well:

Extensive bottle storage options

As you can see from the images, the client also invested in a good number of Commercial Islands and Merchandisers. Islands and merchandisers are one of the most popular racking styles for stores, wineries, and commercial venues. That’s because they are free-standing units. You can just assemble them put them in the middle of your store. They are awesome point-of-purchase racks that allow your customers to easily browse and view your wine merchandise. Moreover, you will find that these units are very versatile in terms of design as well. Our Vintner Commercial racks can be customized with different woods, stains and finishes, including lacquer. Plus, you can choose to have a Vinyl Base and Casters added in as well. Note that the Vintner islands and merchandisers sport an upgraded design that gives each wine bottle a bottle slot to rest in so the bottles don’t rest against each other.

Circular Wine Merchandiser and Wine Display Islands

The client also added a Circular Wine Merchandiser to the mix. We are a big fan of this type of commercial racks. It offers high wine storage capacity in a compact format. This rack is perfect for high traffic areas in your store since it allows 360 degrees of visibility. The display row pops out the wine bottle label. It can even be built around a variety of poles or support columns in your establishment. Also note that the solid table top is now included. This will let you feature your best labels on top. All racks were purchased in gorgeous, unstained Rustic Pine. *Cheers*

Points To Ponder When Painting Your Wine Racks

November 6th, 2017

There’s this one question that we have been wanting to tackle on the blog for quite some time now. It’s whether or not you can paint your wine racks! We got lucky because a client recently sent a snap of his wine racks that we can use as a great example:

To paint or not to paint: that is the question!

We’ve talked lots of times on the blog on how to change up the look of wine racks to match other wine cellar furniture or go with certain themes. These posts, however, usually revolve around stains and finishes on the racks. Indeed, custom stains and finishes can do so much for your racking units. You can create various styles to match your wine cellar’s themes. The most popular themes are vintage, rustic or old-country charm appeal, and luxurious elegance. But lately, more and more wine cellar projects have chosen the modern/contemporary route.

However, as much as we promote water-based stains and finishes on wine racks, they are not the only options. You can also choose to have your racks painted. This is especially the case if you want to achieve a specific look that stains and finishes can’t. Case in point: these multi-colored Curvy Cubes of our client. You certainly won’t be able to get vibrant colors like these by just using stains and finishes. If you’re planning on doing something really out-of-the-box with your wine racks, then painting is the way to go.

We do have some useful points you might want to consider first prior to painting. One of these is to make sure you choose non-toxic paints. Just as water-based stains and finishes are preferred for their eco-friendly features, so are non-toxic paints. It’s important to note that both paints and  stains and finishes release low level toxic emissions into the air for years after application. The source of these toxins is a variety of VOCs, or  volatile organice compounds. Until recently, these VOCs were essential to the performance of the paint. However, more rigid environmental regulations, as well as consumer demand, have led to the development of low-VOC and zero-VOC paints. These eco-friendly paints are durable, cost-effective and less harmful to human and environmental health.

Another thing to consider when painting your wine racks is your wood option. Some wood species do not retain paints as well as others. You’ll need to do proper research so you’ll get the look you want after you paint. This is especially essential if you’re planning to use darker or more vibrant colors. And don’t forget – if you need more advice, our professional consultants are just a phone call/e-mail away! ^_^

Our Contemporary Murals And Wine Racks Had Clients Swooning

November 2nd, 2017

Remember how we talked about adding a pop of color to your wine cellars last Tech Tuesday? Well, today’s Testimonial Thursday just got to it one better! We have some real eye-candy shots here, courtesy of our clients, Mary and Joe, from Marietta, OH. Let’s check out this fantastic and super spacious wine cellar with a storage capacity of over 1600 bottles:

Contemporary Moments wine cellar art

Without a doubt, the standout feature of this wine cellar is the wine cellar art. The client purchased two pieces from our Contemporary Murals collection. In particular, they picked the artworks from our Contemporary Moments gallery. Since they were working on a relatively large project, they decided to have two archways for their racking arrangement. It was definitely a smart move! The archways framed the wine cellar art pieces perfectly and really enhanced the gorgeous colors of the murals.

Now all the racks utilized in this project are from our Vintner Series wine racks kit. That should explain the variety in bottle storage options, the seamless flow of the racking assembly in the room, and the professional appearance. Vintner always delivers in all aspects of a wine cellar project and this one was no exception. It’s also worthy to note that with the Vintner Series, you have a slew of custom stains and finishes to choose from. In this case, the Premium Redwood racks were dressed up in Dark Walnut stain:

Vintner Series wine racks

Needless to say, Dark Walnut was the perfect choice to make the racks work well with the floors while creating the perfect contrast for the vibrant art pieces. The final result is a racking assembly that is so well put together, who’d think it was assembled from “kits”? This wine cellar is actually like a perfect stage for the clients’ collection, as well as their wine cellar art. Their very generous testimonial had us giddy with a sense of accomplishment and so much more!

Gorgeous Dark Walnut Stain option

“Truly a work of art, a beautiful job, your crew was amazing, efficient, courteous and clean. Everything came out perfect! We thank you once again for a great design, coordination and installation on our wine cellar. We highly recommend you and your company to anyone. It was indeed a pleasure!”

~Mary & Joe D. Z.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Planning Your Holiday Wine Parties

November 1st, 2017

Planning your holiday parties

Hosting a slew of holiday wine parties this year? Why not? It’s the most wonderful time of the year as they say. So what better way to celebrate the season than with awesome wine and food pairings. It will give you a fantastic opportunity to experiment with a variety of wine and food ideas. Here are a couple of ideas that will help your planning process go smoothly:

Choose a theme for your party!

We know it’s the holidays, but who says you can’t have a specific theme for your wine tasting party? Having a theme will make things much easier because you will be able to focus your plans around it. For example, if you want it to be a “throwback” type of party, you can plan your wine and food menu accordingly. Pick labels that will let you and your guests reminisce shared warmth of nostalgia. Pair the wine with taste treats that remind you of fond childhood memories. A theme can let you go a long way, so choose wisely!

Personalize your party decor and/or souvenirs!

You may think it will entail a lot of expense to dress up your place for a holiday wine party, but that’s not the case. Personalizing your decor will actually save you a lot of $$$. Now that you have a theme, you can work your decor around that as well. But the first thing you need to do is recycle! Open those boxes of old holiday decors tucked away in your basement or garage. Pull out old wine bottles, boxes or crates. These will make great containers for accessories such as flowers, candles, and what-not. For your souvenirs, customize them to give your guests a really memorable holiday experience. One of our recommendations would be to purchase drinking glasses (not necessarily wineglasses) and paint them with cool wine quotes. Or you could bake some goodies, throw them in mini gift-baskets with mini wine bottle samples.

Personalize your party!

Don’t forget the ice-breakers!

You don’t really need to play games during wine tasting parties. However, it’s a very good idea to plan an ice-breaker in advance. It’s especially useful if you’re having more people over and not everyone is well-acquainted with each other. An initial blind tasting is one of the most popular ice-breakers, but modify the rules to make it for fun rather than formal. If you want to do a spin-the-bottle type of game, modify the usual truth or dare. You can make it simply just a dare and have your guests try out mystery wines or food and guess them.

Do you have some great holiday wine party planning ideas to share? We’d love to hear them, too! ^_^