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Technical Tuesday Episode #353: Bold Elegance In Midnight Black Stain And Lacquer

October 10th, 2017

Which do you prefer: light or dark-colored wine racks? It’s a personal preference, really. But going for unconventional choices can also be quite satisfying. Case in point: this elegant number in today’s Tech Tuesday showcase. It’s a relatively compact wine cellar project, but decked with all the bells and whistles:

Project # 294135
Wood: Custom/ All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 548
Where: Maclean, VA

Custom wine racking

With a bottle capacity of just under 550 bottles, the racking arrangement on this project is definitely spot-on. Props to our design team for the fantastic use of the available floor space. Custom racking units were purchased for the wine room which would explain the seamless layout. Note that with our custom wine racks, you are entitled to a very wide range of options, starting from the materials. You can opt for either wood or metal racking, or a combination of both, and go from there. In this project, the client went for all-wood racking units in the ever dependable All-Heart Redwood:

Gorgeous Premium Redwood racks in Midnight Black Stain

All-Heart Redwood is already attractive in its unstained state. The wood possesses natural reddish-gold hues that deepen in color and grow even more beautiful with age. But if you want to go for something different in your wine cellar – something less conventional – then WCI also offers you options for that. In particular, we have a slew of stain and finish options available for you to achieve the look you want for your wine racks. For this project, for example, our client went with bold Midnight Black stain, topped with three coats of Lacquer:

Three coats of Lacquer

Midnight Black Stain will make your wood sport a more contemporary appearance. The jet-black tint is definitely a departure from the traditional woodworking finishes. Since All-Heart Redwood absorbs stains and finishes extremely well, you can see just how prominent the dark colors are in the racks. The darker colors also help enhance the wood’s grain patterns even more. In addition to that, the racks were also coated in three layers of Lacquer, giving the wood a gleaming finish. Lacquer, as we have talked about in previous blogs, involves multiple applications of a clear coat sealant. Plus, there’s intricate hand-sanding treatments between finishes. The result is a smooth and sleek appearance of the wood that just reeks of elegance. In this case, owing to the darker shades of the racks, the wine cellar reeks of bold elegance. *Cheers*

Versatile racking assembly