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Client Whips Up A Stunner With Our Designer Wine Racks

October 5th, 2017

First Testimonial Thursday for the October month is up, wine cellar guys and gals! Let’s check out this pretty amazing DIY that our client Roy whipped up with the use of our Designer Series wine racks. Here we have some “before” snaps of the wine room:

"Before" photos of the wine room

As you can see, the client had the essentials all covered: insulation, vapor barrier, flooring and ceiling. In addition, they also put in a beautiful entryway. Take note that wine cellar doors play quite a significant role in a wine cellar project. Not only do they help boost the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar, but they also help maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels. This is especially true for glass-enclosed wine cellars.

Moving on, let’s check out the wine racking assembly. Here are a some really great shots of the completed project. It’s quite a versatile set-up with very good use of the individual and bulk storage racks from the Designer Series. Note that the Designer Series has also recently upgraded with the addition of High Reveal Display Rows. But in general, the series also carries a versatile racking selection, including Curved Corner Racks that we can see in this cellar:

Open Diamond Bins with with Solid Front Trim also form part of this very functional arrangement. But what we really appreciate here is the use of the finish options from the series, in particular, the crown and base moldings. The Designer Series offers molding packages in both straight and curved profiles. These help immensely in closing awkward gaps between the racks and the floors. They also make the topmost portion of the racking assembly flow seamlessly around the room. These snaps of the completed layout certainly speaks for itself:

Lastly, client also purchased an Archway and Quarter Round Shelf. These accents were quite instrumental in pulling together the entire racking layout. And of course, props to the client for the tasteful touches with the lighting accessories, wine cellar art, and other wine cellar knick-knacks. The end result is definitely a stunner:

“Everything worked out great. I did use a nail gun, which of course made things very easy, and the wine room is finally finished. I am attaching a few pictures, including a ‘before’ picture, since I built the entire room.”

~Roy U.~