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Technical Tuesday Episode #352: A Lesson In Versatile Wine Racking

October 3rd, 2017

Hello there, October! The fall season is here and man, do we love this cooler weather. It’s definitely the season to just chill around and plan for some awesome wine tasting parties. It’s also time to really stock up on that wine cellar in preparation for the Christmas holidays. One thing’s for sure – this Tech Tuesday feature will have plenty of space for that:

Project # 270558
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 2288
Where: Bronxville, NY

Custom wine racking in Premium Redwood

This is one of the most versatile wine cellar projects our team has designed. It’s a very generous-sized wine cellar with a storage capacity of over 2,200 bottles. The size alone is quite impressive. But check out the variety of bottle storage options and be even more impressed:

This cellar features all custom wine racking units in individual and bulk bottle storage formats. Fantastic shots were taken of the Wine Bottle Waterfall, flowing into a tabletop with even more storage at the bottom. This type of individual bottle display is comes highly recommended for larger wine cellars with more open space. That’s because the dramatic, cascading layout provides the perfect showcase for one’s prized wine bottles. As you can see from the terrific snaps of the completed assembly, racks “cascade” down with a display of bottles on the top. Our Vintner kits actually carry this racking style! Note that in order to achieve this look, our Vintner kits come equipped with a single bottle deep option in both in left and right falling option.

Cascading Wine Bottle Waterfall

Here we have more photos of the different racking styles incorporated into the wine cellar’s layout. Individual Bottle Columns line the walls, tied together with custom crown and base moldings for a seamless look. But another eye-catching addition to the racking arrangement are these beautiful Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim. These are the perfect racks to store all those loose bottles in bulk:

Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim

Note that LED lighting elements were also strategically integrated into the racking assembly. When this wine cellar is all filled up, these lights will certainly help to highlight the client’s collection and showcase everything to maximum advantage. Moreover, since unstained Premium Redwood was the wood of choice, you can see how the lighting enhances the soft shades of the wood as well as the grain patterns. This is, without a doubt, a truly versatile wine cellar, both in terms of form and function. *Cheers*