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Client Gives 5-Star Rating For Our Designer Series Wine Racks

September 28th, 2017

Do you guys know that our wine rack kits have a criteria for customer rating purposes? If you check out, say for example, our Vintner Series page, you’re going to find four main criteria utilized for product review. These are: Quality, Stability, Ease of Assembly, and Price. We’re quite proud to say that all our kits have garnered consistent ratings with our clientele. So today, we’re shining the spotlight on this DIY project with our client giving an exceptional rating for our product:

Our Designer Series wine racks

Our client Michael purchased his racking units all from our Designer Series wine rack kits. These racks are, of course, full-depth ones with 6-feet height configurations. His assembly and installation experience with the racks are a terrific narration of how the right products and tools should always go hand-in-hand. With the help of a friend, he put together the racks with the use of a brad nailer. This made the process proceed in a very efficient manner, much to the customer’s satisfaction.

Note that in our learning videos, the use of a brad nailer comes highly recommended as against hammer and nails or screws. Michael’s detailed narration below will show the difference between the assembly of the first rack and the final units. Indeed, after you have completed the initial round of instructions and built your first WCI rack, the rest will proceed in a smooth manner. This is all thanks to the precise measurements and flexible product configurations. Check out how the client rated our Designer Series racks in all four areas. If “exceptional” doesn’t equal a 5-star rating, we don’t know what does!

“The racks are beautiful! The free air compressor, nailer and brads with the purchase made the job much easier. A friend, skilled at woodworking and furniture assembly, came over to work with me on the installation. We dry fitted the first rack. Then, we took it apart and reconstructed it with the nailer. We spent about an hour on the first rack. It was time well spent. We constructed the final two racks in 20 minutes!

The rack for the corner of the room was a little trickier. Definitely, it was a two man job. We did a quick dry fit and then used the nailer. Likewise, we dry fitted the completed racks in the room prior to shimming and anchoring them to both one another and the wall. My wife and I are very pleased with every facet of your company. Ordering, compressor/nailer bonuses, shipping, quality of the products and workmanship, ease of assembly and final appearance are all exceptional! Thanks!”

~Michael F. Nolan~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: More Unique Wood Options For Wine Cellars

September 27th, 2017

The great thing about custom wine cellars is that imagination really is the limit with everything. That includes your wood options! You shouldn’t be obliged to stick to standard choices when your design preferences are taking you somewhere else. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should compromise the quality of your wood. That’s why it pays to know more about other unique wood options. Some of them have the right balance of quality and  style that can really bring character to your wine cellar. We’ve shortlisted a couple of these options for you to check out:

Clean and durable with White Oak

White OakWhite Oak has been featured in several of our Tech Tuesdays this year. As a non-stock wood option, it has been steadily gaining popularity with clients. There are very good reasons to go for this wood option though. Appearance-wise, it sports light to medium brown hues, and commonly with an olive cast. The grain pattern is essentially straight, with a coarse, uneven texture. One of the wood’s biggest strengths is its durability and resistance against rot. It’s also quite easy to work with when utilizing hand and machine tools.  White Oak glues, stains, and finishes well which allows for a fresh and clean look for your wine cellars.

Bold statement with Black Walnut

Next up is Black Walnut. This is one of those wood options that clients are initially not too keen on trying out because its appearance can be a tad intimidating. The Black Walnut heartwood can range from a lighter pale brown Black Walnutto a dark chocolate brown in color, with darker brown streaks. Moreover, the wood can at times showcase a grey, purple, or reddish cast.  When the wood is unstained, the natural chocolate brown hues slightly vary from “nutty” to “dark brown”. Also, when left unstained, the wood will develop a natural sheen over time. It is definitely a clever wood choice when you want to make a statement with a custom wine cellar or wine rack application.

No-fuss elegance with Cherry

Cherry is a hardwood specie that is often used in fine furniture and cabinet making, as well as molding and millwork. It’s quite a popular material for crafting kitchen cabinets, paneling, flooring, doors, boat interiors, musical instruments, turnings, and carvings. Cherry heartwood ranges from deep red to reddish brown. The colors usually darken with age and on exposure to light. In contrast, the sapwood is creamy white. Appearance-wise, Cherry is quite elegant. The wood has a straight grain pattern, as well as a fine, uniform, satiny and smooth texture. It may also naturally contain brown pith flecks and small gum pockets.

Do you have a favorite wood choice to share? We’d love to hear it, too! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #351: Why Metal x Wood Combos Always Work

September 26th, 2017

Final Tech Tuesday for the month of September! There’s barely three months to go before the Christmas holidays. After that, we’re going to be bidding 2018 adieu. Just how fast can time fly? Anyway, it’s also the right time to stock up your wine cellars. With all the upcoming holiday parties, you wouldn’t want to be unprepared. An ample-spaced wine cellar is the best way to go, just like what our client has here:

Project # 293999
Wood: Custom / Vintage View / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1052
Where: Fulton, GA

Metal x Wood combo

This wine room is pretty much an average-sized one. But with the help of the right wine racking units, the storage capacity pegged to be at a little over 1000 bottles. The combination of metal and wood racking elements is responsible for this impressive feat. To be more specific, the Vintage View Series and custom wine racks were utilized for this project. You can see from the pictures of the completed cellar just how well these two materials worked with each other:

Vintage View in Brushed Nickel

Let’s start with the Vintage View Series metal wine racks. This type of racking is very popular and is often featured in our blogs. Whether it’s a custom or a DIY job, the Vintage View always manages to bring about the desired results. With it’s easy to navigate, label-forward storage and display systems, Vintage View is able to provide an interactive wine experience that starts at the moment you see the bottle. The racks are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. Nonetheless, it’s flexible configurations will also allow for split-sized bottles when mounted 5.5 inches apart. The racks come in single deep, double deep, and triple deep storage options. Plus, you can install them two ways: either attached to a wall or displayed floor to ceiling when a Floor to Ceiling Frame is purchased. Moreover, you get four different finish options with these metal racks. The client here opted to go for a beautiful Brushed Nickel finish that is so sleek and elegant:
Custom wine racks Open Diamond Bins











Completing the racking assembly are these custom-made racking units. Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Bins were incorporated to augment the bottle storage capacity and provide storage for bulk products. Custom crown and base moldings were also added to help blend the gaps between the flooring and ceiling. The end product is a very functional and clean layout. It’s exactly what the client wanted and this is why the metal x wood combo always works! *Cheers*

Useful Tips In Designing Your Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar

September 25th, 2017

If we’re going to talk about elegant wine cellars, then we’re definitely going to talk about glass-enclosed ones. This wine cellar style is extremely popular owing to its timeless appeal. That’s why you can see this type of wine cellar constantly featured in our blogs. So if you’re also interested in undertaking a glass-enclosed project, here are some useful tips you’d want to keep in mind:

Glass is versatile!

1.  Glass is a very versatile material – so take advantage of it!

Glass is a very attractive material and pretty easy to mix and match with other materials, such as wood and metal. That’s why you’ll see many wine cellar projects utilizing these combinations. Take note that glass has the ability to enhance the features of other materials, so take advantage of that. For example, if you want to showcase a beautiful racking arrangement, have glass panels installed in your wine cellar. If you’re working with mostly metal racking for a contemporary look, incorporating glass doors, windows, or other glass elements will make it even more attractive.

Build glass-enclosed wine cellars anywhere!

2. Glass-enclosed wine cellars can be built anywhere.

You don’t need to worry so much about location when you’re going for a glass-enclosed wine cellar. You can build it even smack in the center of your living area. Why so? Remember that maintaining ideal wine storage conditions is crucial in any type of wine cellar project. A glass-enclosed wine cellar will certainly be able to meet these conditions. Here at WCI, the glass we use for this type of cellar is 1/2″ thick glass. It is specifically designed to maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits. Moreover, glass panes are joined using a clear silicone bead. This helps create a seamless connection, making your wine cellar fully insulated. That’s why you can choose to have it anywhere in your home!

Perfect for compact spaces!

3. Glass-enclosed wine cellars are perfect for compact spaces.

Yes, indeedy do! If you’re working with a relatively small space, you’ll be surprised at how much bottle storage you can get with a glass-enclosed wine cellar. We mentioned earlier that metal racking works very well with glass materials. Our Vintage View Wine Racks, for example, can either be wall-mounted or installed floor-to-ceiling with the help of a Floor to Ceiling Frame. They can be very space-efficient and can host a few hundred bottles in a compact glass enclosure. Another recommendation would be utilizing racks from our Modern Wine Cellar Series or Riddling Racking Series. These units can offer amazing bottle storage capacity in glass-enclosed projects.

Still need more ideas? Check out our photo galleries for more glass-enclosed wine cellar inspirations! ^_^

Client Gives Detailed Review On Our Perfect-Fit Wine Racks

September 21st, 2017

One of the biggest struggles people have with buying things online is the fear that the product they’ll purchase won’t fit properly, won’t look as good as the real thing or won’t perform as well as expected. These are legit fears and it’s certainly the duty of the seller to alleviate them. Here at WCI, we are always working hard and working overtime to make sure we deliver quality products and services to our customers. That’s why we welcome all kinds of constructive feedback that will help us improve in all aspects of the business. We’re truly grateful that our client Robert took the time to provide this detailed review of our racking units and consultation services:

Perfect-fit wine racks

This beautiful assembly was a DIY project. The client put them together using a nail gun and with the help of WCI’s online videos, installation instructions, and the full-on assistance of one of our design specialists. All these received great feedback from the client, but we particularly loved the emphasis given on our racking components – our perfect-fit wine racks. When he performed the assembly and installation, he was very satisfied with how all the pieces, including the trim, came together. The racking dimensions were spot-on and fit perfectly into the designated space in the wine room. It was certainly a “what you see is what you get” experience. The client purchased the racks relying on our product specifications and he got exactly what was being marketed online. The result was a wonderful experience for the client and a very happy pat on the back for us for a job well done.

Precise dimensions for the wine room

Nail gun installation made things go very smoothly.

The wine racks are great.  They assembled quite easily once I got the first one done.  The nail gun was essential.  I could not imagine trying to do the job by hand nailing; that would have taken triple to time at least, been much more difficult and meant a lot more mistakes. I was very pleased with how well all the rack components fit together, including the trim pieces; making the finished product look great.  The dimensions being precise is also very important for how they fit into the walls of my wine room.  Well done.

Although I had an extra rack system sent with my shipment in error (which led to some confusion and extra work); and my shipment arrived across 2 days – all my components were in good shape and I could get to work quickly to stay on track with the construction and startup of my wine room.  My shipment arrived a few days early – and before a weekend.  This was great, I used the time to stay on track with the rest of the construction.

The installation instructions were mostly good, the videos on line help a lot as well. My design specialist was Jordan Newman.  He did a great job working with me putting the design together.  I attached a few pictures on my assembled and loaded racks. In picture 3, you can see how important precise dimensions are, so the finished racks fit into the stone walls exactly.

~Robert W.~.

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Recommended “Budget” Wine Racks

September 20th, 2017

Working with a budget can be a bit frustrating at times. It’s especially the case when you need to stay within or even under budget. But this should not deter you from arriving at the results you really want. More so if it’s a wine cellar project! These days, there are lots of options that will allow you to build gorgeous wine cellars with custom amenities sans the custom cost. Most racking units can also be easily mixed and matched to allow you to create unique assemblies. Here are some of our recommended budget wine racks that you need to check out:

Small or “Mini” Wine Racks

Small or Mini Wine Racks

These smaller racking units have been making waves in the wine cellar scene recently. They are compact but very functional and wonderfully space-efficient. They are the ideal choice with starter wine cellar projects because they’re so easy to assemble, install, and eventually grow along with your collection. You can also mix and match them with other racking styles and create really versatile bottle storage for your collection. Since you can purchase the units individually, you also get to control how much you’re going to spend. Then when future funds will allow it, you can easily acquire more to add to your growing wine cellar.

Wine Rack Pins and PegsWine Rack Pins and Pegs

Wine rack pins and pegs are technically not wine “racks.” But they definitely function as one! They are also one of the smartest alternatives you can have when the budget is a bit swollen. The pins and pegs can go anywhere in your home – the kitchen, the dining room, and yes, even the living area. Of course, they can definitely work with any wine cellar project. You will find these pins and pegs particularly useful when you have a compact space to transform into your wine storage. Since they can be installed in the walls, you will be able to maximize your room’s storage capacity, even when it’s just as small as a broom closet or a converted kitchen cupboard.

Wine Rack Stacks

Wine Rack “Stacks”

What exactly are Wine Rack “Stacks?” It’s actually a much bigger racking unit that combines individual and bulk bottle storage options into one. Usually, you’ll get individual bottle storage on the first upper half of the unit and bulk storage at the bottom. Most popular examples of these include Individual Bottle Column x Diamond Bin combo, Individual Bottle Column x Rectangular Bin combo, and Individual Bottle Column x Fixed Shelf combo. Our Vintner Series has recently introduced a Vintner “Stacks” collection to add to its ever developing “kits” line. You should certainly check it out!

Technical Tuesday Episode #350: Custom Project Looking Dapper In Lacquer

September 19th, 2017

We’re probably all familiar with that saying that “Clothes make the man (or woman!).” That also actually applies to wine cellars as well! How you dress up your wine racks and other wine cellar furniture will definitely make an aesthetic difference. We have today’s Tech Tuesday showcase to give us an illustration:

Project # 294293
Wood: Custom / Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1843
Where: Jefferson, KY

This beautiful and ample-sized wine cellar is another custom and kit combo. Choice pieces from our Vintner Series were combined with some custom racking to create a versatile assembly with tons of bottle storage. This set-up can comfortably host a little over 1800 bottles. And you can see from the snapshots of the completed racking below just how varied the storage options are:

Beautiful Dark Walnut stain racks

So here we can see a really good use of different individual bottle racking styles. There’s the standard Individual Bottle Columns, Curved Corner Racks, and Magnum Wine Racks as well. Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim and Rectangular Bin Bottles were utilized for bulk bottle storage. Custom Quarter Round Shleves and crown, base, and center seam moldings complete the entire arrangement.

But the customization process doesn’t end there! Check out the wine racks and see how dapper they look all dressed up in a gorgeous Dark Walnut stain. Dark Walnut is a golden-brown stain that deepens almost all shades of wood. Since Premium Redwood is lighter in color than All-Heart Redwood, the stain is even more pronounced. On top of all that, a coat of Lacquer was also added to all the racks, giving them a very elegant finish. Lacquering your racks will give it that stunning, gleaming appearance that exudes class from all angles. Here at WCI, we are able to achieve this through multiple applications of a clear coat sealant with intricate hand-sanding treatments between finishes:

One coat of Standard Lacquer on all the racks

This wine cellar certainly hits all the bullet points on the list: spacious, functional, seamless, and elegant. It goes to show how the right stain and finish options can really change up the look of your wood and make it more eye-catching. If you want to learn more about WCI’s stains and finishes, check out this section of the website. We also recommend trying out our Wood Swatch Simulator to properly visualize how your wood choice will look with the various stains and finishes. And of course, don’t forget that you can always count on our team of professional consultants to guide you every step of the way! *Cheers*

High Reveal Display Rows And More For Our Designer Series!

September 18th, 2017

Our upgraded Designer Series!

Our Designer Series is making a comeback and it’s really bringing it on! This series is part of our wine rack kits and comes very close second to Vintner in almost all aspects, particularly versatility. In fact, it has become even more versatile thanks to some upgrades. If you guys haven’t kept up-to-date with our Designer Series, now is a good time to do so. We’re going to give you the run-down of what this awesome wine racks kit can offer.

More racking storage options!

Let’s start off with the Individual Bottle Storage option. This is obviously the most popular style in any type of racking, custom or kits. Our Designer Series has always kept itself on top of the game by offering a good selection of individual bottle storage options. You have the standard individual bottle columns in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 column widths. There’s also the Curved Corner Racks and storage for magnums or other similar, larger-format bottles. But just recently, we expanded that list with some more additions. First off, we integrated display rows into our multi-column width racking units. You can have the display row feature added to your purchase, allowing you to showcase your bottles to full advantage. This is a highly recommended feature for commercial wine establishments. The display rows will draw immediate attention to the merchandise you want to market.

High Reveal Displays

But apart from this, WCI still added another innovative option to the Individual Bottle Columns for the Designer Series. This time, we incorporated High Reveal Display Rows into the racks! High reveals are very popular because they give your wine racking assembly that edge when showcasing your collection. They also make your racking assembly look less cramped. With these display rows, a commercial wine establishment will able to highlight its most in-demand labels. It’s certainly a sales booster!

Of course, the Designer Series also covers other bases, such as bulk bottle storage. You will be pleased to find quite a generous assortment of Diamonds, Cases, and even Waterfall Wine Racks with this series. These units can also be easily mixed and matched to come up with various styles to suit your home or store’s design. Last but not the least, we’ve also expanded on the accessories and finishes for this series. Apart from the woods, stains, and finishes, we’ve also recently added the Lacquer option to our Designer Series kit. If you want more details on what this kit has to offer you, shoot us an e-mail or call our team of professionals today. ^_^

Wine Cellars To Suit Any Budget Only Here At WCI

September 14th, 2017

One of the most popular questions consulting clients would usually throw at us is this: “How big should my wine cellar be?” There is certainly no fixed answer to this. A wine cellar project is not exactly a mathematical formula where you’ll get specific results when applying specific problem solving methods. There are more than just a few factors to consider. Moreover, the variables will vary on a case-to-case basis. We’re going discuss these in detail using this completed project for our client in Madison, AL as an example:

Custom compact wine cellar

So first and foremost, you will need to take into account the average number of bottles you consume on a yearly basis. A rough estimate is okay, but we recommend getting a wine storage calculator or wine rack calculator to do the job. This will give you a more realistic estimate of the bottle storage capacity you will be looking at. The second step is to decide on the location of your wine cellar in your home. Do you have a spare room that you can convert into a spacious wine storage? Is there space that you can transform in your basement? How about the garage? If you have a relatively small home to work with, do you have unused areas that you can utilize? Under the stairs, coat or shoe closets, and kitchen pantries are just some of the examples.

In the snapshot above of our client’s completed wine room, you can see that there is a nice variety of bottle storage options going on. This is a fully custom project in All-Heart Redwood with a storage capacity of just a little over 450 bottles. The available space in the client’s home was a bit compact, but our team managed to maximize it with the custom floor-to-ceiling racking arrangement. There is lots of space for individual and bulk bottle storage and tabletop space to boot.

Now the third step to deciding on the size of your wine cellar project is, of course, working out the budget. Luckily, here at WCI, we have a plethora of products and services to accommodate that! From affordable wine rack kits to custom options, wine refrigeration systems, decor, installation and assembly services and more, we can help make your wine cellar dreams come true. Our professional design consultants are just an e-mail or phone call away, so chat with us today. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Fall Flavors In Your Wine Cellar

September 13th, 2017

We can smell the lingering scent of pumpkin spice in the air! So that can mean only one thing – Fall is almost here. Almost, but not quite though. That means you guys still have enough time to prep your wine cellars to greet the season. We’re here to help out as usual! Check out these recommendations for putting some fall flavors in your wine cellar:

Bring out the rustic charm!

Bring out that rustic charm…

That old-country feel is a perfect theme for the fall season. Think of those woodsy elements that can give your wine cellar a really warm ambiance. If you already have mostly wood wine racks, then a just some accents here and there will suffice. Our favorite is transforming wine boxes and/or crates into customized decor. Clean the boxes or crates and spruce them up with some stains and finishes. We recommend a dusty weathered finish to mimic that timeworn look. You can then fill them up faux fruits, vegetables, pinecones, and so on to make them look plentiful. Definitely representative of the season!

Brighten up with fall colors!

Go for a whitewashed finish…

Whitewash finish is very reminiscent of Scandinavian decor. This essentially features the color white in both furniture and accessories. The look leans more towards the contemporary style, but it’s very fresh and clean. It actually creates an amazing backdrop for your wine bottles, bringing out their rich hues. You do not need to do the finish on your furniture if you’re not up to it. Do it on smaller elements in your wine cellar such as DIY decor, tasting tables, chairs, or miscellaneous shelving.

Light up the room with candles…

Nope, you don’t have to literally light up some candles in your wine cellar. We’re talking about those faux candles that are so realistic and attractive to boot. Your local Walmart or Costco definitely has tons of them during this season. Most of them come in pretty lanterns or glass hurricanes, but you can customize those as well. The warm glow of the candles will create a very cozy atmosphere in your wine cellar. We suggest buying them in varying sizes and putting them in strategic places in your wine cellar. Put some on the tabletops or countertops, on the open display shelves, or even on the floor. Choose bigger ones in varying heights if you intend to put them on the floor.

What are your decor inspirations for this season? We’d love for you to share your concepts with us! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #349: A Full Look At The Modern Wine Cellar Series

September 12th, 2017

Hello, Tuesday! Or better yet, hello, Tech Tuesday! We’re particularly pumped up for today’s episode because it’s quite special. If you guys have noticed, we’ve been doing some major revamping on our website. One of the sections we’ve recently launched is our Contemporary & Modern Wine Cellars. The Modern Wine Cellar Series is part of this launch and what better way to market it than with these first completed install photos:

Project # 293762
Wood: Modern Series / Platinum 
Bottle Capacity: n/a
Where: Sandy Springs, GA

Modern wine cellar design

Our Modern Wine Cellar Series is one of our newest offerings this year and something to really hype about. It was designed to appeal to the most discerning wine collector with its blend of quality and sophistication. The racks are installed within platforms ranging from the ceiling to the floor. Then you have metal components that support the wood to give the appearance of wine bottles floating in the air. The snaps below show the completed installation of the racks in the client’s residence:

The Modern Wine Cellar Series

As you can see, the wood components are dressed up in Midnight Black Stain. It certainly works well with the other elements in the room such as the flooring and walls. Note that the Modern Wine Cellar Series is offered in multiple wood and stain options. There are the standard choices: Pine, Premium Redwood, All-Heart Redwood, or Grand Mahogany. But there are also custom ones such as, but not limited to, Black Walnut, Clear Alder, and Oak. You can just easily consult with our team of professionals for a custom wood that is to your liking. But for your convenience, check out this section of our website for a list of our non-stock woods.

Midnight Black Stain option

Now the wood choice for this project is Prime Mahogany. While we no longer carry this option, we did add a much better alternative to the line-up. We mentioned Grand Mahogany a few blog posts ago and you’ll definitely hear us talking more about it in future blogs. As a quick overview, Grand Mahogany is a plantation grown hardwood which is quite popular because of its very attractive uniform hues. This wood only has a few slight variations that range from medium to pale pink. The hardwood has a moderately coarse grain pattern. For the most part, the grain pattern is straight but can be slightly interlocked in some cases. It is a versatile type of hardwood, durable, and can absorb stains and finishes extremely well. Watch out for it on our next Tech Tuesday features! *Cheers*

Reasons To Love Our New Riddling Racking Series

September 11th, 2017
Contemporary wine cellars have really increased in popularity in the recent months. More wine cellar projects have taken a step towards this direction and it’s indeed something to look forward to. A modern vibe is fresh and highly attractive. That’s why for our part, we’re also making sure we’re keeping up with the customers’ demands. We’ve put a lot of work into our contemporary/modern wine cellar racking by bringing in more new additions. Let’s check out the most recent member of the family: our Riddling Racking Series.
The Riddling Racking Series
A unique approach to wine bottle storage!
We’ve already blogged about our “invisible” wine rack series, consisting of our Acrylic Wine Racks. One of the most appealing features of this racking style is the creation of a “floating” effect on the wine bottles. But it’s not only our acrylic racking units that can do this. Our newest series to join the contemporary/modern collection can also bring about the same effect. The Riddling Racking Series provides wine bottle storage in a unique and space-efficient manner.
First off,  the racks were specifically designed to be wall-mounted. That means you can install these units anywhere in your home, not just your wine cellar. They can be utilized to host small to extensive collections. Since they are wall-mounted, this also means you practically do not eat up any floor space at all. This makes it the ideal racking choice for compact projects such as wine closets and home bars.
Second, security of your bottles is definitely assured with these wine racks. Unlike your standard racking units that usually have rails, these racks have wood boards with holes manufactured in them. These holes are for the bottle necks to go in and be properly supported. When you insert your bottles by the neck, you can rest assured that these are safely supported from behind with notches. The labels of your bottles are also conveniently visible, making it easier to organize them.
Last but not the least, you can create some pretty eye-catching arrangements with the Riddling Racking Series. They can easily be combined with other racking styles, especially since you can wall-mount them. You can choose to categorize your bottles in so many ways: by vintage, by color, by place of origin, and so on. Rearranging them can also be done quite efficiently, given the easy method of removing and replacing the bottles. To know more about how you can utilize the Riddling Racking Series in your wine cellar project, chat with our team of professional consultants today. ^_^

Client Raves About Their Vintner In Rustic Pine Wine Closet

September 7th, 2017

First Testimonial Thursday for the month of September is up! We’re officially in the “-ber” months now and you all know what that means. Yep, yep – the Christmas holidays are not too far down the road. We technically have only 16 more blogging weeks to go before the big “Ho! Ho! Ho!” So we’re going to do our best to make each one truly memorable. Let’s get the ball rolling with this wonderful wine closet that our team put together for our client:

Vintner racks in Rustic Pine

First off, allow us to give our two thumbs-up to this fantastic snap the client sent us of their completed wine closet. Proof of a satisfied customer is certainly the motivation we need to keep on doing our best. Now let’s talk more about the project itself. This is a Vintner creation, with all the racking units purchased from our Vintner Series kits. As you can see from the image, the racking assembly is quite impeccable – clean lines and neatly tucked curved corners. This is one of the more impressive qualities of the Vintner Series. Despite being a “kit,” Vintner is able to provide versatile bottle storage with custom amenities to boot. Check out the racking arrangement – it comes with crown and base moldings, center trim and beveled ends and rounded edges. The customized rails are carefully manufactured with these beveled ends and rounded edges to ensure wine labels will not tear when the bottles are removed.

Let’s move on to the wood option. The racks are all done in unstained Rustic Pine. This will explain the soft, creamy hues of the racks. Rustic Pine is quite a popular wood choice with custom wine cellars, particularly those seeking a rustic architectural charm. The wood’s light color is accentuated by subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. This also makes the wood a lot more reasonably priced compared to a clear grade of wood. The knots help to give a more generous yield but at a lower manufacturing cost. Without a doubt, Rustic Pine is our best value by price per bottle space. The supply is huge since Pine grows throughout North America and represents a huge quantity of the overall wood produced. Rustic Pine is naturally attractive in its unstained state. But note that it also absorbs and retains all types of finishes very well, including lacquer. You can utilize custom stains and finishes to make the wood match your home’s existing decor.

“Thanks so much for making the beautiful wine closet! Awesome service and product!”

~ Paul G.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Modern Racking Styles To Try Out

September 6th, 2017

Contemporary styles for wine cellars have been making waves this year. A fresh, modern look is indeed appealing and very accommodating in terms of space. This is why WCI has also been focusing on expanding our contemporary wine racking collection. Our Modern Wine Cellar Series in particular has been bringing some pretty awesome designs to our customers. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of some modern racking styles you have to try out:

The “Invisible” Wine Racks

Have you seen those wine cellars where the bottles seem like they’re floating on air? You can check out this section of our photo gallery for samples. This ethereal “floating” look can be achieved with the use of what we like to call “invisible” wine racks. Why invisible? It’s because these racks are made from acrylic material. The racks are wonderfully transparent and take large sections and parse them out like a riddling wine rack concept. The neck holders give off the illusion of floating wine bottles! Your bottles are kept totally safe, too, thanks to the specialized wine slots. The end result is a high-end modern feel to your wine cellar project.

Sophisticated Aluminum Bottle Supports

Wine racks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and forms these days. They don’t have to always be your standard wood racking units, your individual bottle columns, or diamond bins. Even when it comes to metal wine racks, you will find so many styles to choose from. One of our favorites for that really sophisticated, contemporary vibe are these Aluminum Bottle Supports. They come with finished panels that make them look so sleek while allowing for easy installation. The best thing about these bottle supports is how space-efficient they are. You can mount them anywhere in your home and create tons of bottle storage space.

Glass and Metal Racking Combos

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you can never go wrong with a glass and metal combo. As far as wine cellar projects are concerned, this combo is a sure win. And if you want to go for that really modern appeal, this is definitely the racking option to invest in. One of our favorite examples is this absolutely stunning glass wine cube that our team installed in an apartment building with wine storage in Florida. The suspended metal racking inside also gives the bottles a “floating” appearance. It’s certainly a conversation piece, along with the wine bottles.

Technical Tuesday Episode #348: Form And Function With Vintner And Custom Racking

September 5th, 2017

There are some people who enjoy fancy touches in their home. They love intricate designs, pops of color, and some dramatic lines here and there. But there are also those who prefer something simple and understated. Something clean, focusing on function, nothing overwhelming. Our client for today’s Tech Tuesday feature definitely belongs to the later group. This is why our team came up with an assembly that exudes nothing but clean lines and understated elegance:

Project # 289561
Wood: Platinum / Vintner 
Bottle Capacity: 456
Where: Montgomery, OH

The Vintner Series

Our client was certainly satisfied with the way their wine cellar turned out. We combined custom racking with our infallible Vintner Series wine rack kit to come up with this arrangement. It’s essentially all Individual Bottle Columns, with Curved Corner Racks to conquer those sharp corners in the room. The available space was maximized to create bottle storage than can accommodate a little over 450 bottles. As you can see from the pictures, the racking assembly is neatly done, with clean solid lines. Custom crown and base moldings help tie everything together for a polished look:

Midnight Black stain option

The only cosmetic upgrade to this arrangement is the stain and finish option. A beautiful Midnight Black stain was applied to make the racks really stand out against the lighter-colored walls and floors. Midnight Black stain is not as popular as Classic Mahogany or Dark Walnut, but it has been rapidly gaining popularity with wine cellar projects. The bolder hues really enhance the grain patterns of the wood. Plus, when the wine racks are filled, it makes the bottles more eye-catching. It certainly is a dramatic departure from traditional woodworking finishes and gives any wine cellar that fresh, contemporary appeal. Here are a few more examples of projects utilizing this stain option from our photo galleries.Prime Mahogany wood option

The wood option for this project is Prime Mahogany. We’ve actually substituted this wood with Grand Mahogany for several essential reasons. To start, Grand Mahogany is a plantation grown hardwood that is extremely attractive. It sports a uniform color in the wood, a trait that makes it quite in-demand for cabinetry and furniture-making. It has a few slight variations that go from medium to pale pink, but the colors are pretty even for the most part.As for the grain pattern, it is mostly straight but can be slightly interlocked in some cases. This versatile wood is comparable to sapele and cherry with it’s hardness, density, and grain texture. As far as durability and stability are concerned, it is comparable to Sapele, Hard Maple, or Cherry. *Cheers*

The Wine Cellar Innovations Website Gets A Major Makeover!

September 4th, 2017

We’re about to change seasons again and welcome Fall in just a couple of weeks. But that’s not all that’s changing. We’ve also undergone a major makeover with the WCI website to showcase all our brand-new additions. If you have browsed around recently, you’d definitely notice these changes. Nonetheless, a proper tour is in order so you guys will know exactly what’s what!

Custom wine cellars

Our new custom wine cellar services…

We’ve our custom wine cellar services even more flexible to accommodate any and all wine storage needs. First off, our custom wine cellars can be designed in any size, with any budget. If it’s not that clear with the previous layout of the website, it’s definitely there in black and white now. This section of the website lets you see all the options available, from the wine racks down to the design of the entryways, cabinets, and other finishes. As always, WCI offers free wine cellar consultation. We will provide you with wine cellar design room plans to start the process on your project.

Custom wood wine racks

Our new custom wooden wine rack styles…

WCI has always offered two major racking options to our clients: our custom wine racks and our wine rack kits. Custom racking will give you all the flexibility you need in terms of both function and design. But if you’re working on a budget, our wine rack kit series will be able to offer you more affordable choices. Check out our wide array of racking styles, from individual to diamond racking, curved corners, wine bottle displays, bulk bottle storage, and so much more. To make things more convenient, we’ve also put together the custom amenities on the same section as the racking options. These include wine cellar moldings, decorative accents, and custom cabinetry.

Our new wine cellar wood options…

Custom wood options

We’ve also revamped our wine cellar wood options section to make it even more responsive to our customers. You will now find our 4 Stock Wood options in one place in the website. This makes it easier to compare one against the other and decide on the most suitable wood for your project. We also put in a more detailed line-up of our Non-Stock Woods as well, specifically, the more popular ones such as Black Walnut, Knotty Alder, and White Oak.

And of course, this doesn’t stop here. Our makeover is still ongoing and there will be many more exciting changes to be revealed. So don’t forget to bookmark the WCI blog so you don’t miss out on anything! ^_^