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Clients Showcase Their Stunning Vintner Wine Room

August 31st, 2017

You know how that saying goes, “When you’ve got it, flaunt it.” And by golly, this wine cellar our client put together definitely has it. Take a good long look at this stunning wine room, decked out in our Vintner Series wine racks:

We totally love the concept of this project. It certainly is a vintage-inspired design with additional fancy touches to give the wine cellar a more intricate look. The entryway is eye-catching, making use of rough-hewn stone elements. You can also see the same stone material decorating the walls and ceilings of the room’s interior. Indeed, a beautiful entryway can really take the style factor of a wine cellar to a whole other level. This in particular has a gorgeous wrought iron gate that worked perfectly with the stone elements. Speaking of custom entryways, WCI has an entire section devoted to this. Check out our assortment of wine cellar doors with tons of customization options available.

Now let’s go to the racking assembly. You can probably see that this is not exactly a generously sized room. But the space was wisely utilized to make it appear bigger than it actually is. Only one section of the wall was used to install the wine racks. But it was more than enough to create the bottle storage the client needs. What really catches the attention though, is how these racks look completely built-in. It’s all thanks to the flexibility of our Vintner wine racks kit and the variety of racking styles this series can provide.

Our kits have proven time and again that you don’t always need to go custom in order to give your wine cellar project that “built-in” appearance. This client’s wine cellar is certainly proof of that. Our Vintner Series was created to provide everyone with wine racking units and custom amenities at a reasonable cost. This is why Vintner is packed with so many options, allowing one to come up with “customized” racking arrangements. If you check out our photo galleries, you’ll see that Vintner wine cellars are super creative. The finished projects also give off a professional vibe that you wouldn’t think you can get just out of “kits.”

Our clients were quite proud of how this project turned out and we’re happy to be a part of it. We hope that in the next Testimonial Thursday, it will be YOUR wine cellar we’ll be featuring. ^_^