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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Custom Finishes For Your Wine Room

August 30th, 2017

A wine room won’t be completely finished until you’ve thrown in some frills and fancies. They don’t need to be extravagant and they certainly should not overpower your racking arrangement. On the contrary, their role is to enhance your wine racks to make your collection shine. Here our some of our choice recommendations for custom wine room finishes you should try out:

LED lighting elements

Lighting elements and/or fixtures

There’s no better way to highlight your wine bottles than with the right lighting elements. A LED Display Lighting system is perhaps the most popular option, but it’s not the only one. LED Downlights are also another alternative you can look into. This recessed lighting system is perfect for ceilings and/or archways. The you also have Fluorescent Slimlites which can do wonders for your stained glass applications. This type of lighting is usually utilized to backlight stained glass art on archways or etched lightbox ceilings.

Wine Tasting Tables and Peninsulas

Wine Tasting Tables and/or Peninsulas

Wine Tasting Tables serve more than just an aesthetic purpose in a wine room. These days, you will encounter so many styles and designs to these tasting tables, it’ll make your head spin. But in a good way! That’s because the trend these days is towards making these tables more functional. So instead of just your standard table, you get so much more such as extra storage for your bottles, glassware, and other wine accessories. If you have a relatively spacious wine room, a peninsula is even better. Just imagine how gorgeous your racking arrangement would look like with Wine Bottle Waterfall racks cascading into a peninsula. Moreover, you can also incorporate shelving into both the tables and peninsulas to accommodate wine boxes or crates.

Decorative moldings

Custom crown, base, and center seam moldings

We always mention custom moldings in most of our blog posts, especially our Tech Tuesdays. But what you guys may not be fully aware of is that there’s more to these moldings as well. You can actually have them customized to make them fancier. Decorative moldings are one of the best ways you can make your racking assembly come together and give it a dramatic finish. Note that these moldings help blend in those awkward gaps between the racks, walls, and flooring. They also help create consistency between and among different racking styles. With custom ones, you can make your racking assembly look even more built-in.