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When Your Clients’ Kids Love The Wine Room Too!

August 24th, 2017

We all get that wine isn’t for kids. But who says that a wine room can’t be? While obviously not turning it into a playground, our clients’ little girl also showed her appreciation for their recently completed wine room. Check out the adorable snap below of their daughter showing off the wine room to her friend:

Showing off the wine room

Now this stunning wine cellar is a DIY project all the way. The clients purchased some Traditional Series racking units in Redwood from WCI. They also requested for a custom center piece, but did all the rest by themselves. There is a ton of creativity packed into this cellar, starting with the space itself. It seemed they had a clothes closet in the spare room in their basement, as well as a storage room. Our clients combined the clothes closet and storage room to accommodate their collection as well as future acquisitions. As you can see, the racking arrangement has provided them so much bottle storage, this cellar is not even filled halfway. But of course, that only means more opportunities to grow their collection.

As far as the assembly and installation of the wine racks are concerned, these were all done utilizing a brad nailer. Again, it bears emphasizing that there are a couple of ways to assemble and install your wine racks. We have a great video detailing these methods. Nonetheless, we highly recommend using the brad nailer method, particularly for first-time builders. Using a nail gun is quick, efficient, and will yield professional-looking results, just like what our clients accomplished here.

“We absolutely LOVE our wine racks! This wine cellar was built by us from scratch. We had a regular sized clothes closet in a spare room in the basement and we combined it with a storage room for more space. We initially thought that we would be hand building all the racks ourselves to save on cost and had even started one before we came across Wine Cellar Innovations. It was the best decision and purchase we have ever made. Building them with a brad nailer was so simple and it was amazing to see the room finally come together. We purchased some of the kits and then had your design team create a custom center piece. We truly love our new room. Our 5-year old has even been showing it off to her friends!”

~Rachel & Nate R.~

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