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“Small” Vintner Wine Cellar Is “Big” In So Many Ways

August 17th, 2017

Our client Joe’s claim to fame is none other than his recently completed DIY wine cellar. That’s right! He purchased his wine racks with us and did most of the work on this project himself. There definitely several things that impressed us about this wine cellar. But what we’re most proud of is the fact that the client loved our wine racking units:

Check out the fantastic design on this wine cellar. The client informed us that he had a relatively small space to work with so he wanted to make the most out of it. He sent for our Vintner Series wine racks in a variety of styles. Then, he got to work putting everything together mostly just by himself. We were floored by the snaps of his completed wine room. There was nothing “small” about it at all! Smart racking choices allowed the client to really maximize on the available space:Gorgeous archway

So here we can see several shots of the racking assembly. The Archway with tabletop and Open Diamond Cube with Face Trim is such a beautiful touch to this set-up. We can also see the bevy of bottle storage options, from standard Individual Bottle Columns to Wine Bottle Waterfalls, and Curved Corner Racks. Everything came together seamlessly and the client was certainly proud of what he had accomplished with our wine racks:

Proud client and his custom wine cellar

Below are terrific pictures showcasing the entire arrangement. For a “small” wine cellar, you can see just how much bottle space the client managed to have with the Vintner racks. This cellar can certainly hold a few hundred bottles, including magnums and other larger-formats, quite comfortably. We also absolutely love how this room was decorated. The walls, flooring, and lighting elements, along with the other wooden accents, give this wine cellar a warm, rustic feel. For a DIY, we can say it’s off the charts! This is one project that is “big” in so many ways and we just love being a part of it. ^_^

Versatile Vintner wine racks

Tons of bottle storage

“My wine cellar was quite small, but the results were amazing. Here are some pics of it that I’m sure you’ll be very happy to show off. Also, I did most of the assembly and installation myself.”

~Joe C.~