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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Delightful Ideas For Wine Party Favors

August 16th, 2017

Planning on throwing the wine party to end all wine parties this summer? Then you’ll definitely have to get your gears running and think of unique wine party favors for your guests. And contrary to popular opinion, unique doesn’t equate to expensive. You can churn out custom favors that your guests will love without straining the budget. Here are some delightful ideas for you to try out:

Custom wine bottle labels

This is perhaps one of the easiest, if not the easiest, party souvenir you can make. You can either have the labels DIY or just have a local art shop design and print out the sticker labels. Just be careful in choosing the type of material you’ll be using to print your labels on. We recommend gloss label stock with a peel-able backing. You can opt to have a clever wine quote printed on the label or just leave the entire thing blank with only the date of your party and a small “thank you” note. Get wild and creative with the designs and impress your guests sans the $$$!

Customize your wine party favors!

Personalized Wine Boxes

Here’s something that’s not too common, as far as wine party favors are concerned. Personalized wine boxes are smart and functional souvenirs that your guests will surely find delightful. You can have personalized messages or quotes laser engraved into wood wine boxes. There are lots of stores, both online and otherwise, selling wood wine boxes. We suggest buying those with a blank canvas so it’ll be easier to customize. You can even choose to do DIY hand-painting on the boxes for a more personal touch.

Wine accessories can be customized as well!

Custom Wine Stoppers/Bottle Stopper Corks

This is a very fun way to make your wine party favors really distinct for your guests. Here’s what you do: first, purchase some plain wine stoppers or bottle stopper corks. It’s important that they should be PLAIN – no frills whatsoever. Next, choose some adorable ornaments, such as those tiny ceramic figurines, those tiny dollhouse accessories your kids love, fashion jewelry/gemstones, and the like. Then get super creative and decorate your stoppers or corks! If you’re not having that many guests over, you can even fully personalize each one to your guest’s taste. You can actually do the same for corkscrews.

Wine-inspired scented candles

Redesigned scented candles

For those of you who have time to spare, this is one souvenir your guests will surely adore. There are two ways to go about it. The “easy” route is to just purchase scented candles and wicks. Utilize old wineglasses for this project. Put the wick in the center, melt the scented candles, and pour into the wineglass. You can also decorate the wineglass to your liking. The other way to do it is to actually make the candles yourself. You’ll need wicks, of course, wax flakes, non-toxic crayons or candle color blocks, and essential oils for the scents. Measure and melt your wax flakes. Then simply melt your crayon or color block along with your wax flakes. Lastly, add the oils, a few drops at a time until your desired scent is achieved. Pour the mixture into your container with the wick at the center and let cool. Voila! DIY scented candles. ^_^


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