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From “Unnecessary” Closet To Under Stairwell Wine Cellar

June 29th, 2017

A lot of our favorite wine cellar stories come from those who have discovered (or re-discovered!) a much better use for “unnecessary” spaces in their homes. We sometimes take these spaces in our home for granted, but there’s actually a wine cellar waiting to happen in there. So when our client Jeffrey sent in these before-and-after snaps of their recently completed DIY under stairwell wine cellar, we simply just can’t wait to showcase it.

Per our clients, they were able to transform the “awkward, unnecessary closet” off of their garage area, located under the stairs, into a proper wine storage for their wine collection. It seems our clients are quite fond of European wine and brought quite a lot of them back home from their European trip. Naturally, they didn’t want these bottles to remain in those plastic containers for long. They set about purchasing some of our Traditional Series wine racks in Rustic Pine, specifically, the Individual Bottle Columns.

Our Traditional Series wine racks kit is one of those kits with shallow-depth racking units, akin to the WineMaker Series. This makes these racks a very smart choice for compact or uneven spaces, just like the unused closet space in the clients’ garage area. The racks are available in 6-feet height configurations and a variety of bottle storage options that can be easily mixed and matched. The clients happily testified to the ease of assembly of the racks and how a few simple adjustments resulted in a perfect fit for the designated space.

The Traditional Series in Rustic Pine

“Thanks for reaching out… we love our wine racks! As does everyone who sees them!

I’ve attached photos of the before/after of the “wine cellar” we built in an awkward, unnecessary closet off of our garage area under some stairs. The racks are fantastic for the price and super easy to use. They’re holding all the wine we brought home from Europe very well!

We did affix them to the walls for added security. And they assembled super easy, we were even able to adjust the height ever so slightly so they fit perfectly in the space.

As 50% of our little dual military family is deployed, so the only one left to show is Cooper… who was actually in Europe with us when we procured all the wine!”

~Jeffrey B.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Racking Choices For Your Non-Wine Spirits

June 28th, 2017

Just because you own a wine cellar doesn’t mean you can’t collect other spirits as well. There’s so much out there to enjoy (although admittedly, we still think wine’s the best!) – champagne, whiskey, beer, scotch, ale, and so much more. So how would you store these bottles in your wine cellar? It’s pretty awesome that nowadays, more and more wine racking units have become more versatile as to be able to store other liquor as well. Here are a few racking choices to consider for these non-wine taste teasers:

Quarter Round Shelves

Quarter Round Displays/Shelves

For faithful followers of the blog, you’ve surely seen these in a lot of our projects, particularly our Tech Tuesdays. There are lots of selections available in the market these days for this type of bottle storage. They are aesthetically pleasing and allows you to showcase your bottles to maximum advantage. Some displays let you store your bottles lying down, but most of them will have you storing your bottles in an upright position. There are also “mini” versions that you can have built into your other furniture, specifically your islands or peninsulas, or under archways.

Rectangular Open Wine Bins

This type of racking is popular with bulk bottle storage. A lot of wine cellars utilize these bins because you can store both loose bottles and cases or boxes in them. Alternatively, they make for great storage for your non-wine spirits. We find that they are especially useful when you want to hoard boxes of your favorite beer. Most of the Rectangular Open Wine Bins you can find in the market come with fixed shelves. Nonetheless, the customer demand for adjustable shelves has also increased in the recent years, making more of these units with adjustable shelves available.

Vertical Display Bins

Vertical Display Bins

While this racking style is used more with commercial establishments, we find that they can also be compatible with residential wine cellars. These bins are very versatile because they can accommodate various bottle sizes. Of course, the ideal bottle size for storage in these bins is the standard 13 1/2″ wine bottle measurement. But you can still store smaller or larger sizes quite comfortably. Just keep in mind that you will most likely not be able to store as many or a specific number of bottles that these bins were originally designed for if you utilize them for non-wine beverages.

Do you have your own racking choices to share? We’d be delighted if you share your ideas with us! ^_^

Technical Tuesday 339: Your Home Wine Tasting Center With Vintner

June 27th, 2017

What will your home wine tasting center look like with the Vintner Series? Our Tech Tuesday showcase for today will give you an idea or two of what to expect. And believe us, after you’ve seen these snaps, you’re going to be wanting one for your home ASAP:

Project # 290499
Wood: Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 624
Where: Hamilton, OH

Home Wine Tasting Center

Now is this a perfect fit or is this a perfect fit for the client’s home? There’s a convenient little space in the client’s residence that was just waiting for a wine cellar project to happen. And happen it did, thanks to our Vintner Series wine racking units. Here you can pretty much see just how the racks were able to come together in a smooth manner, making the tasting center appear like it was fully customized. But remember – this is just from our “kits” line. That means these are NOT custom-made, but “standard,” ready-to-assemble units in this series that can still give your wine cellar that personalized, organized look. Since our Vintner line has been steadily expanding, we have managed to provide so many bottle storage options that can be mixed and matched to fit any space in one’s home. As you can see from these photos, the client chose Open Diamond Cubes, Individual Bottle Columns with Displays, and Wineglass Racks for their home tasting center:

Vintner Series wine racks

The only custom item in this project is the beautiful countertop. To complement it, our team dressed up the racks in Classic Mahogany stain which really made them pop out against the much lighter colored walls. This will prove to be a huge advantage because once the racks are filled up, this tasting center will become one of the focal points and conversation starters in the client’s home. And by all means, if you love your collection, they should be given the focus they deserve in your home. Does it need to be a formal wine room? Nope! Does it need to break the budget? Definitely not! With Vintner, you can have something as elegant and functional as this home wine tasting center to keep both you and your wines happy. So go ahead and stop wasting that empty space in your home. Talk to our experienced design consultants and see what your home wine tasting center would look like with the Vintner Series. *Cheers*

Custom Stains And How They Can Change Your Wine Racks

June 26th, 2017

You guys should probably realize by now that we’re a huge fan of stains and finishes on wine racks. After all, we talk about that a lot on the blog! Of course, we also love the natural look on unstained versions of racking units and other wine cellar furniture. But when it comes to achieving varying styles or unique looks for your wine cellar project, custom stains and finishes are definitely the way to go.

Custom stains and finishes

We we’re quite lucky to have our team take on this absolutely gorgeous project just recently. The completed wine room looked marvelous and would be a perfect example of how custom stains and finishes can be a real game changer. The racks are all from our Platinum Series and Rustic Pine was the wood of choice. Note that Rustic Pine already sports a natural “rustic architectural” appearance in the wood’s natural state. However, it lends itself to a variety of stains and finishes, enabling you to come up with different styles for your wine cellar. Rustic Pine is particularly suited for weather finishes. This is where we strip down the intergrain matter to approximate the appearance of wood that has been aged outside for decades.

Dusty Weathered stain treatment

So in this particular project, the wood was dressed up in special Dusty Weathered stain and treatment. This stain option is designed to give your wood that classic, timeworn look. The wood is run through a proprietary process that strips intergrain material down below the grain in the same fashion that outside exposure striates barn siding over 50-70 years. This is something that works particularly well with certain species of wood such as Pine, Redwood and Oak. A custom topcoat is applied and the color plays on the grayish-brown hues to complete the weathered appearance to the wood. As can be gleaned from closer shots of the racks and custom shelving below, the wood showcases a well-worn palette that is very reminiscent of old-country charm:

Beautiful Rustic Pine wood option

Speaking of customs stains and finishes, WCI has actually raised the bar on this one with our introduction of “blended” stain options as well. “Blended stains” is where we offer a 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50 ratio of our stock stains. So say you want a Classic Mahogany or Dark Walnut stain on your racks, you can get that in the previously quoted ratios, depending on how much lighter or darker you’d want the hues on your racks. Your design possibilities are practically limitless with WCI’s custom stains and finishes! ^_^

Client Showcases How “Versatile” WCI Wine Racks Really Are!

June 22nd, 2017

Who says wine racks should only be placed in your in your wine cellar? Not here at WCI! Our wine racking units are so versatile that they can go literally anywhere in your home. You’d also be pleased to find out that they can serve other purposes than providing proper storage for your wine bottles. WCI has a very healthy selection of wine racks that aim to provide style apart from function in your wine cellar projects.

One of our clients recently completed a DIY racking project and was quite enthusiastic in sharing with us the finished product. We were stoked when we learned that he assembled and installed the racks in the recreation area in his basement. The racks worked perfectly when he put both on either side of his entertainment center:

Racking units in the basement

So as you can see, our client Roy was able to hit two birds with one stone here. He is now able to enjoy lots of quality downtime watching his favorite shows or the latest flicks or do some bad-ass karaoke while simultaneously enjoying his favorite wines as well. Plus, when he has guests over, they will also have double the fun! This, and many other projects that we’ve showcased before on the blog, only goes to show that you don’t need to have a formal wine room to start your collection. You can store your bottles anywhere in your home, thanks to the versatile wine racking products here at WCI. Check out Roy’s full testimonial, including his enjoyable experience putting the racks together:

“Really enjoying my new wine racks. Picture enclosed of the 2 racks next to the audio / video rack in my basement. I get complimented on the wine racks all the time.

I found it relatively easy to assemble the racks. I actually did a press-fit assemble of the racks first. With this I made sure I had all the pieces for assembly in the correct location and orientation. Then I carefully disassembled the rack by section and used a nail gun to attach the individual pieces. I then re-assembled the units, securing the sections with the nail gun. Worked like a charm!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photo — including the ghost on the TV screen!”

~Roy G.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Eco-Friendly Options To Consider In Your Wine Cellar

June 21st, 2017

Being conscious of the environment and doing your part to keep the balance is ALWAYS a good thing. There are so many things that we can do to help preserve Mother Nature’s beauty. Being conscious of our choices is one of the best ways to contribute to a greener environment. And these greener choices can start in our wine cellars!

Go for smarter wood options!

Smarter wood options

Naturally, there are so many varieties of wood to choose from for your wine cellar project. It’s only natural that you’d go for a wood option that’s of excellent quality, reasonably priced, and of course, attractive. But you can raise the bar a little higher and add “eco-friendly” to your list. There are woods that can give you all these outstanding features and more – because they’re eco-friendly on top of it all. Our top pick? Redwood!  Why so? It’s because here at WCI, our Redwood is purchased under the guidelines of SFI, Sustainable Forestry Initiative. SFI Certification provides customers with assurance that the Redwood clients purchase from us has been harvested in an environmentally sound manner.

Make the right choice with your stain and finish options!

Water-based stain and finish options

What do we mean by this? Well, here’s some food for thought. A lot of people utilize oil-based stains without realizing how harmful the effects are both to the human body and the environment. Oil based stains typically have six times the VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) of water-borne stains and finishes. These VOCs are carcinogenic or neurotoxic.  Exposure to high levels of VOCs, especially those that are neurotoxic, can cause headaches, nausea, confusion, and in worst cases, seizures or even death. If you want to dress up your wine racks and other wine cellar furniture, make the right choice and buy water-based stains and finishes. You don’t even have to use paint thinner or other potent solvents for cleaning up since water-borne stains and top coats clean up with just soap and water.

Consider eco-friendy materials for your flooring!

Eco-friendly flooring

Your wine cellar flooring is one of the bigger chunks you’d need to complete in your wine cellar project. There are many materials available in the market and more of these are leaning towards the clean and green. We recommend  utilizing natural materials such as Cork or Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring. Cork is a natural and durable material that is harvested with minimal impact on the environment. On the other hand, Vintage Wine Barrel flooring is made from reclaimed wood components from wine barrels. It will give your custom wine cellar the feel of being right in the heart of wine country. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #338: WineMaker Racks Always Make It Work!

June 20th, 2017

The WineMaker Series has been chalking up a lot of popularity points in since last year. But we feel like it still deserves more praise because seriously, the racking units from this series always make it work. We have yet to encounter a wine cellar project utilizing our WineMaker Series that didn’t meet the client’s desired goal and we don’t ever see that happening. WineMaker wine racks are reliable with a capital “R,” especially for compact wine cellar projects. Our Tech Tuesday feature today definitely emphasizes this:

Project # 288204
Wood: Winemaker / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 582
Where: Sonoma, CA

The WineMaker Series in Dark Walnut Stain

For an entry-level wine cellar, this completed project boasts of a bottle capacity of nearly 600 bottles. That’s pretty generous, considering this room’s limited floor area. This is the best feature of WineMaker racking units. The racks are manufactured with shallow depth which make them both space-efficient and cost-effective. Honestly, you can’t get a better deal than that! In addition, Our WineMaker racks have always been known for their stackable qualities, allowing you to buy 3 or 4 foot racks and stack them to any height you desire. This is what makes it very convenient for someone using these racks to outfit a wine cellar when room configurations are a bit cramped or awkward.

Now check out the finished project below. Notice that despite the shallow-depth of the racks, the arrangement doesn’t look tight or crowded at all. Rest assured that your bottles will be stored comfortably since the body of the wine bottle is fully supported within the wine racks. The neck of the bottle slightly sticks out, but the safety of the bottle is certainly not compromised in any way:

Stained and lacquered racks

The racks for this particular project are done in Dark Walnut stain with Lacquer to boot. You can actually see from the images that the racks sport an attractive, gleaming finish. Once they are all filled up, they will accentuate the bottles perfectly and make this entire wine cellar definite eye-candy. Of course, it also helps tons that the client also decided to put up that sweet piece of custom wine cellar art. We’ve talked about it countless times on the blog, but it bears emphasizing that adding a pop of color to your wine cellar comes highly recommended. A carefully chosen art piece can get the job done which is why you should take the time to check out our extensive custom wine cellar art options as well. *Cheers*

Learning The Full Scope Of WCI’s Wine Cellar Services

June 19th, 2017

What can WCI do for you and your wine cellar projects? You’d be pleasantly surprised to find out that our services are just as varied and all-encompassing as our products. WCI is not limited to just providing you with racking products to meet your wine storage needs. We are actually so much more than that and we want you guys to know more about what we can offer.

Wine cellar design services

Our full consultation services…

First off, let’s talk about WCI’s consultation services. You most likely have read in a lot of our blogs that we provide free initial consultation services, including a free design for those who fill out our Design Request Form. But that doesn’t cover the full scope of our consultation services. We have augmented these services with our Architectural Design Services as well as a complete review process. Architectural Design Services are being made available to those seeking to integrate architectural elements such as stone or advanced paneling work, into their custom wine cellar project. As for the review process, it involves a professional wine cellar consultant spending time with you to review your custom wine cellar design and related room specification details.

Racking assembly and installation services

Our full assembly and installation services…

WCI boasts of an amazing team of factory-certified installers who can provide assembly and installation services worldwide. But this isn’t all that we do! Apart from putting your wine cellar together, our installers also offer initial free consultation on construction requirements for the racking units you purchased. And get this – the work area is cleaned after job completion! That means you get the necessary clean-up job without having to shell out some precious extra dollars.

Our full shipping/delivery services…

Always one of the biggest concerns, we’ve made our shipping and delivery services as responsive as possible to the needs of our valued clientele. We offer free shipping every day on all our online wine rack kits, but we also have the Quick Ship Program to accommodate customers with tight deadlines. Note that upgrading to this program is 100% free! Depending on the material, stain, quantity, and items selected we can ship your order in as little as 1 day from date of receipt for no additional fees. Moreover, we utilize various shipping methods to ensure that your racking and other purchases arrive to you when you need it, and free from damage.

Need more details on all these amazing services? We’re just an e-mail or chat away! ^_^

A “Built-in” Look For Client’s Rustic-Themed Wine Cellar

June 15th, 2017

The demand for a “built-in” look to wine cellar projects has been steadily growing. We’ve noticed that more and more clients have been leaning towards making their wine cellar look like it’s actually part of the room. It’s pretty awesome that this is the case since more than just a few people have been wary of the supposed costs that this “built-in” wine cellar can run into.

We’ll be the first to tell you that it’s definitely not the case, especially when you choose WCI products. Keep in mind that we are constantly coming up with quality and cost-effective wine storage solutions for any and all wine cellar needs. That includes providing clients with more affordable options for their projects, from the wood, wine racks, wine cellar cooling systems, and down to the smallest accessories. And for today’s showcase, the client took full advantage of those plethora of options:

Built-in look for a wine cellar

This gorgeous project is a Platinum Series creation. Our team put together custom shelving, Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim, and Magnum Racks for larger-format bottles. A tabletop option was also thrown in, beautifully decked in three coats of lacquer. The rest of racking units are dressed up in a Weathered Stain option, making them both stand out and work well together with the brick entryway.

Platinum Series custom wine racks

The wood option is what this wine cellar is all about, though. Rustic Pine was chosen for this project which is just about the best wood you can utilize if you want to stay within (or even under) budget. Rustic Pine is a knotty type of wood, but the subtle streaks and structurally sound knots give it a really attractive “rustic architectural” appearance. It has rapidly gained popularity in the last few years because it combines quality and affordability. Without a doubt, this wood is our best value by price per bottle space because the supply is huge. Note that Pine grows throughout North America and represents a huge quantity of the overall wood produced. Rustic Pine is a grade that includes knots which give a bigger yield and lower cost compared to a clear grade of wood.

Beautiful Weathered Stain option

In addition, Rustic Pine exudes impressive qualities, particularly when it comes to working with stains and finishes. The wood lends itself well to just about any stain and finish option to match your home decor. We have noted that the wood is particularly suited for weather finishes, which is why we used the Weathered Stain option for this project. See how the wood in this project looks like it has been aged outside for decades. And so we’ve once again managed to bring about satisfactory results to our clients and at a cost they loved! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Spring Into Summer Starting With Your Wine Cellars

June 14th, 2017

Summer, she’s nearly here! Can you feel those uber hot days really coming along? We sure can and we love it! Wine parties are sure to be a big thing this season, especially when it’s the perfect time to stay outdoors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the sunshine into your wine cellars as well. Here are some design inspirations to help you spring into summer:

Get into those hot hues this season!

Bring summer into your wine cellar!

No doubt about it, summer is the best time for you to try out some fresh, vibrant colors in your wine cellar. While your bottles need to be kept in peak taste with ideal storage conditions 24/7, you’re not obliged to keep your wine cellars looking dark and gloomy. Throw in some splashes of summer with bold shades such as buttercup yellows cobalt blues, yummy oranges, and fresh limes. And just where do you bring these in? Into your wine cellar accessories, of course! Put up some new, brighter colored artwork. Decorate wine shelves with colorful vases, pottery and other bric-a-bracs. If you have chairs or a couch in your wine room, accentuate with vibrant throws and/or pillows.

Boho chic vases

Bring in a little bit of boho chic!

Nothing says summer better than a boho chic vibe. You can definitely do this in your wine cellar with some DIY boho jars and vases to put your summer blooms in. The best part is that you can use your old wine bottles for this. It’s pretty easy to do, too. Grab some empty wine bottles or mason jars. Using quick-dry art paint or plain white paint, use a very thin art brush to draw the center pattern. A floral pattern is a good way to start. Then just go ahead and add more details such as lines, shapes, and more floral patterns. Your imagination is the limit! Let the paint dry and arrange your gorgeous flowers.

Try some fabric art on your walls!

Fabric art for your wine cellar

So you’re no Michaelangelo or da Vinci. No worries! You can still whip up a beautiful and custom piece of art that will really spell “summer”. First, all you need is a high resolution image of blooming flowers – you can take one yourself. Print the photo on fabric large enough to cover the entire canvas, plus 4″ on each side. We recommend the  fabric size to be at least 38×48″. Lay the printed fabric face down on the ground. Next, place the canvas face-down on top of the fabric. Be sure to leave a few inches of fabric all around the canvas.  Wrap the fabric around the canvas and staple it in place – be mindful of the corners and keep it the wrapping clean. Voila – custom fabric art for your wine cellar!

(Thanks to Michelle Edgemont’s tutorials on HGTV for the DIY inspirations! Check out the page for more awesome DIY ideas.)

Technical Tuesday Episode #337: A Handsome Assembly With The Gold Series

June 13th, 2017

“Handsome” is usually a term used to describe something of the male persuasion or when something exudes a masculine aura. But can also be used to describe something that has attractive and pleasing proportions, such as a “handsome house”, or a “handsome interior.” We actually can’t think of a better word to illustrate today’s Tech Tuesday than this because really, this project is a handsome one:

Project # 280383
Wood: Gold / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1284
Where: Dekalb, GA

A handsome racking assembly

Our client in Dekalb, GA requested for a full-blown, generous-sized wine cellar than could host a really good number of bottles. They have a pretty extensive personal collection that’s steadily growing and needed ample space for such. Our team utilized the Gold Series custom wine racks for this project, going all out and maximizing the available space. As can be seen from the snaps of the completed assembly, the room was outfitted with a variety of racking styles – Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveals, Rectangular Bins, Open Diamond Bins with Face Trim, Magnum Racks. A Faux Archway with hanging beam supports, Quarter Round Displays, and a Mini Quarter Round Shelf cabinets rounded off the racking arrangement.

Functionality-wise, this wine cellar definitely has all the bases covered. Check out the bottle storage capacity for both individual and bulk bottles. The racking arrangement flows so cleanly around the room, don’t you agree? Apart from the custom crown and base moldings, we also have to give credit to one other thing for this flawless look – the stain and finish option. Stains and finishes can really make everything come together in a wine cellar project and make your racking assembly sport that professional, polished appearance. In this case, a Dark Walnut stain option was used to make the racks really pop out against the light colored walls and flooring.

The Gold Series in Dark Walnut stain

Here’s a fantastic front-view shot of the completed wine cellar project. It looks sleek, elegant, and makes a bold statement with the dark-colored wine racks. It is indeed, a “handsome” wine cellar, easy on the eyes, and exuding a timeless style. Would you also go for this type of wine cellar? Share with us your design preferences by leaving a comment below! *Cheers*

Secured Wine Lockers: Yes, You Can Customize Them!

June 12th, 2017

Customer feedback is always a welcome occasion for us. There’s nothing we love more than clients sharing their experiences with our products and services. But maybe there is! We also enjoy it a lot when clients pop us questions about our products and services. This gives us the opportunity to shed light on more detailed wine cellar topics. More importantly, it gives us the chance to help them out more with their wine storage needs. So when a customer wrote us recently asking for some wine storage advice, we were more than happy to oblige ^_^.

Secured Wine Lockers for Magnum Sizes

The question popped to our team was this: “Can you make magnum racks for your wine lockers?” Yes, we certainly can! Our Secured Wine Lockers can be customized, just like all the racking products here at WCI. These lockers have been gaining popularity in the recent years and with good reason. They are being utilized in country clubs, wine stores, restaurants, bars, and public storage areas across the country, keeping wine bottles safe and comfy.

Secured Wine Lockers

Essentially, the lockers come in flexible rack-and-stack configurations which allow you to add more lockers as the need arises. The units come in by the column to match the existing height of other commercial racking units. The generic design for these lockers is that each column sports metal lattice racks for open air circulation. In addition, there are also 5-locker compartments with locks that can be keyed in numerous configurations, or as one single key, depending on your preference.

Available in different configurations

Now what are the stuff you can customize? Apart from the wood, stain and finish options, you can also add solid panel sides and solid back panels to your lockers. We’ve also included Fixed Shelf Lockers with Solid Sides and Plywood Back into the line-up. And of course, there are the wine racks. You can select what racking style works for you with your lockers. The standard racks offer full wine bottle depth coverage at 13 1/2″ deep. But you can request for wine racks to hold magnum-sized or other larger-format bottles. And take note – you can even have wine rack pegs put inside the lockers as well!

The customer also asked us this: “Would the magnum racks be a better option for earthquakes?” No doubt about it, earthquakes are the bane of a wine cellar’s existence. The effects can be extremely damaging and we strongly believe that storing your magnums in these secured lockers will keep them from easily falling out.

Clients Go For Simple But Elegant Lacquered Wine Racks

June 8th, 2017

You know when they say that a touch of lipstick goes a long way? Or just painting your nails a different color can really make a statement? Or when it comes to home renos how a fresh coat of paint can be a real gamechanger? Well, all these concepts also apply to wine cellar projects. After all, a wine cellar, regardless of the size, is now gradually becoming the next home icon. Building your own doesn’t require a bank-breaking budge. A decent budget coupled with a healthy imagination and good taste will yield very satisfying results.

This client of ours from Fairfax, VA wanted to turn an empty room in their home into an entry-level wine cellar. The walls and flooring were pretty much already done in nice, neutral colors. They presented a great backdrop for the racking arrangement. But instead of an elaborate wine racking assembly, the clients chose to go for functional wine racks that can provide maximum bottle storage in that compact room. A combination of custom racking units from the Gold Series and our Vintner Series wine racks kit were utilized to fulfill this goal. So here you can see Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Bins working together to create cellar with a capacity for a little over 500 bottles:

Shunning a more intricate set-up, however, didn’t mean that the clients abandoned the style element. They instead went for the “simple yet elegant” route which never fails. To enhance the natural beauty of Premium Redwood, the racks were dressed up in a nice coat of lacquer. A lacquer finish here at WCI consists of multiple applications of a clear coat sealant with intricate hand-sanding treatments between finishes. The end result is a smooth, gleaming finish and an elegant ambience to your wine racks. For those who love an understated but classy look to their wine cellars, a lacquered finish can definitely achieve just that. All in all, this wine cellar project stayed well within the client’s budget while delivering a clean, fresh racking assembly. Once those racks are filled up, the clients’ collection will be the focal point of the wine cellar, just as it should be. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: A Parisienne Flavor To Your Wine Cellars

June 7th, 2017

Ahhh, Paris! Who doesn’t dream of going there? It’s one of those cities that’s a constant on the bucket list of almost anyone (except when you’re living there, of course!). People love the aura and charm of this city that you get it has inspired us in so many ways, from fashion to interior design and so much more. So why not bring a taste of Paris to your wine cellars as well? Here are some great style tips you can try out:

Dress your wine racks in rich stains and/or finishes

Rich, luxurious stained racks and glass-stained art

Deep, luxurious hues definitely exude a Parisienne vibe to them. Rich-colored stains such as Classic Mahogany and Dark Walnut are sure to be tres impressionnant! Add in some custom LED downlights to accentuate your bottles and create that quiet, romantic atmosphere. If you’re looking into purchasing new racking units, we recommend choosing a wood that has a variety of grain patterns and is receptive to staining and finishing, such as Redwood or Rustic Pine. The latter will be a very good option since the structurally sound knots of the wood will really give off a vintage appeal that says “Paris” with a capital “P.”

Incorporate more glass elements into your decor

Glass elements for that Parisienne flavor

Paris is a city that has been dubbed as the international capital of high fashion since the 19th century. It is home to a lot of famous fashion houses, Dior and Chanel, to name a few. Intricacy, delicacy, and attention to detail are some of the inherent qualities of Parisienne haute couture. Bring some of these qualities into your wine cellar in the form of glass accents. Showcase some your best stemware in display shelves instead of tucking them away. Invest in an elegant lighting fixture or two, preferably with glass elements. If you have the budget for it, do an Etched Lightbox wine cellar ceiling or replace some solid wood cabinets with glass panels.

Put in artistic touches wherever you can

Artistic touches spell P-A-R-I-S!

For centuries, Paris has attracted artists from around the world, who arrive in the city to educate themselves and to seek inspiration from its vast pool of artistic resources and galleries. Art is a huge, indispensable part of the culture of the city. You can recreate this artistic flavor in your wine cellar by paying attention to the smaller details within. For example, replace those simple cabinet hardware and drawer pulls with custom ones that have more intricate details. We particularly love those knobs and pulls with vine and grape cluster designs. Incorporate decorative wood trim, like in your crown and base moldings and panelings. Of course, it’s also highly recommended to invest in a really good piece of wine cellar art, specifically those depicting French vineyards and such. Les grandes pensées viennent du coeur!


Technical Tuesday Episode #336: A Most Unique Setting With Gold x Vintage View

June 6th, 2017

Owning something distinct, something one-of-a-kind – who wouldn’t want that? We know for sure that a lot of our clients do! That’s why they request for custom wine cellars that will not only properly store their wine bottles, but make for real conversation starters.  This is also why the wine cellar has virtually become the next home icon. This makes our job here at WCI more challenging and fulfilling as we continually strive to bring about satisfying results to our clients. Today’s Tech Tuesday spotlight is another crowning moment for us as our team delivered this most unique wine cellar setting:

Project # 281869
Wood: Gold / Vintage View / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 480
Where: Union, NJ

Gold x Vintage View wine racks

This wine cellar project is the collaborative effort of the Vintage View Series metal wine racks and our Gold Series. The layout and design of this wine cellar is quite open and allowed for plenty of leftover floor space for other purposes the clients may have. The Vintage View wine racks were wall-mounted and accentuated with these archways and custom cabinetry. Then, custom Curved Corner Racks from the Gold Series were incorporated for additional bottle storage. We love how these racks looked built-in, complementing the walls of the wine room, as well as the cabinetry. Overall, the entire assembly can host up to just a little under 500 bottles. It’s definitely the ideal size and capacity for an entry-level wine cellar.

Premium Redwood in Dark Walnut Stain

Now let’s talk a little more about these Vintage View wine racks. As we mentioned earlier, these were wall-mounted, but you can also install these racking units another way. You can also opt to display the racks in a floor-to-ceiling fashion with the help of a Floor-To-Ceiling frame. The difference? You will be able to achieve that “floating” look for your bottles. Trust us, the results are stunning and will be sure to wow your guests when they check out your wine cellar. Naturally, our photo gallery hosts some fine examples of completed projects utilizing this floor-to-ceiling configuration.

Premium Redwood was the wood of choice for this project. The client went for a Dark Walnut Stain which beautifully emphasized the racks and custom cabinetry. It’s always worth mentioning that Redwood, in general, possesses a wide variety of grain patterns. The wood also adapts extremely well to stains and finishes and in fact, the darker the stain and/or finish, the more prominent the grain patterns become. *Cheers*

Let’s Get To Know Vintner Series’ Stackable Diamonds

June 5th, 2017

If there’s one thing that can be said for our Vintner Series, it’s definitely it’s our most progressive wine racks kit. Vintner is constantly evolving with more innovative products to meet both the residential and commercial wine storage needs of our clients. Last time, we talked a lot about the upgrades and new additions to the standard Vintner kits. Today, we’re going to talk about the awesome additions to its commercial line, or more particularly, Vintner’s Stackable Diamonds:

Meet the Stackable Diamond Bins and Cubes!

It goes without saying that Diamond Wine Racks are one of the most functional and stylish ways you can store your wine bottles in bulk. It’s the kind of racking that has graced so many wine cellars over the decades. Taking a cue from the obvious popularity of this wine rack, we have created a new addition to the Vintner commercial product line-up: our Stackable Diamond Bins and Cubes with Display Trays.

True to their namesake, these diamond bins and cubes come in 3- and 4-feet configurations, enabling you you to stack them to as high as 12 feet. This means these racks can accommodate any commercial wine cellar size while providing ample bottle storage. You will find the stackable qualities of the racks are so space-efficient, your store won’t look cramped at all even if you bring in more merchandise. And that’s just the half of it! The other half is the style element of these bins and cubes.


Note that we have created a neat, little “innovation” that sets these ones apart from your standard bins and cubes. These babies also sport display trays which would allow you to showcase your most popular and/or newest labels. This feature is designed to catch the eye of customers, making it easier for them to find the labels they need or getting their attention to try out new merchandise. Plus, since you are storing the bottles in bulk, it’s also convenient during rush hours in your establishment. All the customer has to do is grab the same bottle as the one being displayed!

Last but certainly not the least, these Diamond Bins and Cubes are fully customizable. Choose your preferred wood, stain and finish option, as well as your base option. For the latter, you can choose to have a no-base platform, a base with black vinyl, or a base with brown vinyl. Keep in mind that vinyl bases will help raise the wine racking off the ground by 4″. This will make for easier clean-up and help keep your merchandise from accidental kicking. ^_^

Clients Are Loving Their Cool Corner Wine Storage Suite!

June 1st, 2017

A cozy little corner all for your wine collection? You bet! In fact, that’s exactly what our clients Dennis and Cathy wished for. Well, our team of design fairygodmothers (and may fairygodfathers, too!) definitely made that wish come true. Check out this cool corner wine storage suite WCI has put together using not just one or two, but three wine racking series:

Gold x Vintner x Designer combo

So the Gold Series custom wine racks, in collaboration with our Vintner and Designer Series wine rack kits, resulted in this compact but very versatile assembly. The racks fit perfectly in this empty corner of the clients’ home and have managed to provide a nearly 500-bottle storage capacity. There is ample space for both individual and bulk bottles, plus the arrangement is neatly capped off by a Quarter Round Shelf. Note that there’s also a tabletop option, offering lots of prep space for mixing up some favorite taste teasers.

Our favorite aspect of this project, though, is the curved corner racking. Once again, we come to appreciate not just the aesthetic element of this type of racking, but it’s amazing space-efficiency as well. Awkward and seemingly useless nooks and crannies in a room can still be turned into additional bottle storage thanks to these curved corner racks. The best part is that you can find these racks in our wine rack kits series, such as Vintner. That means you don’t have to have them custom-made. That also means you don’t have to spend a small fortune on them!

Beautiful curved corner racks

For the stain and finish option, the client opted for Dark Walnut Stain on the units. We absolutely approve of this choice because the darker stain really makes the racks stand out against that brick section of the wall. Coupled with custom lighting elements, this corner wine storage exudes a great vintage vibe. We can certainly see the clients throwing some wonderful get-togethers and tasting parties in this area of their home. And because there was very smart use of the floor area, there’s still enough space left over for future racking expansion as well. Dennis and Cathy got their wish indeed, and we got ours, too – adding more happy, satisfied clients to our list! ^_^