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The Mini Stack Series: Small, Space-Efficient, And Superb!

May 29th, 2017

Getting started on your very first wine cellar project? Not at all keen on undertaking a sizeable, formal wine cellar construction? We have just the wine racks for you. For entry level wine cellar projects, you don’t need to force yourself to take on more than what you can handle. You can definitely start slow and small and gradually work your way towards bigger racking arrangements. This is where you’ll find our Mini Stack Series most impressive!

Small, space-efficient, and superb!

We launched the Mini Stack Series a few years back taking into account the bottle storage needs of those who are either: one, not yet ready for a formal wine cellar; two, do not have enough space for a formal wine room; and three, do not have the budget yet for a full-blown wine cellar project.

The Mini Stack Series

The Mini Stacks offered the perfect solution because this very flexible and versatile line of wine racks makes for easy storing and displaying of your bottles. We offer these racking units in five different configurations, including a Glass Rack for your precious stemware. It’s just a matter of mixing and matching the racks in order to achieve the style that you desire for your racking assembly. You can go for a wine tasting station, a home bar, a wine cellar closet and more since the compact sizes of the racks make it super convenient to install them even in tight spaces.

Individual Bottle StorageBulk Bottle StorageStemware Storage

Versatility and space-efficiency aside, you will also be very pleased to learn that these racks ship fully assembled. That’s right! You only need to purchase them and they will arrive at your doorstep all ready to go. Moreover, because the Mini Stacks are designed with easy stackable configurations, you can start off with just a few units and gradually expand your assembly along with your wine collection. You can choose to have the racks stacked side by side and on top of one another, up to ten feet in height. But we recommend leaving a 13 1/2″ gap where you want these stacking wine racks to come together in a corner for a clean and smooth transition.

And the awesome features do not stop there! Note as well that these solid wood stackable wine racks are available in multiple stain and finish options. That means you can dress them up to match your home’s existing decor and/or your personal style preference. All these PLUS their affordable price tags, the Mini Stack Series are certainly small but superb!