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Technical Tuesday Episode #333: Gorgeous All-Heart Redwood In Dark Weathered Finish

May 16th, 2017

If you’re into home renos and DIYs, you’re surely familiar with the saying that goes, “Sometimes, all it needs is a fresh coat of paint!” It’s one of those one-stop solutions to giving a brand-new look to your home or a specific section of your home without having to undergo a full-blown renovation. Of course, we are all very much aware of how the costs of a full-blown reno can spiral into. A new paint job is certainly one of the best options when all that is needed is an aesthetic upgrade, no a structural one. It’s pretty much the same principle with wine cellars. But even if it’s a new project altogether, you’d be pleasantly surprised at how a unique stain and finish option can really bring in that “wow” factor:

Project # 287336
Series: Platinum
Wood: All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1093
Where: Atlanta, GA

Gorgeous Dark Weathered finish

We’re quite lucky to have this project up and ready today as the perfect example of what stain and finish options can accomplish. Here we have a Platinum Series creation in All-Heart Redwood – a top-notch combo in itself. As far as custom wine racks go, you can’t get more quality racking than our Platinum Series. This collection reflects the widest variety of wine storage options WCI has to offer, from individual to bulk bottle storage, as well as custom cabinetry integration. The series offers true radius curved racking and custom-designed crown and base moldings for that flawless look to any wine racking assembly. And of course, with the All-Heart Redwood wood option, this project rates a two thumbs-up both for quality and style.

But the winning combo notwithstanding, this wine cellar project also boasts of something a little extra. Check out the stunning dark-hued wine racks! Don’t you just love the way the wood’s grain patterns are so pronounced against the stain and finish option used here? It’s our Dark Weathered Finish that is rapidly becoming one of our more popular finish options for custom projects. This finish will give your wood a beautiful, timeworn look that represents old wine country charm. Note that this finish works particularly well with pine, redwood and oak. The Dark Weathered finish uses the same process as Dusty Weathered finish, but a darker, more solid color of topcoat is applied for a more dramatic effect. This finish is unmatched by others and allows each project to be highly unique – just like today’s Tech Tuesday spotlight. *Cheers*

Lacquer on tabletops