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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Designing A Contemporary Wine Cellar

May 10th, 2017

Are you the type of likes new things, like something recent or in vogue? Do you also like clean-cut lines and sleek designs? If you do, then we’re pretty sure that a contemporary wine cellar will appeal most to you. When we say “contemporary,” it translates to something modern – something recent. And when we talk of a contemporary design, it usually refers to neutral elements and bold colors, mostly focusing on the basics of line, shape and form.

Nonetheless, over the years, contemporary style has also evolved to encompass a range of styles developed in the latter half of the 20th century. Pieces also feature softened and rounded lines as opposed to purely stark, rigid. lines. Now if you want to create your very own contemporary wine cellar, we do have some useful recommendations you’d definitely want to check out:

Keep your wine racking arrangement seamless.

Seamless racking arrangement

This is perhaps one of the most distinguishing feature of a contemporary wine cellar. Even when you incorporate curved corner racks into the arrangement, you have to make sure that everything comes together in a seamless fashion. That means gracefully skimming those stubborn curves and corners of the wine room. This is why we always recommend custom crown and base moldings, as well as center trim for our clients’ wine racks. They do wonders in filling in those awkward gaps from the floors, ceilings, and one wine racking unit to the other.

Contrasting colors is a must.

Go for bold racking colors

With a contemporary look, bold hues are an essential factor. A vibrant pop of color can make your wine cellar more eye-catching and really give it that modern vibe. For example, try staining your wine racks with darker hues such as Dark Walnut or Black Midnight Stain or opting for more daring finishes such as Dark Weathered Finish or Whitewash Finish. Lacquering your racks and furniture to give them that glossy look is also a smart move. For your wine cellar flooring, try to go for unique materials such as tile or stone.

Metal and glass elements define contemporary.

Incorporate metal and glass elements

Without a doubt, metal and glass elements are something you should work into your contemporary wine cellar project. There are now lots of varieties of metal wine racks that you can mix and match with wood ones. We recommend glass doors or panels for your wine cellar entryway. Keep in mind that everything should come together in a harmonious manner. Mismatched elements do not work in a contemporary layout.