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Technical Tuesday Episode #332: Simple And Clean With Vintner Racks

May 9th, 2017

We’ve always had a thing for neat, clean lines and simple layouts that exude understated elegance. And we’re happy that a lot of clients are on board with us on this one. Today’s Tech Tuesday feature is one of those clients who like their collection to be kept safe, comfy, and obviously, in an uncomplicated storage system. Answering those bottle storage needs, our trustworthy design team came up with this clean-cut little number:

Project # 290971
Series: Vintner
Wood: All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 788
Where: Knoxville, TN

The Vintner Series

The Vintner Series was once again inspirational in bringing to fruition this simple and clean wine cellar project. From the images alone, anyone can see how seamlessly the racking assembly wraps around the room and how space-efficient it is. Notice that the floor area is still left with lots of space to accommodate future expansion plans. Plus, since this is the Vintner Series, it is so easy to add in more racking units and grow your assembly together with your collection. For now, this wine cellar can host just a little under 800 bottles, in individual and bulk storage options.

Unstained Vintner racks

Now just last Monday, we mentioned how wood in its natural, unstained state has become increasingly popular over the years. Again, we do believe it’s a matter choosing simplicity over a more complicated style in one’s wine cellar. The wood’s natural colors and lovely grain patterns are indeed stunning when unstained. There is something fresh and appealing about wine racks and wine cellar furniture when the wood is kept in its natural state. But of course, there is definitely nothing wrong with dressing them up in custom stains and finishes as well. After all, if you want a different look or theme for your wine cellar, stains and finishes are one of the best solutions. This project in particular chose to go with unstained All-Heart Redwood which worked really well with the plain, light-colored interior of the room.

Versatile bottle storage

All-Heart Redwood takes the top spot in our most in-demand wood options for custom wine cellar projects. In fact, Redwood has been dominating the wine cellar scene for quite some time now – and all with good reasons. The elegant colors and grain patterns notwithstanding, Redwood has also proven itself to be very enduring. Note that there is no other North American wood that has as much resistance to rot, mildew and insects as Redwood. As the tree grows the heart takes on minerals which give it the gorgeous reddish brown tones and resistance to decay. In fact, a sample Redwood that was buried for 2,000 years was unearthed and proven to be as good as the Clear All-Heart Redwood presently used to build wine cellars.  *Cheers*