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Wine Cellar Inspirations: The Don’ts Of Wine Storage

May 3rd, 2017

We’ve talked about a lot of “do’s” in this blog when it comes to wine storage. But as much as there are “do’s,” there are also more than just a few “don’ts.” We need to be aware of these “don’ts” because they will definitely impact the proper aging of our wines. Every bit of knowledge helps, so we’ve compiled some of these useful facts that you need to watch out for and avoid when it comes to storing your precious collection:

Wine Cellar Don'ts

Don’t put your wines in the spotlight.

What exactly does this mean? It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t display your bottles. What it means is that you should avoid exposing your wines to excessive exposure to sunlight or fluorescent light. And when we talk of fluorescent light, this would translate to ultraviolet light in the wavelength of 325 to 450 nm. Take note that delicate wines, like white and sparkling wines, are the most likely to be affected with too much exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet rays. This is why wine cellars are usually built in dimmer areas of the house and LED lighting is highly recommended for lighting accessories.

Don’t “cook” your wine with excessive heat.

This is especially true for those who do not have formal wine cellars or wine rooms to host their bottles. If your collection is going to be stored in a racking assembly, a tasting center, or some other similar set-up in your home, be careful with the temperature settings in your entire house. Don’t forget that at temperatures above 80°F, wine is in danger of being cooked. You can tell that this is the case because it may now smell of burnt sugar or stewed fruit instead of having vibrant fruit flavors and aromas. This can likely happen if you store wines in small wine racks and put them near devices that give off more heat like microwaves, ranges, or refrigerators.

Don’t store your wines in a poorly ventilated area.

Again, if you don’t have a proper wine cellar or wine room, be mindful of the overall environment of your home. Your wine bottles need to be kept in an odor-free place since some air will always get back into the wine through the cork. The molecules that make up that odor can, and will, get into the wine over time. As far as odors are concerned, we are talking about those usually coming from highly volatile chemical compounds such as fresh paint or cleaning solutions.