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Wine Cellar Inspirations: V-Day Decor For Your Wine Cellars

February 8th, 2017

February is without a doubt the most romantic month of the year. We should all celebrate the month of love even in the smallest of ways because love will always be the universal language. And just because it’s Valentine’s, don’t think that it’s all about “romantic” love. The month of hearts is all about the different facets of love – including family, friendship, and yes, animal love, too. Added to that, it’s also a time for us winos to celebrate our love for – what else? WINE! And what better way to do it than by prepping our wine cellars with some awesome V-day decor:

It’s time for your wine cellar to bloom!

Pile on the blooms!

We mean this literally! Go ahead and decorate your wine cellar with gorgeous flora for this month of hearts. If you’re working on an budget, you can do a combination of real and faux blooms. A good idea would be to put the flowers in simple glass jars in assorted shapes, such as mason jars. Trim the jars with ribbons and lace or go all out DIY and paint them. You can also use empty wine bottles! For a more colorful setting, try filling up some of the jars with floral potpourri. Not only will your wine cellar look romantic, it will smell romantic, too.

Stock up on fragrant candles!

Fragrant candles are a must!

You don’t need to actually light these candles. But they definitely lend to the romantic atmosphere so grab a couple from your favorite home store and adorn your wine cellar table or countertops with them. We recommend mixing and matching candles with glass elements such as glass candle holders, dishes, or putting them inside those quaint glass lamps for a really dreamy effect. We also recommend getting them in various shapes and sizes so you can get really creative with them. Note that after V-day, you can still use these candles, so they’re definitely not a wasted purchase.

Create some unique DIY centerpieces!

Unique wine-inspired centerpieces

We have a great one for you to try out, courtesy of the Tip Junkie!: birch centerpieces. Grab a couple, carve some romantic word into them, put them together to create a “love note,” and embellish with accessories such as faux flowers, pearls, ribbons and lace. Place in the center of your tabletop or if you have a wine cellar archway.¬†You can also use wine bottle corks instead of birch pieces! It’s cheap, totally unique, and sure to be a great conversation starter during your Valentine’s Day wine party.


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