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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Bringing Holiday Cheer To Your Wine Cellars

November 30th, 2016

Only 24 more shopping days to go before Christmas! How’s that holiday shopping list coming along? No doubt, you guys will be very busy planning out your holiday parties. And of course, we all know what that means – WINE. So have you prepped your wine cellars and have them all ready to bring holiday cheer this season? If the answer is no, don’t fret! That’s what we’re here for – check out these wine cellar decorating tips to get your wine cellars to bring in that extra “ho” in the “ho, ho, ho” this Christmas.

Cork holiday wreath courtesy of Wine Corked

Start with your entryways and windows…

Your wine cellar entryways and windows are probably the easiest to decorate. But take note that they’re also quite significant in bringing a festive ambiance to your wine cellar. Your entryways are, per their namesake, the points of entry to your wine cellar so spreading the joyful spirit should start there. Wreaths are the popular choice, but instead of buying store-made ones, why not bring out your inner artist and craft them yourself. Our material of choice? Wine corks! All you need is a foam circle for a base. Hot glue your cork collection, throw in some accents like pinecones, holly, or fruit and voila – a gorgeous wine-themed Christmas wreath. You can similarly fashion cork into individual hanging ornaments and hang them on your windows.

Holiday wine bottles

Create unique wine-themed centerpieces…

Skip the usual candles and flowers for your wine table or countertop centerpiece this year and create something very unique and in keeping with the “wine” theme. Grab some empty wine, champagne, or other liquor bottles and let your imagination go crazy with decorating them. A couple of our favorite concepts include adorning the bottle with fake cranberry clusters and evergreen sprigs, putting in battery powered LED lights inside the bottles, or spray painting them white and coating the bottles in glitter. These centerpieces are sure to be conversation starters in your holiday parties!

Put up a wine bottle Christmas tree!

Now this is probably not really a new concept, but it’s still totally awesome and unique. Sure, you have your Christmas tree (or trees) somewhere in the house, but in your wine cellar, let’s do something different and put up a wine bottle Christmas tree instead. There are tons of ways you can creative with this, but our personal favorite is fashioning a tree-shaped rack (or just buy one if the budget permits!) and just plunking the bottles in your desired style. You can even add lights and other decor as well! Here’s a really cute “Wine Christmas Tree Robot” courtesy of the Wine Wankers:

Wine Tree courtesy of the Wine Wankers

Take a snap of your wine-inspired Christmas decorating ideas and share them with us, too! ^_^

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