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Wine And Cheese Pairings For Spring’s Last Hurrah

June 13th, 2016

We’re down to our last few weeks for the month of June! Spring season is nearly coming to a close and soon, the summer loving months will be setting in. It’s time for a last Spring hurrah with some sumptuous wine and cheese pairings to properly bid adieu to this lovely time of the year. Here are some of our favorite duos:


Your bold Reds with bold Cheeses

So first up would be our favorite Reds and what dairy delights would go well with them. In general, wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel match up well with equally intense cheeses. It’s recommended to pair them up with a cheese that’s firm and a bit salty – and preferably one containing “tyrosine crystals.”  Serve your rich Reds with bite-sized pieces of these cheeses, and some plain bread slices, rolls, or crackers on the side. Also, Cabernet Sauvignon will go very well with your aged cheddars and peppery cheeses.

Your classic Whites with various Cheeses

A little more flexible than the Reds, White wines can be paired with a much wider selection of cheeses. The resson for this is because whites actually do not contain “tannin” which makes it easier to match them up with a more varied array of cheeses. From experience, one of the very few cheeses that doesn’t go exceptionally well with Whites is blue cheese. Blue cheese has a very strong flavor and has a tendency to overwhelm the much milder Whites. Here are just some of our preferred classic pairings: Proseco x Asiago, Chardonnay x Cream Cheese, and Sauvignon Blanc x Goat Cheese.

Your Dessert Wines with elegant Cheeses

That’s right – cheeses can sport an elegant flavor like wine. And when paired with the right dessert wine, you get the best of both worlds. In formal parties, cheese courses are still served. But in present times, more and more informal gatherings involve hors d oeuvres synonymous with cheese.Of course, when there’s cheese, there SHOULD be wine and in this case, a dessert wine! Vintage port ranks high in our list of favorites because it goes well with just about any type of cheese – even blue cheese. But light reds are very much welcome as well, such as a lovely Pinot Noir with softer cheeses like brie or camembert.

Do you have a favorite wine and cheese pairing for Spring? Share them with us today!

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