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Cash In On Le Cache Wine Cabinets

April 4th, 2016

Wine cabinets are probably what we may call the answered prayer to a wino with a spatially challenged collection. It’s understandable though, because not all of us have enough space in our homes for a growing collection, particularly a rapidly growing one. And even if we do, not all of us have the budget for a full-blown wine cellar construction project. But there ways to provide proper storage for your wine bottles despite the setbacks, especially here at WCI. That’s why we want you to keep on reading today’s blog and get to know our Le Cache Wine Cabinets!

Hand-crafted and versatile

Followers of this blog would most likely remember our posts on our Wine Sentinel refrigerated wine cabinets. They are, after all, our line of custom-built refrigerated wine cabinets that we’re proud of. But it’s also time to shine the spotlight on another product in the wine cabinet line-up: the Le Cache Wine Cabinets. Straight off the bat, these Le Cache refrigerated wine cabinets are one of the best quality, hand-crafted cabinets you can get your hands on. They are manufactured from premium materials and designed to maintain optimal conditions for the proper storage and aging of fine wine.

Le Cache wine cabinets

There’s also a lovely assortment of choices to tickle your style tastebuds in the Le Cache line. In particular, here are the categories you can browse through:

But if you’re the discriminating type, there’s also one other type in the Le Cache series that you should definitely check out: the Wine Vault Wine Cabinets. The Wine Vault 3100 wine cabinet is specifically designed for selective wine collectors who want it all: quality, style, and function. This is one wine storage cabinet that can be placed in a tough storage environment to keep those bottles in peak taste.

While the Le Cache wine refrigerated units come in standard designs for each category, there are still options and modifications available to further enhance your cabinet. After all, we wouldn’t we WCI if we can’t bring in “customization” into play. So for example, you can actually opt for solid wood Display Cradles to be incorporated into the cabinet to properly showcase your best labels. Or, if you intend to place your wine cabinet in a harsh environment, need additional insulation and/or are concerned about having glass windows in your wine cabinet, we can replace the windows with insulated wood panels to match the finish of the wine cabinet. Browse this section of the website to explore more of your custom options. Cash in on Le Cache Wine Cabinets now!

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