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Wrap-Around Perfection With Platinum x Designer

March 31st, 2016

Conquering uneven and difficult spaces in a home construction project can certainly be very satisfying. That includes wine cellar projects! That’s because there are actually lots of spaces in our homes that can be potential storage for our collection. It’s really amazing how sections of the home we might have thought of as a “waste of space” can be transformed into the next home icon. Our client James shares the results of his recent wine cellar construction experience that we hope can inspire other winos out there to start working on their wine cellar goals, too:

Platinum x Designer Series wine racks

This great photo of the wine cellar clearly shows that the available area for James’ project is not your typical four-cornered room. Check out the awkward ceiling angles on this one. And yet, with the help of the right wine racking units, he was able to maximize the space and provide plenty of storage for his present collection. Not only that – notice that the racks are not even half-full! There’s still lots of storage left for future acquisitions. This is all thanks to the winning combo known as Platinum x Designer.

Yep, yep, wine cellar fans. This is another “combo” project utilizing our wine rack kits series and custom racking collection. To be more specific, the client sent in for our 2, 3, and 5 Column Individual Bottles from the Designer Series, Half-Height Individual Bottles, and Curved Corner Racks. You couldn’t have asked for a smarter selection than these. The Individual Bottle Columns offer lots of storage, but with the Half-Height racking option, bottle storage becomes even more flexible. Half-Heights are the perfect solution to uneven and/or cramped spaces. They are quite a popular size, especially since are multi-purpose racks to boot. As in James’ wine cellar, the Half-Height rack doesn’t just store his bottles but provides tabletop space as well.

Then there’s the Curved Corner Racks. For wine cellar enthusiasts, you might say that these racking units are “the best thing since sliced bread.” Because of the specific 90-degree configuration of these racks,  they allow your racking assembly to make a flowing transition from wall to wall, practically “wrapping around” it. Moreover, the corner treatment adds a really nice, fanciful touch to your wine cellar. Note that each curve is comprised of 4 columns x 19 rows of individual bottle style wine racking. All of the racking units are crafted from unstained Rustic Pine, making them stand out with the wood’s natural creamy colors.

“I’m attaching a photo of my installed racks, which I think looks great. I’m happy with the look of the wrap-around wine racks.”

~James B.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Custom Moldings

March 30th, 2016

Getting that flawless look to your wine racking assembly is certainly a goal worth aiming for. It’s especially the case if you’re undergoing a DIY project. And doing so doesn’t really require tons of experience. If you are sufficiently aware of what tools can get the results you want, then you’re pretty much set! More often than not, you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s the “little” details in a wine cellar project than can spell the difference between an “okay” result and a knockout one. Case in point: custom moldings.

Custom crown and base moldings

Professional silhouettes for your wine cellar

There are two main types of moldings that you’ll need to get acquainted with when you’re building your wine cellar. First is the crown molding and the second is the base molding. Crown moldings help blend in any gaps between your wine racking arrangement and the ceiling while base moldings perform the same function between your wine racks and the flooring. It is these moldings that will basically finish off a racking set-up by pulling together the racks and creating those beautiful finishing details for a custom wine room.

Now while these moldings usually come in standard designs that mesh with the wood materials of your racks, there are also those that are a bit fancier. We’re talking about Decorative Carved Moldings. This type of moldings can add detail and high relief to the interior trim of your wine cellar, thanks to the 3-dimensional architectural wood carvings. Apart from giving your racking arrangement a seamless look, it will definitely make it more eye-catching. It’s recommended to utilize crown moldings to attach decorated wood pieces to the top of wood wine racks that will meet the ceiling above it, helps to disguise any gaps between the racks and the ceiling. It also makes it look like a built-in product. The base moldings will do the opposite. They will also serve to hide base platforms that will elevate your wine racks off the floor.

Custom Moldings

So what about if you’re dealing with stubborn curves and corners in your wine room? Naturally, you’d want to go with curved corner racks to “smoothen” them out. But the racks alone won’t tie everything as flawlessly as you’d expect. This is where custom curved crown and base moldings are a must. Yup, you read right! Molding packages also come in “curved” options. They follow the profile of your racks and help your assembly span the corners of the room for a polished and professional look. Check out a few of these inspiring projects from our satisfied clients and star yours today!

Technical Tuesday Episode #275: Gold x Vintner And Large Wine Cellars

March 29th, 2016

The season of Spring has really gotten off to a fantastic start – in terms of both the weather and our wine cellar projects. We’ve been tackling more bigger residential projects – translate this to large wine cellars – as of late and the results have been extremely satisfying. And when we mean satisfying, we mean it both ways: for the client and for us as well ^_^. Today’s Tech Tuesday showcase is a great example of that:

Project # 272603
Series: Gold/Vintner
Wood: Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1182

Gold x Vintner Series wine racks

Let’s check out this pretty spacious creation which has an impressive capacity of 1182 bottles. It’s a gorgeous Gold x Vintner project with emphasis on bolder shades on the wine racks. As you can see from these snaps, the wine racking assembly is very versatile and polished. Individual and bulk bottle storage options are well accounted for: Individual Bottle Columns, Display Rows, Open Diamond Cubes with Solid Face Trim, and Vertical Displays. See how the wine cellar is barely even half-full! That means the client has plenty of room to grow their collection over the years. This is indeed the huge advantage of utilizing racking units with flexible rack-and-stack configurations. It’s easy to create unique set-ups that are also flexible enough to “grow” along with one’s collection.

Versatile bottle storage options Beautiful stained Premium Redwood racks

Now let’s take a closer look at the wood option for this project. It’s Premium Redwood drenched in Dark Walnut Stain. One couldn’t have chosen a better wood option for a dark-hued racking assembly than a member of the Redwood family. Premium Redwood, just like it’s sibling All-Heart Redwood,  has an open-celled structure and contains little or no pitch or resins. This enables the wood to absorb and retain all types of finishes extremely well. Moreover, it sports a variety of grain patterns that become even more prominent when stained with darker colors. The result is a rich and luxurious appearance of the wood that complements the wine bottles really well:

Dark Mahogany stained racks

We’re also loving the other elements incorporated in this wine cellar such as the wooden floors, hewn stone walls, and dusky lighting accents. The darker shades and golden highlights from the lighting elements all  contribute towards creating a vintage vibe that is just stunning to look at. It’s certainly a terrific way to cap off our Tech Tuesday blogs for the month of March! *Cheers*

Tips On “Growing” Your Wine Cellar

March 28th, 2016

So you’ve constructed a wine cellar in your home. All’s well and good until – you find out that you’ve been acquiring more bottles than what your wine cellar can handle. So you start to panic a bit because there’s no way you’re spending a small fortune on a reno to accommodate those new babies. And there’s no way you’re breaking the bank and adding in a SECOND wine cellar in your home. But who says you have to? There are cost-effective and yes, very “effective” ways on growing your wine cellar along with your bottles. Check these tips out!

Vintage View Wall-Mount Wine Racks
1. Discover wall-mount wine racks!

Wall-mount wine racks are aptly named. They go straight and flush on your walls without a lot of complications. Most homes have these empty stretches of walls that can serve better purposes than just hanging paintings or framed photos on them. If you’re a wino, you’re going to be seeing these walls in a whole different light. Grab some metal or wood wall-mount wine racks and turn those empty walls into a wine display bonanza! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how they can amp the aesthetic appeal of your home as well.

Curvy Wine Cubes

2. Transform window seats/couches!

You know how a lot of homeowners love to have those comfy window seats either in the kitchen, dining room, living room, or even the bedroom? It’s also most likely to happen when you have a bay window. But did you know that a window seat can be more than just a place to lounge around on your weekends? If you have a spot under your windows for a window seat or two, why not turn that into extra storage for your wine bottles. A great example would be purchasing some Curvy Cubes, putting pillows or cushions over them, and voila – the perfect window seat for the devoted wino.

Tips on Growing Your Wine Cellar

3. Improvise on old cabinets, bookcases, and shelves.

Take the time to go around your home and do an inventory of all those old cabinets, bookcases, and shelves that you use to store nothing but your clutter. A lot of times, we love to chuck stuff in these spaces only because we’re too busy with work or professional activities. But these spaces are actually the perfect ones to expand your wine collection in. Transform a section of that bookcase into wine storage with some small wine racks! Rip out those shelves in your cabinets or pantry and install some brand-new racking units. You’d be surprised at how much room you still have in your home to grow your bottles in.

Growing your wine cellar collection along with your wine racks shouldn’t be a super expensive project. It’s all about making use of rather than wasting space and utilizing the right wine racking units to get the job done. ^_^

“Wine Cave” Equipped With WineMaker Racks

March 24th, 2016

We’re quite sure you guys have heard of the term “man-cave” before. It had actually become a pretty popular term in the last few years or so. But while “man-caves” was originally meant to be a male retreat or sanctuary in one’s home, the term has actually evolved to become a bit more versatile. It’s no longer confined to that place where the guys can do their “thing.” Now it’s more likely to be that room in the house where the family members and their friends can get together and unwind. And here’s where “wine-caves” made their appearance as well!

A pretty fancy WineMaker "wine-cave"

Let’s face it – to a a true-blue wino, a “man-cave” really means a “wine-cave.” It’s basically, just that one place in your home where you can store your collection properly and enjoy a good glass of wine with family and friends or even all by your lonesome. What’s even more fun is that nowadays, building your very own wine-cave in your home is totally do-able. Case at point: our client Mindy who sent in these fab snaps of their newly completed wine-cave, fully outfitted in our WineMaker Series wine racks.

Note that the racking units in the WineMaker Series all have shallow-depth configurations which make them super space-efficient. That’s why when you are working with a rather compact space for a wine storage project, you should definitely consider using these types of racks. Just look at the amount of bottle storage our client has now after their wine-cave has been assembled. We’re also seeing a very nice combo of individual and bulk bottle storage options: Open Diamond Bins, Rectangular Bins, Open Vertical Wine Displays, and the most recent addition to the WineMaker kits collection: the Individual Column Bottle Stack with Display Rows. These Individual Columns come in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 column widths which can make them accommodate just about any ceiling height. With the addition of the Display Rows, bottles can be put on display not just for eye-candy purposes but for easy access as well.

Space-efficient shallow-depth wine racks Happy clients enjoying their WineMaker "wine-cave"

“The wine racks turned out beautifully, and we are enjoying our new wine cave immensely! Assembly was fairly easy, and we had our cabinet maker install them.  He did use a nail gun.”

~Mindy T.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Commercial Rack Accessories

March 23rd, 2016

Sign CaddiesIt’s time to spruce up your wine stores for those big Spring sales, wine lovers! We do know that this is one of those seasons where wine tasting activities will definitely be in full swing. That being said, you need to get your stores equipped with the right commercial rack accessories to help draw in and accommodate sales. There are several add-ons that can prove to be really useful, both function and design-wise. Allow us to list them down for you:

1. Put up “sign caddies.”
This might seem like a standard wine cellar accessory in any wine establishment, but there are actually more than just a few stores that either do not put up their sign caddies properly or do not really put them up at all. Keep in mind that it’s not just about putting up signs to help customers find what they need in your store. It’s also about putting focus on the store’s “specials” or promotional merchandise. That’s why you should choose sign caddies that can prominently advertise your merchandise to help draw attention to them the moment customers step into the store. Also, you can score added aesthetic points for your racking assembly if you make those sign caddies match the wood and stain materials of your wine racks.

Price Tags

2. Put up your price tags.
Something that an entrepreneur of ANY business venture should always understand is the reality that customers will always check the price tag. It’s a tad infuriating when you’re shopping around and you still need to pick up the merchandise, turn it over and over until you find that weeny price tag stamped somewhere. Save your customers the hassle, make their wine shopping experience in your store a pleasant one, and rack up even more wine sales by putting up your price tags. Seeing the prices and being able to compare them will make clients decide faster, especially when they have a budget to keep.

Standard Walk Thru Archway

3. Create additional selling areas in your store.
Nope, we’re not talking full-blown store extension or renovation work. You can actually create additional selling areas in your establishment with the help of some functional and classy accessories. A Walk Thru Archway is a great example. You will find that the archway will work in conjunction with most standard full height commercial wine racks to create additional selling areas in your store. Or, try swapping some older racking units with newer wine merchandisers and display islands for expanded bottle storage capacity.

Technical Tuesday Episode #274: Designer Ready Wine Cellar

March 22nd, 2016

The Designer Series does it again – and just in time for Spring! Check out how our team spruced up this wine room with the help of the ever stylish Designer Series wine racks kit:

Project # 252375
Racks: DKS/Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 970

The Designer Series wine room

This eye-popping assembly certainly deserves the spotlight. It’s a flawless combination of the Designer Series and Premium Redwood. So essentially, you get all the right ingredients here for a stellar wine cellar: quality, function, style, and affordability to boot. This only goes to show how one can never go wrong with the Designer Series wine racks kit with its full selection of woods and finishes and full depth bottle storage. Here we see a wonderful balance between individual and bulk bottle storage – Individual Bottle Storage with Display Rows, 1-Column Individual Magnum, Open Diamond Bins with Front Trim, and Rectangular Bins and Case Storage. The addition of a few choice accents, namely the Standard Archway, Quarter Round Shelf, and Crown and Base Moldings finished off the entire arrangement seamlessly. Note that this wine room can host nearly a thousand bottles and by the looks of it, there’s still space to move stuff around in the future and accommodate future acquisitions.

Versatile bottle storage

Quality and function aside, this Tech Tuesday feature also brings in its A-game in the style department. And it should because it’s the Designer Series at work after all! We are so loving the way the golden accents of the room’s decor accentuate the unstained Premium Redwood racks. Plus, the unique wooden planks utilized on the walls work well with the understated elegance of the racking assembly, giving this cellar a truly vintage charm. All in all, it’s a clean and classic set-up with just a few embellishments here and there to really make the bottles on display stand out.

Unstained Premium Redwood Designer wine racks

And naturally, since we’re working with WCI “kits,” the cost of these racking units are way easier on the budget. Nonetheless, the variety in racking styles and the easy mix-and-match configurations make it convenient to create so many unique assemblies for your collection. All it takes is getting your creative juices flowing and taking the time to let our professional wine cellar consultants know exactly what you want! *Cheers*

The Vintner Commercial Racking Series

March 21st, 2016

Just last year, we we’re saying, “Vintner did it again” with several kit upgrades that certainly made wine cellar projects more fulfilling. But guess what? Vintner did it again – this 2016! It will be an awesome treat for wine establishments everywhere to learn that our top-of-the-line “kit” has now expanded to the commercial racking realm. Yep, that’s right, wine cellar fans. Our Vintner Series now has a line of commercial racking units to help you outfit your wine stores. And keep in mind that because these are still part of our “kits” series, that means the price range is literally right on the money.

Here’s what you get!

So what exactly is up for grabs in our Vintner Commercial Racking collection? Well, first on the list are the Commercial Vintner Islands and Merchandisers. These versatile units are built both for wine storage and display. There are so many variations and at price points your budget will certainly love. Some units such as the 4-Column Merchandiser with Individual Rails start for as low as $137.14! Essentially, you get more bottle storage for your merchandise without having to pay custom cost. Plus, with the flexible racking configurations and bevy of wood and stain options, you can put together stunning set-ups for your store. Check out a few of our sample islands and merchandisers on the site now:

The Vintner Commercial Racking Series

Next up are the Stackable Bulk and Vertical Bins. Bulk storage is definitely a must for any wine store. Vintner’s commercial racking line has you all covered in that area as well. Our Wine Display Bins and Shelf Cabinets are available in 3 and 4-feet options, making them one of our best selling commercial wine display racks . Their stackable configurations are so versatile, it allows one to stack them 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 feet high. That means they can accommodate virtually any wine store size. Note that these racks are designed to merchandise high volume wines. You’ll soon find out that the resulting sales will make these among the highest producing wine display racks in your establishment.

Lots of bottle storage options

Last but not the least, Vintner also carries Commercial Stackable Shelving, Tasting Centers and Diamonds. The Tasting Centers offer a fantastic combination of individual and bulk bottle storage, plus glassware storage as well. Also, you get accessories such as the Quarter Round Display Shelves to really complete the look of your commercial racking assembly.

Browse the Vintner Commercial Racking Series section today as well as our commercial financing options! ^_^

All “Lacquered” Up And Loving It!

March 17th, 2016

The Designer Series has always been a popular choice with a lot of our clients. Just last year, the blog was chock full of custom and DIY projects utilizing this series from our wine rack kits. Of course, there are a lot of good reasons behind the Designer Series’ consistent popularity streak. One of these is the fact that this series offers racking units that are an amazing mix of quality, style, and affordability. It also helps that there had been an outpouring of testimonials from happy customers who have purchased racks from this series. Their experience certainly encouraged prospective clients to try this wine rack kit out, just like Robert here:

Robert with his Designer Series wine racks

Robert sent in for our Designer Series Individual Bottle Columns, Half-Height Individual with Display, and Wine Glass Rack. He went with Rustic Pine for his wood option and had the racks dressed up in beautiful Classic Mahogany. But that’s not all. He also went the extra mile with the lacquer addition to his racks.

Now we’ve talked about our lacquer option for our wine racks on the blog before. We’ve mentioned that custom lacquer options do not exactly come cheap. If you’ve noticed, lacquer was usually done on more ambitious projects (certainly not compact DIY wine cellars!). such as high-end custom wine rooms and the like. That’s because applying lacquer essentially requires a certain level of of manpower in order to properly add several coats to make everything even out in that classy, glossy shine. Nonetheless, WCI was found a way to work around this! We’ve made the lacquer option available on our affordable wine rack kits as well, starting with the Designer Series.

So basically, because the lacquer option comes with our “kits,” the cost is not as heavy on the budget as compared to adding lacquer to custom wine racking units. And don’t forget that this is water-based! WCI offers water-based stain and lacquer options, taking into account the impact these will have on the environment. Our Glossy Standard Finish lacquer will give your racks an extra level of intense shine, just like Robert’s here – but minus the toxic side-effects of oil-based lacquers. How’s that for a win-win situation!

“I think it turned out awesome. I upgraded to lacquer. Easy to assemble. Yes, I did use a nail gun. I would definitely recommend this system!!!!!!”

~Robert E.~

Hot Wine is NOT Cool

March 16th, 2016

Hot wine is not cool!It’s finally time to drink that Chardonnay you’ve kept on top of your fridge for the past 3 years. It was a gift from your best friend when you moved into your home.16

You pull the cork, ready to pair up the buttery, oaky goodness that Napa Chard is known for with your mussels and broth…and you get a whiff of old shoes. The color has changed from golden straw to more of a brown. What happened? You stored it on its side like you were taught!

Here’s what happened: the top of a fridge is arguably the worst place to keep wine (outside of next to your furnace). The heat from the fridge radiates up, and the higher up in your kitchen wine is stored, the more heat from EVERYTHING you do in there surrounds it. STOP IT NOW!

While everyone that loves wine can’t build a properly constructed, refrigerated cellar or purchase a dedicated wine fridge, there are a couple of very simple, inexpensive ways for you to care for your wine.

Keep your wines cool and flavorful!

Step 1: Keep it somewhere with a stable temperature. Even a closet or basement wine storage area that stays within 5 degrees of the same temp year round will work. The perfect temperature is 55 degrees….however, a bottle stored at 68 year round should still be OK provided it’s not being subjected to large swings in temp over the course of a year.

Step 2: (Remember from above?) Store it on its side so the cork stays wet. Screw caps are fine to store upright.

Step 3: Get your corkscrew and enjoy your properly-stored wine!

Technical Tuesday Episode #273: “Cutting Corners” With Gold x Vintner

March 15th, 2016

“Cutting corners” doesn’t mean you’re going cheap. WCI has quite a different view of “cutting” corners, especially when you want to have a sleek and striking wine racking arrangement like this:

Project # 263339
Wood: Gold / Vintner
Bottle Capacity: 920
Where: Hamilton, OH

Gold and Vintner wine racks

This gorgeous project is a product of the Gold x Vintner combo. This glass-enclosed creation can house a little over 900 bottles. It’s a wonderful example of how utilizing custom wine racking units with products from our “kits” can result in a luxurious wine cellar less the luxurious cost. Let’s go into the actual details to prove our point! Firstly, our design team chose Individual Bottle Columns in 3, 4, and 5-feet options from the Vintner Series to outfit this wine cellar. Since our Vintner line has been upgraded with 3- and 4-feet height options, the racks can accommodate practically any ceiling height. But the best part is that since Vintner is part of our “kits” series, the cost is very much affordable while the racking options are pretty generous. Basically, you’re hitting the proverbial two birds with one stone because you get quality racking at reasonable rates, thanks to mixing and matching various WCI products.
Vintner Individual Bottle Columns

Now we’ll show you another interpretation WCI has of “cutting corners.” See how this wine room here is shaped quite irregularly? There are sharp corners all around which, on a regular day, would make equipping it with a flowing wine racking assembly quite the challenge. But hey, our design professionals here at WCI always love a challenge! So with the trusty and very flexible Vintner racks, combined with custom Adjustable Shelf Cabinets from the Gold Series, we’ve trimmed those corners down:

Gold Series Display Shelves

Topping off this seamless set-up is this Archway with Tabletop insert, all in Premium Redwood just like the rest of the racks. Instead of the usual Open Diamond Bins or Fixed Shelves below, this one sported a custom cabinet with solid wood panels, in the same wood option and Dark Walnut stain. With a choice piece of wine cellar art, this archway can definitely become the focal point of this wine cellar. And speaking of wine cellar art, you might want to check out our collection of eye-popping custom murals, paintings, and more.

Standard Archway in Premium Redwood

Lastly, take note that this is a glass-enclosed wine room. The addition of the glass elements certainly took the elegance factor of this project several notches higher. So even if it’s not a full-on custom job, both the quality and appearance of the racks are A+. “Cutting corners” has never been this satisfying, especially when you get your money’s worth and more! *Cheers*

Gorgeous glass-enclosed Gold x Vintner wine room

Classy Platinum x Vintage View Wine Closet

March 14th, 2016

Classy wine cellars are actually easier to achieve than you think. You don’t need to blow the budget on a fully customized project. Mixing and matching your key wine racking pieces is the way to go. And if you’re working on an entry-level wine cellar or a closet transformation, you’d do well to think about the practical side of things as well. Let’s take a leaf out of this classy Platinum x VintageView wine cellar closet from our client in Jackson, MO:

Vintage View wine racks

The interior of this home was already pretty much set up with that vintage glam we absolutely love. It was just a matter of making the wine cellar closet suit the existing decor. Our professional design consultants employed a Platinum x VintageView racking combo to get the job done and needless to say, the results were totally spot-on.

Glass-enclosed wine cellar closet

So here you can see the VintageView metal wine racks being mounted on the wall and enclosed with sleek glass doors. This alone is already a classic combo – metal wine racks x glass materials. But apart from being on-point in terms of achieving that elegant appeal, the metal wine racks are also amazing space savers. Note that with the 4 Foot Vintage View Series, you can choose to either attach the racks to the wall or display them floor to ceiling with the help of a Floor to Ceiling Frame. The latter is usually utilized when you want to achieve a sort of “floating” look for your bottles.

Vintage View racks with Black Metal Finish

Custom cabinets were also incorporated into this racking arrangement to help accommodate bulk bottle storage as well as stemware. See how the colors of the racks and cabinets were made to create a striking contrast with the plain white walls. Nonetheless, they meshed perfectly with the intricately designed door, as well as with the stone wall on one side of the room. It was a clever move to choose a black finish for the metal wine racks and when these are all filled up with the client’s bottles, the wine cellar closet will certainly be an eye-catching sight.

Glass-enclosed wine cellar closet  Elegant Vintage View wine racks

Last but not the least, we’d like to draw your attention to this neat little safety feature on the glass doors. Check out the image below! Keeping your collection under lock and key is the way to go, especially when you have (or plan to have) rare vintages. You can also browse through our section for Wine Lockers if you want more deets on keeping your bottles safe and comfy. ^_^

Racks kept under lock and key

“Beautiful Products, Solid Company” – That’s WCI!

March 10th, 2016

Quality products plus quality services is the formula to making customers happy – and keeping them! And this is essentially the formula that WCI has been trying to perfect over the years. We’re proud to say though that we’ve been quite successful in reaching that goal and we have our clients’ heartwarming testimonials to thank for that:

Traditional Wine Racks kit

So here we have a couple of snaps of our client John’s newly installed wine racks. It’s completely a DIY project and one which the client accomplished in record time with satisfying results. They sent in for our Traditional Series wine racks kit in Premium Redwood. In particular, they purchased some Individual Bottle Columns, Solid Diamond Cubes, a Tasting Center Bundle, and the Triangular Display Shelf. Note that the Traditional Series come in shallow depth racking units which is absolutely perfect for smaller wine cellar projects or for those who do not have enough space for a formal wine room.

They also come in a healthy variety of racking styles as well as stain and finish options which can help one achieve a stunning custom look for their wine cellars at a less than custom budget. In particular, you’d want to check out the Traditional Tasting Centers, just like the one our client John assembled here. These tasting centers provide not just bottle storage but also storage for your glassware as well as enough prep space for mixing up for favorite taste teasers. To date, our Traditional Series has maintained a nearly 5-star ranking in all areas: quality, stability, ease of assembly, and price point. But the best thing about it is this: our quality Traditional Series coupled with our professional services have made customers like John ratify those rankings. Check out his WCI experience below:

Individual Bottle Columns and Diamond Bins

“Beautiful products, solid company! We are very pleased!!! I designed the racks using their website. WC has many variations and plenty of options to fit any space. The dimensions were easy to find and very clear – so I was able to fill my available space perfectly. I ordered online and the shipment was very timely. Everything arrived in good order. Assembly and installation was easy – even though I elected to pre-drill and screw the pieces vs. using the nails provided. The result is beautiful – a great addition to our home – and, again, we are very pleased!!!”

~John M.~

Wine Tasting Station

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Cellar Humidification Systems

March 9th, 2016

The significance of maintaining ideal storage conditions in your wine cellar can never be over-emphasized. Wines are very sensitive to environmental changes and a drop in temperature and/or humidity levels can be crucial to the aging of your bottles. It should be common knowledge to the average wino that the ideal wine cellar temperature range is 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity. These conditions were actually emulated from the underground caves of Europe which provided consistent storing conditions that allowed wines to age at an elegant pace.

Choosing your humidification systems

Needless to say, you should have not only a reliable wine refrigeration system installed in your wine cellar, but a proper wine humidification system as well. Note that if the surrounding environment has an average yearly temperature of 85°, compared to an average temperature of 65°, it’s necessary to have a larger cooling unit in order to maintain proper conditions.  Moreover, a dry environment will also require a more frequent introduction of humidity.

This is the reason why the location of your wine cellar project should be chosen with care. While you can build a wine cellar almost anywhere in your home these days, the location you choose will have a future impact on the cost of maintaining your cellar. If you do not have the budget to blow on a pricey wine cooling unit or humidifier, make sure to build your wine cellar in the coolest and most humid place in your home – like a basement wine cellar.

These days, however, you’ll also be pleased to learn that there are so many options available not only insofar as your wine cooling systems are concerned, but also for your wine cellar humidification systems. The latter now come in so many different shapes and sizes, designed to equip all kinds of wine cellars, from entry-level ones to the generously-sized wine rooms.

Tabletop fountains are one of our favorites. These humidification units are usually true to their namesake – they can go right on top your your wine table or or countertop. Plus, the come in an array of attractive designs that certainly add to the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar. We have a keen liking for those basin tabletop fountains  or bowls that have live water-plants in them and made with natural materials to boot. Here are a couple of examples:

Tabletop Fountains

On the other hand, if you have a fairly spacious wine room, you’d want to go for a bigger humidification unit that can properly maintain humidification levels in the entire room 24/7. We highly recommend the wall fountains for larger wine cellars. Most of these fountains can also be put on a tabletop (but you’d have to have a super spacious tabletop or countertop, of course!), but the better option would just be to mount them on the wall. That way, they take up even less space while giving your wine cellar a fancy touch as well. Nowadays, you’ll be thrilled to find an ample selection of these gorgeous wall fountains that come with lighting elements and other accessories.

Wall-Mount Fountains

Technical Tuesday Episode #273: A Mix Of Platinum And Vintner

March 8th, 2016

What’s better than putting your best foot forward? Try putting both feet front and center! We don’t mean literally, of course. Take it to mean bringing not just one, but two of your best bets on the table – in our case, it’s wine racks. So for today’s Tech Tuesday episode, our professional design team did just that. This wine cellar project combines two of our very best racking products, one from our custom line and the other from our more affordable “kits” collection. Check out this classy mix of the Platinum and Vintner wine racks:

Project # 261149
Racks: Platinum / Vintner/Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 1480
Where: Delaware, OH

Platinum and Vintner wine cellarNow this is quite a spacious wine room our team was working with. Estimated bottle capacity is nearly up to 1500 bottles and yes, we were able to deliver that thanks to Platinum and Vintner. As can be gleaned from these snaps, the racking arrangement carries a lot of bottle storage variety and showcases neat, seamless transition from floor to ceiling. We especially love the Curved Corner Racks from the Vintner Series and how they hug those sharp corners so effortlessly. Plus, check out the rows of Adjustable Shelf Cabinets! They’ll certainly make storing those wine cases and boxes a lot more convenient.

Tons of bulk bottle storage with the Wine Shelves

Here are a couple of close-up shots of the wine racks. There are two things we’d like you guys to take notice of. First, see how the racks are professionally crafted, complete with beveled rails and eased edges. Keep in mind that these are Vintner racks which basically means they’re part of our “kits” series. Yet, the beveled rails and eased edges are “custom” features! In other words, you can get custom amenities even from our more affordable “kits” that will make your wine cellars look more elegant and top-notch.

Install Pics for 261149-6

The second thing we’d like you to take note of is the wood option. See how there are knots on the wood? This is Rustic Pine in all its unstained glory. The beautiful, light creamy colors combined with the subtle streaks and knots give a really old-country charm to this wine cellar. We’re more than confident that once these racks are all filled up, the entire set-up will be bursting with that vintage vibe that all wine afficionados can’t resist! *Cheers*

Unstained Rustic Pine   Vintner bulk bottle storage racks

What Are Your Tasting Table Options?

March 7th, 2016

A wine tasting table is more than just another pretty place to pop your bottles in. While it’s indeed intended as a working space for you to prepare your favorite taste treats, it cam also provide more bottle storage for your collection. Moreover, it also plays an aesthetic role in enhancing the mood and look of your entertainment area. There are several ways to kind of “upgrade” your regular wine tasting tables to make them more functional and of course, attractive.

Adding bottle storage space “below”

There are wine tasting tables that have been designed to provide extra bottle storage “below” while you’re busy prepping and decanting wine for your guests. Individual Bottle Columns incorporated into the table allow for storage of up to several dozens of extra bottles. This is not only very practical but very convenient as well. You can place your most in-demand labels in these racks and easily reach for them while entertaining your guests. Here are some samples to check out:

Oak Wine Bar

Turn your table into a “wine bar”

Now if you really want to go all out in the “function” department, why not customize your wine tasting table and transform it into a wine bar! By adding glassware storage along with some Individual Bottle Columns, you can store both your glassware and bottles in one place. Plus, you still keep your regular space on top for mixing up your taste ticklers for your guests. A great example would be this Oak Wine Bar that holds 28 wine glasses, 48 bottles of wine and a collection of cognacs and ports on top with space to spare:

Wine Tasting Tables

Add base and casters for greater mobility

How about a “mobile” wine tasting table for a change? Wouldn’t that be awfully convenient when you can literally roll your wine tasting table to any part of your home? It’s just like a mobile wine bar! Well, the great thing about learning how to customize your wine cellar furniture is the fact that you can let your imagination work even on the simplest ones – like a tasting table. By adding a base and casters, you can now have a very mobile wine tasting table that you can drive anywhere in your home. But here’s a tip: make sure that your home has a level floor. Casters that are added to wine tasting tables, like the ones we do here at WCI, are usually not “locking” casters. So it pays to double-check first if your home is pretty much level before going for a “mobile” wine tasting table. ^_^


“Terrior” And The Hand That Feeds It

March 2nd, 2016

shutterstock_1950688editGetting into wine is easy….go buy a bottle and drink it. Find what you like, buy again, rinse and repeat.
However, there is so much more to enjoying, learning and studying wine than only getting your new favorite bottle (or box) time after time.

If you’ve recently taken the leap into learning more about different grapes, regions, and winemaking processes, you’ve undoubtedly heard or seen the word “terrior.” Pronounced *terhe-WAH,* the laymen’s meaning of the word is that the grapes taste like where they are from in the world, country, region, even down to vineyard locations.

That’s a very easy and basic explanation but it’s true: A Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand is a big grapefruity bomb, while the exact same grape from California or South Africa can show more floral and grassy notes and flavors. Ever had a good Burgundy (Pinot Noir) from France? Put it side by side with a California Pinot and you’ll be surprised at the differences. Even comparing something as close in region as, say, a Russian River Pinot from Sonoma up against one from Santa Barbara down the cost, shows amazing differences that you can actually taste and track from vintner to vintner.

shutterstock_124991384editTalking terrior can also be the main crux in the differences when discussing “Old World” vs. “New World” wines and production methods. You can taste more rustic, earthy understones on a Syrah or GSM blend from the Southern Rhone region in France vs. the more fruit-forward versions produced here in the USA.

Believe it or not, part of the final test to become a sommelier is to blindly taste wines and be able to identify WHERE that wine game from and the exact grape. Being able to identify terrior in this manner takes years of practice and knowledge and goes to show you just how important it is.

Next time you’re buying wine, grab a Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon and grab one from South America or South Africa. You’ll be amazed at the differences…and it’s all based on terrior. Be sure to keep your wine stored carefully and you can continue to enjoy them for years.

Technical Tuesday Episode #272: The “Right Fit” With The Designer Series

March 1st, 2016

If you followed the blog quite faithfully all last year, you’d still remember how the Designer Series really rocked it in the popularity department. We were quite stoked to see more and more clients becoming aware of the potential the Designer Series has in outfitting wine cellars of any size or shape. This year, it’s making a comeback, starting with this residential Tech Tuesday feature:

Project # 255016
Wood: DKS / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1153
Where: Crawford, OH

Curved Corner Racks

The client certainly had the space to play around in their home as far as bottle storage is concerned. So they sent in for some 3-, 4-, and 5-Column Individual Racks with Displays, as well as some Curved Corner Racks. To accommodate bulk storage, they also purchased some Rectangular Bins and Case Storage. All in all, the racking units that were assembled and installed for this project can host an impressive 1153 bottles.
Individual Bottle Columns with Displays

But what we really want to emphasize in today’s Tech Tuesday feature are these Curved Corner Racks with Displays. Instead of just the standard Curved Corners, this particular racking style helps identify wines with full label visibility. As you can very well see, the client intends to grow their collection over time. That means more bottles will be acquired sooner than later. The ability of the this type of racking to showcase the bottle labels will certainly make for easier organization and inventory of the client’s collection. It’s also worthy to note that the 15 degree angle of the display bottle keeps your cork moist. This is quite vital since you wouldn’t want your corks to dry out – this will seriously affect the aging of your bottles, particularly the taste.

Designer Series Fixed Shelves for Bulk Storage Seamless transition with Curved Corner Racks

Now as can be perfectly seen from the photos above and below, these Curved Corner Racks allow your racking arrangement to make a flowing transition from wall to wall. See how neatly the racks span those sharp corners of the room! Moreover, you’d definitely agree with us when we say that this corner treatment adds that nice, decorative touch to the wine cellar. Note that each curve is comprised of 4 columns with 1 display each x 18 rows of individual bottles-style racking.

Designer Series racks in unstained All-Heart RedwoodLast but certainly not the least, we’d also like to draw attention to this seemingly small but quite essential feature of all the racks in the Designer Series line. All these racks come with beveled ends and rounded edges that keep your bottle labels safe from tearing whenever you remove or replace your bottles in the racks. This feature is actually a custom one, but has been available to our “kits,” such as Vintner and Designer. So it’s practically a custom amenity less the custom price. Find the “right fit” for your own wine cellar projects as well with our Designer Series wine racks kit! *Cheers*

Lots of bottle storage with the Designer Series