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Technical Tuesday Episode #271: Rocking The VintageView Series

February 23rd, 2016

Last Tech Tuesday for the month of love, wine folks! And guess who’s here to steal the spotlight? The VintageView Series is coming to town and giving wine cellar fans more bottle storage space than ever:

Project # 272288 & 272290
Wood: VintageView
Bottle Capacity: 642
Where: Fulton, GA

The Vintage View Series

So obviously, this project features purely VintageView Series. The client wasn’t asking for a formal wine room, but there was this empty stretch of space in a portion of their home to host their collection. In this type of situation, our metal wine racks are indeed the best option. They are able to provide ample bottle storage while taking up the least amount of space. That’s because these wine racks are designed to be installed in two ways: either attached to a wall or displayed floor to ceiling with the help of a Floor to Ceiling Frame which can be purchased separately. This helps the racks achieve a so-called “floating” look which becomes very eye-catching when the bottles are finally nestled in them.

Sleek and polished metal wine racks

In this particular project, you’ll notice some modifications were made to the wine racks. Notice the addition of some wooden Solid Vertical Displays which can be utilized to display more than just wine bottles. They are a nice customization concept, especially if you want to break the monotony of just displaying bottles. Moreover, if you want to have space to showcase your most prized labels, then these displays will do the job for you.

Customized with Solid Vertical Displays

Now let’s talk about aesthetics. The VintageView Series may come across as your straightforward metal wine racking units with no frills or fancies whatsoever, but that doesn’t put the racks in the bottom of the style department. No way, Jose! On the contrary, the quality materials comprising the racks and the excellent craftsmanship give them a clean and sleek look that makes it super easy to combine with other elements like marble, stone, and our top favorites: glass and wood. Plus, these 4 foot metal wine racks are available in several metal finishes: Black, Black Pearl, Chrome, and Platinum. The simple yet sleek profiles of the metal wine racks give off a real classy vibe but at the same time, it’s easy to add twists to them – like a classic contemporary appeal. It’s something we’re actually looking forward to once these racks are all filled up! *Cheers*