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Technical Tuesday Episode #270: Gold x Vintner x Designer Love Triangle

February 16th, 2016

Okay, so Valentine’s Day may be officially over, but it’s still the month of love as far as we’re concerned. Everyone can use a little more love, so we’re bringing it! Let’s take a visual tour of today’s Tech Tuesday project which is basically a love triangle among three of our favorite series: Gold, Vintner, and Designer:

Project # 270568
Wood: Gold, Vintner, DKS / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1561
Where: Kings, NY

Custom and wine rack kits working together!

Wine racking combos have become quite popular in the last year or two as more and more clients have come to appreciate the results they can bring. WCI is really pleased with this development because our racking units are designed especially for this purpose. Whether it’s from our custom line or our kit series, these racks can be easily mixed and matched thanks to their flexible configurations. In this particular project our design team has completed, it’s not just two, but three different series that were combined to come up with this amazingly spacious wine room – Gold, Vintner, Designer series.

Gold, Vintner, Designer Series combo

The advantages of combining racking units from the various series do not just revolve around the functionality factor. One particular advantage we’d like to point out is in terms of affordability. Let’s face it. Not everyone can afford to outfit their wine cellar with custom wine racking components. But by mixing and matching a few custom pieces with our wine rack kits, you can still deliver a custom appearance to your wine cellar at less cost. No one will be the wiser because by using the same wood choice on all the racks (an option conveniently available here at WCI!) and dressing them up in the same stain and finish options, everything will come together perfectly, like this project:

Beautiful unstained Premium Redwood racks

Another big advantage of playing around with wine racking combos is that you end up with more inspiring racking arrangements. As far as style is concerned, you’d be surprised at how much more creative things can turn out, thanks to the bevy of alternatives available. It’s pretty impressive how WCI’s wine rack kits can actually provide lots of opportunities for unique designs for your wine cellar project. It’s all thanks to the flexible “rack-and-stack” configurations that allow the creation of so many style concepts for racking arrangements. And of course, that paves the way for the third advantage of using wine racking combos: space-efficiency. Whether you have a limited floor area to work with or a pretty spacious one, you’ll always get enough (or even more than enough!) bottle storage for your collection. *Cheers*