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Why You Should Choose WCI’s Urban Living Series

February 15th, 2016

If you were to choose between living in and actual house or a condo or apartment, which do you prefer? Years go, the “house” option would probably win hands-down. But nowadays, things have really changed as far as people’s living preferences are concerned.  More and more people, including families, are opting to reside in compact living quarters such as condos, apartments, and townhomes. The foremost reason is location. Living closer or right in the heart of the city seems to have become the more practical choice in today’s hectic society. Another is the fact that maintenance of bigger residences has become more onerous, both financially and physically.

Our Urban Living Series

“Urban Living” – getting with the program

Basically, urban living is slowly but surely taking over as society grows more modernized. Naturally, there are several setbacks to this, especially as  far as space is concerned. But when you learn to work around those space issues, you’ll come to appreciate the great advantages of urban living. Take for example when it comes to carrying out a wine cellar project in a much smaller area like a condo or apartment.

Creating the right storage space for your wine collection doesn’t necessarily mean constructing a full-blown wine room. You’d be surprised at how much bottle storage you can actually get from “compact” arrangements such as wine cellar closets and wine tasting centers. For this purpose, WCI has developed what we have purposely named as our “Urban Living Series.” These modular wine storage packages were specifically designed to accommodate condo wine rooms and apartment wine storage. So if you think  you can’t house a growing collection in a compact living space, we’re here to happily prove you wrong.

Compact but spacious wine racking

The Urban Living Series comes in convenient 6, 7, and 8 foot options to accommodate almost any ceiling height. This makes it very convenient for condo or apartment dwellers to carry out a wine cellar project even with limited space to work with. There are several functional and elite options available to suit both the storage needs and style preferences of the individual. Note that the packages are comprised of 85% Vintner Series wine racks, 10% Designer Series wine racks, and 10% Custom Wine Racks. These can all be further customized with the wood, stain and finish options offered by WCI, including lacquer. Long story short: you can get a customized wine cellar for less cost – and fitting the space you have.

Get on with the program and check out the Urban Living Series today! You can even have the racking components shipped fully assembled to your doorstep. ^_^