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Satisfying DIY Experience With Vintner Tasting Centers

February 11th, 2016

Hey, wine cellar fans! We have a little pop quiz for you. Check out this stunning wine cellar set-up and try to guess how long it took to assemble the wine racks. If we didn’t know any better, we’d probably say something that looks as professional as this would take around three days to complete, a week at the most, inclusive of delays due to tight schedules. If you guessed more or less around that time frame, we’re pretty happy to tell you you’re wrong – just like us IF we didn’t know any better ^_^.


Now this gem of a wine cellar project was completed by our client Don in one full day. Yep, you read it right! It only took Don one day to put together these Vintner Tasting Centers. Admittedly, the client is not exactly a newbie to the wine racking assembly game. He managed to finish a previous project, but it was not as big (or as challenging!) compared to this. Being the smart cookie that he is, Don sent in for our Vintner Series wine rack kits, specifically, our Vintner Series Individual Tasting Center with Displays and Open Diamond Bin. The kit, of course, included an assembly manual which certainly helped to speed things up considerably. So in just one day, the client was able to put together a very professional-looking wine cellar, complete with storage for his stemware and tabletops for prepping and serving his best bottles in style.


“I had a great experience with Wine Cellar Innovations.  This was my second project and bigger than the first.  I had an excellent representative that helped me match the finish with cabinets.  I had no problem assembling them.  The assembly kit was a must and fantastic.  Worked well and made assembly fast.  I was able to assemble both units on a Saturday and was loading wine on Sunday.”

~Don L.~


Look up our Vintner Tasting Centers and see how you get space-efficient wine storage for your collection at a very affordable cost. Naturally, it’s also worth checking out the entire Vintner Series line and learn how DIY wine cellar projects can be wonderfully hassle-free. ^_^