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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Decorative Applications For Glass Doors

February 10th, 2016

When you utilize glass elements in a wine cellar project, there’s hardly anything that can go wrong, design-wise. Glass equates elegance. That’s why our glass-paneled wine cellars enjoy the top spot in the popularity ladder. But did you know that there are ways to make those glass components even more stunning? Hey, we’re not called “Wine Cellar Innovations” for nothing! We believe that in aspects of wine cellar design and construction, things can always get better and as far as our glass-paneled projects are concerned, we got to that one better. Check out our decorative applications for glass doors!

Etched glass doors

Get your glass etched and painted!

So essentially, there are two fantastic ways you can customize your glass elements in your wine cellar, like your doors and windows, to double up on that “wow” factor. The first is with custom glass etchings. We have tons of designs for you guys to choose from, ranging from simple grapevine and border etchings to more complicated scenery. But you can also opt to have something recreated from other design sources such as your own artwork, family crests, initials, vineyard scenes, and more. “You name it, we etch it!” 

Note that the quality of our etched glass is top-notch. The etched double-paned glass units basically consist of two 3/16″ thick tempered panes with a 3/16″ air gap for a 9/16″ total thickness. And, as far as the actual etchings are concerned, these are all sandblasted. We offer four standard designs for you to choose from and each piece is a custom creation and may vary from the original. But as we mentioned earlier, you can always provide us with your own photos and concepts and we’ll do our best to bring them to life.

Customized glass etchings

Now the next decorative application for your doors and windows is our “painted” glass. When we talk about painted glass, this means that the inner glass pane will be painted per customer specifications. Again, you supply us with the artwork or image you want and we’ll do the rest. If a door or sidelight has painted areas, it will be triple-paned with the painted piece of glass having paint on both sides and insulated between 2 plain pieces of glass. Take a tour of our glass doors gallery today and browse our gorgeous selection of decorative glass applications. A touch of fancy will definitely do wonders for your wine cellar project!