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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Ladders And Step Stools

January 13th, 2016

So here we are at the second episode of Wine Cellar Inspirations! That first week sure whizzed by. But that’s totally fine by our books (or wine bottles, if you please), because we can’t wait to showcase one of the more overlooked products in our wine cellar accessory catalog: our wine cellar ladders and step stools.

Step it up in style!

While we’ve featured our wine cellar ladders and steps stools in more than just a couple of blogs, we’re quite sure not a lot of people know about them yet. So what better way to really bring them out into the limelight than by showing their aesthetic side as well, since the functionality of these beauties are certainly a given.


Let’s start off with the standard Rolling Ladder which comes standard in Red Oak with a clear finish. Note that this relatively simple ladder is actually custom made to fulfill your specific needs and environment. First off, you can have wood options for the ladder such as Birch, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, White Oak, Lyptus, Alder and Walnut for a very reasonable upcharge. That also means you also have stain and finish options to choose from to dress up the ladder to match your wine racks. Note, nonetheless, that WCI doesn’t carry the lacquer option for the ladder, but with the clear finish, you get pretty much the same results.


Customers will also love the bottom roller and hook top assembly that come with no-scuff wheels. Basically, the ladder can travel on almost any type of flooring material – from wood to tile or carpeted floors. Plus, the ladder tack is designed with an open seam metal track that comes standard with a flat black powder finish. But you can again, customize this piece as well with several metallic hardware finishes that we have readily available. Customers will also be in for a bit of a surprise when we reveal that we also carry a “Bent Ladder” version. This type of ladder must be used in cellars that have double deep racking below the table tops.


Next up are our step stools. We carry two gorgeous, custom-made models: the Wine Cellar Antique Finish Folding Step Stool and the Dark Folding Step Stool. The Antique Finish Folding Step Stool is dressed up with an antique walnut finish and crafted from beech wood with a Walnut Stain. As for the Dark Folding Step Stool, it’s equipped with a dark finish and is made of birch wood with a Dark Stain applied to it. It can easily hold a weight limit of 200 – 250 lbs.

Step it up in style and purchase your WCI custom wine cellar ladders and step stools online!



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