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Why You Should Choose Wall-Mount Wine Racks

January 28th, 2016

Why, indeed? Well, we can certainly give you guys more than just one or two reasons for that! But what’s even better is that clients who have purchased wall-mount racking units from WCI can share with you their unique wine cellar construction experiences. That means hearing the thoughts of real, honest-to-goodness users of our wall-mount racking products.

Lovely Vintage View wine racks

First up is our Vintage View Series! Our client Linda discovered the space-saving joys of using these wall-mounted metal racking units to create more than enough space for her collection. Plus, we absolutely loved the way she has utilized these racks to contribute to her wine room’s artistic layout. Once the racks were all filled out, the bottles worked extremely well with the art pieces, giving the room some real eye-candy. So basically, efficient bottle storage was not the only thing these the wall-mounted babies brought. They also added some awesome aesthetic touches to the client’s wine cellar.

Metal wine racks with polished stone accents

Speaking of aesthetic touches, here’s another example how our Vintage Series wall-mount wine racks can make simple lines and classic silhouettes into a total stunner. This wine closet transformation shows how one can play up the strengths of metal wine racks by pairing them with the right accents. These are all part of our Vintage View line: 27-Bottle Vintage View Wine Racks in 3-feet tall and 3″ tall, triple-deep, and 36-Bottle Vintage View in 4″in tall, triple deep configurations.

These custom metal wine displays allows one to showcase one’s collection with the labels facing forward instead of the corks. For commercial wine establishments, the advantage of this type of layout couldn’t be more obvious. It is easier to draw the customers’ attention to labels you’d want to sell and of course, help them in easily locating labels they want to purchase. Note that the modular design of these racking units can accommodate small residential cellars starting from 100 bottles to large commercial projects of up to 50,000 bottles. They basically give you the same amount (or even more) of bottle storage as wood wine racks at a more affordable price range.

We also want to mention the new <ahref=””>wine rack peg system that is getting a lot of chatter. Inexpensive and also mounts to drywall, masonry or a wood surface which makes it relatively easy to install.

Our gorgeous Curvy Cubes

Our next wall-mount racking wonder would definitely be our Curvy Wine Cubes. Our cubes can either be stacked or wall-mounted, depending on your available space AND design preference. More than just a few clients with residential wine cellars have preferred mounting the cubes as opposed to stacking them. All you need to do is purchase a Wall Mount Kit and check out our Assembly Manual and assembly videos. Of course, you can also request for our professional installation services anytime!

Now go ahead, save space and create unique wine cellar designs with WCI’s wall-mount wine racks!


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Custom Wine Cellar Art

January 27th, 2016

It actually doesn’t take much to give your wine cellars a fancier look. Oftentimes, it just takes one really unique and attractive piece of artwork to pull it all together. You can actually find such pieces in WCI’s extensive selection of wine cellar art. But what’s even better is the fact that here at WCI, practically everything you need for your wine cellar project can be customized. So while we have on-hand pieces for you to choose from, there’s no stopping you from having one fully customized to suit your artistic taste and the theme of your wine cellar.

Tumbled Stone and Etched Mirrors

Artistic options to enjoy!

We have a healthy selection of wine cellar paintings and murals to make your wine cellar achieve that picture-perfect appeal. Our Classical Moments and Contemporary Moments collections are often used in archways or glass rack openings. But what a lot of potential customers (and even returning ones!) don’t know is that we also do Onsite Murals. If you want a specific piece of artwork painted directly on your wine cellar walls or ceilings, we have artists that will travel to paint murals worldwide. Naturally, there are additional costs to cover travel expenses for these jobs, but believe us when we say it’s all worth it. All you need to do is submit a design idea to receive a price quote.

But if you’re really not up to all that added expense, you can still have your custom artwork thanks to our Wallpaper Canvas option. Essentially, the wallpaper canvas can be installed by a professional wallpaper installer directly to your wine cellar wall. Check out this section of the website for more details on this feature.

Now your choices are not limited to just the appearance of the artwork. WCI also offers a variety of materials such as Mosaic Art, Tumbled Stone, Etched Mirrors, Stained Glass, and Hand-Painted Tiles. All of these can, of course, be utilized in your wine cellar archways, but there are also those that can be used on your tabletops, countertops, flooring, and windows. Take for example our exquisite Hand-Painted Tiles. These can also be used on your tables and floors to give your wine cellar a unique charm. Or you can go with our Stained Glass artworks and add a whimsical touch to your wine room.

Talk to an experienced WCI design consultant today and be artistically inspired!

Technical Tuesday Episode #267: Platinum x All-Heart Combo Back In Action

January 26th, 2016

Tech Tuesday greetings, wine cellar fans! Let’s get down to business straightaway because guess what’s back in action on our Tech Tuesday spotlight? It’s the infallible Platinum x All-Heart combo! That’s right, wine buddies. The Platinum Series has once again take the center stage right before the month of January comes to a close.

Project # 270519
Wood: Platinum / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 396
Where: Charleston, SC

Platinum x All-Heart Redwood combo

So what we have here is actually a beautiful wine cellar closet, designed with choice racking units from the Platinum Series. In particular, we’ve equipped the client’s wine cellar with Curved Corner Individual Bottles for Wine and Champagne, High Reveal Curved Corner Displays, and Solid Vertical Displays. Custom crown and base moldings were utilized to blend in the gaps and create this flawless transition of the racking assembly from floor to ceiling and help span the compact corners of the designated space. The close-up shot of the assembly below showcases the beautiful curved angles of the wine racking, easily showing how there was no waste of space at all. In fact, this wine cellar closet is able to accommodate nearly 400 bottles in individual and bulk bottle storage formats.

Gorgeous Curved Corner Racks Seamless racking with curved crown and base moldings

Now apart from the standard racking designs, this project was also equipped with a Pull-Out Wood Case Storage with Concealed Drawer. True to its namesake, the wood case storage pulls out just like a cabinet drawer. This makes it so much more convenient in storing those bulky wine cases, particularly when you have a limited space like this wine cellar closet. The full extension drawer slide allows you to pull the shelf out far enough in order to place the entire case on the shelf. Once positioned on the shelf it is easy to slide it smoothly back into the cabinet. This is all you need to do as well when you need to remove it – simple, convenient, and space-efficient. In addition, take note that the shelves come in single and double deep options for optimum storage convenience. When storing a wood case single deep, the long side of the case faces out. But if you go for the double deep option, you can request in the design phase to either store the wood case with the short side facing out or you can store 2 cases deep with the long side facing out.

Unstained All-Heart Redwood wine racks Flawless Curved Corner wine racks

Needless to say, it’s another winning project, both function-wise and style-wise. But then again, how can you go wrong with the Platinum Series x All-Heart Redwood combo? Check out more wine cellar transformations like this in our Tech Tuesday archives! *Cheers*

WCI Is Formaldehyde-Free!

January 25th, 2016

It’s the last week of the month, wine cellar buddies! The first month of 2016 has flown by without a hitch. But before we welcome the month of love, we want to pick off from where we left off from our Monday blog around two weeks ago. We promised to introduce WCI’s products that form part of our clean and green wine cellars campaign and it’s a promise we intend to keep. So today, we want to let you guys in on a pretty awesome fact – that WCI is officially a formaldehyde-free business!

Formaldehyde-free products!

WCI is “certified” formaldehyde-free!

So why formaldehyde? Why is it being utilized in wine cellar construction? Well, first off, formaldehyde’s major use includes the production of wood binding adhesives and resins. That’s why it’s quite a popular element in construction materials, including building wine cellars. But in a reasearch conducted by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) in California, formaldehyde has been found to be “carcinogenic to humans” or contains “cancer-inducing elements.” This should be enough to alert those involved in the construction business to be wary of utilizing formaldehyde-rich products.

Still hailing from said research, it was also discovered that one of the major sources of exposure to formaldehyde is when humans inhale it from wood products containing urea-formaldehyde resins. That brings us a little reality check – like when we’re in our homes or in this case, our wine cellars. If most of the wooden furniture in your home or the wine racks in your cellar are made from formaldehyde-rich wood products, then you’re totally exposing yourself to those toxic contents. WCI knows and cares about this risk and that’s why we took a turn in the right direction with all our wine cellar products.

Note that nearly six years ago on July 7, 2010, a federal law was  passed known as the “Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood Products Act.” The main purpose of this law is to set proper standards to regulate the formaldehyde content when manufacturing wood products. This will include plywood, one of the wood components used for building wine cellars. And guess what? Here at WCI, our cabinet-grade plywood for wine cellar and wine cellar furniture purposes comes with the Timber Products CARB Certificate. This covers our wood products like Mahogany, Walnut, and Red Oak, among other varieties. So what’s the significance of this “certification?” This, and a number of other certifications we’ve received here at WCI (like our Redwood SFI-Certification!) shows that the plywood we use in our business meets the California standards  for formaldehyde, as well as federal standards set forth in the aforementioned Act.  Even better, we’re working out a program to expand this formaldehyde certification program to more wood species that we utilize, even to our less popular varieties.

So spread the word, wine cellar fans, because WCI is officially formaldehyde-free!

WCI Factory Seconds Help Bring Napa To Client’s Home

January 21st, 2016

Who wouldn’t want to have a taste of Napa in their homes? Our client Aaron had been wanting to do just that and we’re pleased as a punch to have played a significant role in helping him fulfill his wine cellar wishes. It’s all thanks to our Factory Seconds that Aaron and his family are now able to enjoy this Napa-flavored wine cellar:

Beautiful "discounted" racking

So you can see here that our discounted Individual Bottle Columns have provided the client’s wine room with ample bottle storage for their collection. The racks are neatly tucked beside that empty stretch of wall, leaving more than enough leg room for a quaint tasting are for the family (and future guests!) to gather. The best part about the racks though, is the fact that they look top dollar sans the cost.

Such is the huge advantage of  choosing wine racks from our Discounted Factory Seconds catalog. These second-hand racks may be named as such but there’s nothing second-hand about the quality and materials. They are just called “factory seconds” because occasionally, from time to time a rack is manufactured with an extra knot in the wood, was stained a wrong color, the order was cancelled halfway through production, or it becomes discontinued due to lack of popularity. These racking units need to be sold quick which is why the price tags are marked down at really deep discounts.

More and more clients have been discovering the tremendous advantages of purchasing  our factory seconds, particularly those who still want to have custom wine racking despite working with a fairly tight budget. Keep in mind that more than just a few of these racks in our inventory are completed custom orders that have not been consummated during the purchasing stage. Basically, our loss is our clients’ gain! If you live locally or anywhere near Cincinnati, you’d do well to check out our Discounted Factory Seconds Showroom. All you need to do is book an appointment and you’re on your way to viewing our array of wine rack offerings. Take a leaf out of Aaron’s book and bring Napa to your home with our factory seconds!

Aaron and family enjoy their custom wine room

“Wine Cellar Innovations and Houzz provided all of the ideas for my wine room. I took barn wood and beams from a 125 old barn, brick and stone from a local merchant (General Shale) and hired a contractor to bring Napa into my home!!”

~Aaron N.~

WCI "factory seconds" are no slouch in terms of quality

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Custom Windows

January 20th, 2016

Hey there, wine cellar fans! It’s your weekly “inspiring” wine cellar blog post and guess what we’re featuring today? It’s all about custom wine cellar windows! We’ve noticed that there aren’t very many queries about our wine cellar windows compared to the other wine cellar accessories we carry. So it’s about time we showcase our selection of eye-popping custom windows that will certainly enhance the aesthetic value of any wine cellar project.

Intricate etched glass custom windows

Designs you’ll surely love…

You’d be surprised that we actually carry four major wine cellar window designs that can be further customized depending on the client’s preference.

Each style is notably distinct and can bring about a much-needed artistic touch to a standard wine cellar layout. The key features in all four styles are the high-quality lass materials utilized and the intricate etchings. As far as the glass is concerned, it’s basically the same material that our sturdy wine cellar glass doors are made of. We’re talking about etched, double-paned glass units consisting of two 3/16” thick tempered panes with a 3/16” air gap for a 9/16” total thickness. For custom glass etchings, these are usually sandblasted. The customer can request for just about any kind of etching design on the windows. The sandblasting technique allows us to reproduce practically any design on the panes, from family initials, family crests, vineyard scenes, and even original artwork.


And that’s not all! There is also the “painted glass” option for the windows.  Here, the inner glass pane can be painted per customer specifications with artwork provided. That makes for even more customization choices. This is, again, the same method used in our custom doors. But if a door or sidelight has painted areas, it will be triple-paned with the painted piece of glass having paint on both sides and insulated between two plain pieces of glass. Of course, it should also be kept in mind that wood, stain and finish options, including lacquer, are also available for the wooden components of our wine cellar windows. That means you can even match your windows’ frames to that of your wine racks and other wine cellar furniture.

Talk with our design consultants today to know more about your custom window options and contact us for a quote as well! ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #266: Gold x Vintner Wine Racks In Dark-Weathered Finish

January 19th, 2016

Some people try to stay away from dark hues in their homes because of the popular notion that they make spaces appear closed off and cramped. But that’s really a case to case basis. Darker colors give off an elegant and luxurious vibe, especially when you know how to work with them. That’s why you shouldn’t shy away from them just because you have a smaller space to work with. Take a leaf out of our client’s book and check out this stunning wine cellar closet:

Project # 266564
Wood: Gold / Vintner
Bottle Capacit: 591
Where: Lee, FL


So this compact area in the client’s home proved to be the perfect spot to build their wine cellar. The Gold Series wine racks were utilizing, along with pieces from our Vintner Series wine rack kits. A clever combination of  individual and bulk bottle storage units resulted in this closet transformation that can host up to nearly 600 bottles. And that’s not all! Notice how the cellar looks roomy despite the dark stains and finishes on the wood. In fact, the Dark Weathered Stain and Finish options used on the racks served to really emphasize their classy silhouettes and make them really stand out.

Our Dark Weathered Stain and Finish options are not often used in a lot of projects, but it’s about time more wine cellar fans learn just how aesthetically pleasing these darker colors can be. The Dark Weathered Finish aims to create a  time-worn look for the racks – spell “vintage.”Basically, the wood is run through a proprietary process that strips inter-grain material down below the grain in the same fashion that outside exposure striates barn siding over 50-70 years. This works particularly well with pine, redwood and oak which is perfect in this wine cellar’s case since the wood of choice is Premium Redwood. The darker hues brought about by this specific stain and finish option actually helped to enhance the properties of the wood and even better, the seamless integration of individual bulk wine racking units.

Visit our Wine Cellar Learning Center for lots and lots of information and popular ideas on both wine cellar construction and design today! *Cheers*

Vapor Barrier And Your Wine Cellar

January 18th, 2016

Hello, Monday! The month of January is flying by so fast in a whirlwind of wine cellar projects. We’ve been dishing out not just our wine racking products but also some helpful design tips on our Wednesday Wine Cellar Inspirations blogs. But it’s also about time that we go back and talk more about the basics of wine cellar construction. That’s why today, we’re all about the role of vapor barrier in your wine cellars!

Why a vapor barrier is indispensable

A beautiful wine cellar must have a proper vapor barrier!

So why is a vapor barrier essential to wine cellar construction? The answer to this lies in understanding the importance of maintaining ideal storage conditions in a wine cellar. It should be considered as common knowledge for wine cellar enthusiasts that proper wine cellar temperature and humidity levels should be established and maintained in any type of wine cellar. These would involve maintaining a temperature range of around 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity.  Unless these ideal storage conditions are maintained 24/7, your wine bottles will not be able to age gracefully and achieve their peak taste.

Maintain proper wine storage conditions 24/7!

All these being said, it is necessary that one’s wine cellar is in an environment that needs to have the ambient temperature lower than the area outside it. Let’s take residential wine cellars as an example. If your house is normally kept at 75 degrees F, your wine cellar, on the other hand, has to be kept at the 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity levels. This is where you’ll need a proper “barrier” to separate the two contrasting environments. If you don’t, condensation will slowly build up in your walls. This will in turn invite moisture and cause the materials of your walls to get sodden and decayed.

Keep wine cellar walls from rotting with proper vapor barrier.

So basically, with a vapor barrier in place, you will be able to prevent warm air from traveling to the cooler environment in your wine cellars and disrupting the ideal wine storage conditions therein. That is why it’s imperative to carefully look into the materials utilized for your vapor barrier as well as its installation. Keep in mind that the kind of material you will be using for your vapor barrier, its thickness, the finishes and other applications to be utilized, will all depend on the location size, and capacity of your wine cellar.

Remember that frequent or sudden fluctuations in wine cellar temperature and humidity are extremely detrimental to the aging process of your wine. They will accelerate the aging process and bring in excessive oxidation, making your wines taste bitter. Installing a proper vapor barrier will prevent all these from happening and keep your collection in its best shape!

Mix & Match With Vintner, Curvy Cubes and Wine Lockers

January 14th, 2016

What do you do with a long, empty stretch of wall in your home? Pop us that question and the answer will be immediate: Transform it into a custom wine cellar project! This is exactly what we did for our client and boy, did they love the result! By mixing and matching several wine racking components in WCI’s extensive wine racking catalog, our design team was able to come up with this super spacious and oh-so-unique wine racking assembly:


Naturally, this isn’t the first time we’ve combined two or more racking units from the various collections we carry. But this is one of those projects where the different racking units really stand out individually while at the same time offering an impressive structural symmetry. In particular, our design professionals utilized racks from our Vintner Series line, a couple of Secure Lockers, and our stylish Curvy Cubes to put together this eye-popping arrangement. We think that incorporating the Curvy Cubes was definitely a clever move because they gave the otherwise linear layout of the racking assembly a more distinct profile. It’s all because of the “curves” thrown in that this wine racking assembly exudes more character and edge – just what the client was looking for!

Nonetheless, we also give props to the Secured Wine Lockers. They are a most practical way of literally keeping your most treasured labels under lock and key. The flexible configurations of the lockers allow them to be stacked side by side or one on top of the other. Plus, thanks to the variety of stain and finish options WCI has available, you can customized the lockers so they mesh with the rest of your wine racking components. In this project, Dark Walnut stain was used for all the racks, giving the entire assembly a sense of consistency while still highlighting the features of each individual racking style.

We totally love the elegant look of this wine racking project and it’s pretty obvious our clients do, too! So come share your WCI experience with us as well and send a snap or two of you and your wine cellar equipped with WCI’s wine racking products. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Ladders And Step Stools

January 13th, 2016

So here we are at the second episode of Wine Cellar Inspirations! That first week sure whizzed by. But that’s totally fine by our books (or wine bottles, if you please), because we can’t wait to showcase one of the more overlooked products in our wine cellar accessory catalog: our wine cellar ladders and step stools.

Step it up in style!

While we’ve featured our wine cellar ladders and steps stools in more than just a couple of blogs, we’re quite sure not a lot of people know about them yet. So what better way to really bring them out into the limelight than by showing their aesthetic side as well, since the functionality of these beauties are certainly a given.


Let’s start off with the standard Rolling Ladder which comes standard in Red Oak with a clear finish. Note that this relatively simple ladder is actually custom made to fulfill your specific needs and environment. First off, you can have wood options for the ladder such as Birch, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, White Oak, Lyptus, Alder and Walnut for a very reasonable upcharge. That also means you also have stain and finish options to choose from to dress up the ladder to match your wine racks. Note, nonetheless, that WCI doesn’t carry the lacquer option for the ladder, but with the clear finish, you get pretty much the same results.


Customers will also love the bottom roller and hook top assembly that come with no-scuff wheels. Basically, the ladder can travel on almost any type of flooring material – from wood to tile or carpeted floors. Plus, the ladder tack is designed with an open seam metal track that comes standard with a flat black powder finish. But you can again, customize this piece as well with several metallic hardware finishes that we have readily available. Customers will also be in for a bit of a surprise when we reveal that we also carry a “Bent Ladder” version. This type of ladder must be used in cellars that have double deep racking below the table tops.


Next up are our step stools. We carry two gorgeous, custom-made models: the Wine Cellar Antique Finish Folding Step Stool and the Dark Folding Step Stool. The Antique Finish Folding Step Stool is dressed up with an antique walnut finish and crafted from beech wood with a Walnut Stain. As for the Dark Folding Step Stool, it’s equipped with a dark finish and is made of birch wood with a Dark Stain applied to it. It can easily hold a weight limit of 200 – 250 lbs.

Step it up in style and purchase your WCI custom wine cellar ladders and step stools online!



Technical Tuesday Episode #265: Custom WineMaker Wine Cellar Closet

January 12th, 2016

The custom wine cellar game is off to a very strong start the very first month of this year! More and more clients have been discovering the feeling of full satisfaction when you have a wine cellar project done to your specifications and with the desired results. Case in point: our client Aaron’s WCI experience with his custom WineMaker wine cellar closet:

Project #
Wood: WineMaker Series
Bottle Capacity: N/A

Custom WineMaker wine cellar closet

Aaron initially built this closet and was shopping around for some pre-fab wine racks that would somehow fit it. The shopping ventures proved fruitless until he stumbled onto our website. After talking with one of our professional consultants, we were able to convince him that a “custom” job is the only way to go. Aaron trusted our experience even when he was admittedly anxious that a custom wine racking order might blow his budget. What he didn’t expect was that WCI carried several budget-friendly racking options in our wine rack kit collection. So our consultant chose the Individual Bottle Columns from our WineMaker Series because these shallow-depth racks are the perfect combination of function and cost-efficiency. Thanks to the shallow-depth of the racks, they can easily accommodate tight corners. Moreover, the cost was wonderfully right as well and with little professional assistance from our WCI consultant, the WineMaker racks were incorporated into a custom design that perfectly matched the client’s wishes. Check out how this closet will be able to fit several dozen wine bottles AND a cool wine refrigeration unit to boot:

Individual Bottle Columns from WineMaker Series

“I was looking for a company with a pre-fab wine rack that I could try to fit into a closet I was building.  I spent time on a bunch of websites and started sending emails for pricing and such.  After a short while it was clear that Amy from Wine Cellar Innovations was far and above in terms of knowledge and willingness to help someone who was fairly unsure of what they really needed.  After some back and forth it became clear to me that what I wanted wasn’t going to be easily found as a pre-fab item.  Reluctantly I allowed Amy a few days to work on a design and price and send me a quote.  I was positive I wasn’t going to be able to afford it.  I was VERY wrong.  The design came back perfect for my space and vision and the price was well below what I had expected. When I showed the design and price to my contractor he was shocked and said he couldn’t build anything that nice for less than double what she quoted me.  At that point I was quick to pull the trigger and I am glad I did.  My contractor assembled it and stained it for me in no time.  He even commented on how easily it all came together.  Now that its installed, my wife and I are extremely happy.  Amy and Wine Cellar Innovations are highly recommended.”

~Aaron S.~

The perfect wine storage for the client

WCI’s Clean And Green Wine Cellars Campaign

January 11th, 2016

Happy Monday, wine cellar fans! So we’re literally in the second week of 2016 and getting off to a fresh start is certainly the theme to stick to. We’re going to do exactly that as we introduce WCI’s products that form part of our clean and green wine cellars campaign. We’re going to kick things off with this one wine cellar accessory that any wine cellar should never be without – wine cellar lighting.

Our eco-friendly custom LED lighting accessories

Be energy-efficient this 2016!

If you take a quick look at this section of our website, you’ll find out that we actually carry several custom lighting options for any and all types of wine cellar projects (yes, that includes the compact ones like your closet transformations!), regardless of the size thereof. Essentially, we carry LED Downlights, LED Display Lighting, and Fluorescent Slimlites. But what a lot of clients don’t actually know is that our LED lighting specifications provide more flexibility at a lower cost than incandescent with over seven times the life expectancy.

LED lights are both functional and stylish!

What can be more rewarding that having the proper wine storage for your collection AND knowing that you’re keeping the environment clean and green as well with your choice of wine cellar materials and accessories. For the record, LED lights have successfully replaced conventional lighting technology in several commercial lighting applications. The switch to LED lighting elements yielded significant savings in energy costs. Now in our case, our LED lighting accessories light up very quickly, from 0.01 seconds to full brightness. That’s 10X faster than incandescent bulbs. They also have very low heat emissions and do not generate any UV rays. The brightness  of these lights are rated for 50,000 hours or about 6 years and does not die abruptly. It will, of course, start to dim, but WCI also throws in the guarantee that these lights will function for a full year, from the date of install. Moreover, it should be noted that our LED lighting products are all ETL approved, as well as certified with the RoHs directive and Pb (lead) free.

LED lighting accessories are perfect for archways

In general, LED lighting is typically used as backlighting in crown molding, for archways and in high reveal display racking. The warm glow accentuates the displayed bottles as well as other accents such as wine cellar art to maximum advantage. So apart from the practical purpose of being able to read your wine labels without literally groping for your bottles in the dark, these lights also provide added aesthetic appeal to your wine cellar. That’s why you’ll also be happy to learn that our LED lighting accessories come with a peel off backing to enable them to be adhered conveniently anywhere in the wine cellar.

Go for clean and green wine cellars this year and check out more eco-friendly products in the blog – coming soon! ^_^



Wine Cellar Inspirations: Custom Wine Cellar Moldings

January 6th, 2016

As promised, we’re bringing changes this 2016 to make your WCI experience a more pleasurable one. One of these changes is on our regular Wednesday blogs! Starting today, we’re going to be bringing you inspiring blogs focusing mostly on how to make your wine cellar projects achieve a more dramatic and aesthetically appealing look. WCI carries a pretty extensive selection of wine cellar decor and it’s about time you guys know more about these and what they can do for your wine cellar projects. So for our pilot Wine Cellar Inspirations episode, we’re going to be taking about custom wine cellar moldings.


Why every wine cellar project needs them

We totally encourage (spell “insist” haha!) the use of custom moldings in any wine cellar project. These moldings finish of the racking assembly nicely by helping blend any gaps between the wine racks, the ceiling, and the flooring. It’s one of those seemingly “small” details that plays an essential role in wine cellar construction because it’s responsible for creating that seamless appearance of the racking arrangement. If you check out our custom projects, particularly our Technical Tuesday features, you’ll easily notice that occasions are quite rare wherein the wine cellars are not equipped with custom crown and base moldings.


But what some clients, especially potential ones, may not know is that we carry an assortment of these custom moldings, including decorative pieces that can be further personalized depending on the client’s preferences. A quick look of this section of our Platinum Series collection will show you just how varied your options are. Plus, if you click on the Decorative Carved Moldings Collection, you’ll be met with even more designs that will surely give your racking assembly that welcome fancy touch.

Now if you’re looking into purchasing from our Gold or Silver Custom lines, you can still upgrade your molding packages to the Platinum one. Chat with our professional consultants who are always ready and willing to help prospective and veteran wine cellar owners with any and all wine cellar construction and design queries. We also recommend visiting our Decorative Molding Gallery where you can find 3-dimensional architectural wood carvings to help incorporate detail and high relief to the interior trim of your wine cellar, including your cabinets, shelves, and archways.

Thanks for checking out our very first Wine Cellar Inspirations feature and don’t forget that it’s going to be a date every Wednesday from now on! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #264: Platinum Series x Black Walnut Knockout Combo

January 5th, 2016

Aaaaand it’s up! Our very first Tech Tuesday feature for 2016! So guess what we have in store for you guys today? Well, we’re not holding back this year, not when one of our New Year’s resolutions is to make custom wine cellar projects bigger and better for our clients and prospective ones, too. That’s why we’re getting the ball rolling with this knockout creation utilizing only the most elite of WCI’s custom wine racking collection – the Platinum Series:

Name: Mike Swanson
Project # 242847
Wood: Platinum / Black Walnut
Bottle Capacity: 2064
Where: Collier, FL

Beautiful Platinum Series wine racks

This 2064-bottle capacity wine cellar is quite the head-turner. Crafted from Black Walnut and stained with a beautiful “blended” stain, the wood wine racking units are elegant with a rustic flavor. Our “blended” stain options basically combine two of our stock stains, like Dark Walnut or Midnight Black, for example, and blend them together to create darker shades. The bolder hues make them really stand out against the walls and floors. Notice as well how the darker colors showcase the quality craftsmanship of the racking units, particularly the sleek edges and crown and base moldings:

Solid Vertical Displays in Dark Walnut stain

The play of materials in this project is also something to talk about. We’re all for wine cellars that combine elements that really mesh like wood and glass. But apart from being a glass-enclosed cellar, this one also incorporates rough-hewn stone elements. The white-washed brick pillars are a contrasting mix to the smooth, dark wood racks and panels. The resulting effect is rustic but oh-so-classy. Needless to say, we absolutely love it!

Custom moldings Elegant glass panels to showcase the wine racks

Clever use of  the individual and bulk bottle storage racks from the Platinum Series enables this wine cellar to host up to a little over 2000 bottles. The shot below shows just how space-efficient this wine cellar is but without compromising on the bottle storage capacity. Talk about nailing it! Our design team utilized Individual Bottle Columns, Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveals for Wine, Champagne and/or Split Bottles with Beam Supports, Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim, Rectangular Bins, and Solid Vertical Displays to put together this gorgeous assembly.

Spacious but space-efficient!

We again would like to emphasize the smart move in making this into a glass-enclosed wine cellar because it will definitely be THE aesthetic highlight of this home, especially once the racks are filled up.  Check out the strategic location of the cellar in the snapshot below. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a shot of the filled-up wine cellar that we’ll surely be sharing with everyone. *Cheers*

All Platinum Series wine racks in Dark Walnut stain

Easier Steps To Custom Wine Cellars This 2016!

January 4th, 2016


Hello, 2016!!! So here we are all geared up to start the New Year right – and you bet we will. This year, we’re all about making wine cellar construction and design a truly rewarding experience, whether it’s done by our professional builders or DIY. So to really make our client’s wine cellar construction experience a “Wine Cellar Innovations” one, we’ve “re-purposed” our custom wine cellar consultation procedure. Prospective clients will be more than just a tad happy to learn that we’ve come up with even easier steps to getting them their custom wine cellars.

Our custom racking line

1. Click on the Design Request link.

To get the ball rolling, all you need to do first is click on the Design Request link which will lead you to this section of the website. Depending on your  wine storage needs an such, you’re given several options – Residential Kits, Custom Racks, or Commercial Racks. Plus, we’ve even incorporated helpful links below the forms, including links to our video and photo galleries to help you arrive at the best design decision for your project. But if you’ve already put together some material for your desired wine cellar layout, you can also just go ahead and use our Design Request short form.

Custom wine cellar accessories

2. Review the sample plans.

Once you’ve submitted your Design Request, WCI will give you a complimentary (read: FREE!) 2-dimensional drawing of your wine cellar. This will generally include the Plan View, Key Page, Elevations, and Molding Plan. An optional Ceiling Plan may also be included when you have requested a raised panel ceiling to be included in your cellar. The Ceiling Plan will basically illustrate what the ceiling looks like if you were standing in the cellar and looking up.

Free design consultation

3. Review process with our professional consultant.

Once the client has given the thumbs-up on the 2-dimensional plan, WCI’s professional wine cellar consultant will then step into the picture to assist in the review of the custom wine cellar design and related room specification details. This review is to ensure that the design will meet the client’s expectations and will be modified accordingly. Our consultant will look into everything concerning the wine cellar project, even the smallest of details.That means working out all the mechanical and logistical requirements involved in the wine cellar’s construction and not just the assembly and installation of the wine racks.

Once the initial design consultation process is done, the client is now ready to move into the financial aspect of the projects such as “sign-off and deposit,” and other related paperwork. It’s certainly a much smoother procedure and enjoyable experience as well. So get in touch with us today and take easier steps to your dream wine cellar this 2016!