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We Make It Happen With Unforgettable 2015 DIY Wine Cellars

December 30th, 2015

2015 was really a year for DIY wine cellar projects. We’ve been pleasantly overwhelmed at the increasing number of clients who have been exploring the avenue of DIY wine rack and wine cellar projects utilizing our products. That’s why we feel it’s only proper to take a little stroll down memory lane and have one last look at the most unforgettable DIY wine cellars we’ve featured this year.

Laurie's commercial wine racking project with our Curvy Cubes

First up is this absolutely gorgeous DIY racking assembly, done in late January of this year, that our client Laurie put together for her commercial establishment. They sent in for our Circular Merchandiser with Optional Tabletop and Curvy Wine Cubes. They relied mostly on the instructional videos WCI put up in our website as well as the printed manuals that come with the kits. The results were nothing short of stunning!

“I assembled a 5 x 5 wavy cubicle wine rack myself and got help from my husband to assemble the circular merchandiser with the air gun that was provided by Wine Cellar Innovations. The online instruction video and the printed materials that come with the kits are easy to follow. All of the pieces were custom ordered with triple lacquered and looked beautiful. However, some were not packaged correctly and stuck together. Those pieces were promptly replaced at no charge. The lighting in the photo is something that we purchased from Home Depot and installed ourselves.”

~Laurie P.~

Vintage perfection with our Vintner Series

Next up is this gorgeous vintage beauty from our client C W Fraase. All it took was our Vintner Series wine racks kit and the help of a nail gun to put together a very professional looking “custom” wine cellar. It’s truly a testament to how our wine rack kits can enable customers to create wine cellar projects that look like a “custom job” less the hassle and cost of one.

“When building my new home, I received several quotes to build out my wine cellar. I decided to buy the Vintner Series rack kits from Wine Cellar Innovations. I saved thousands over a custom job. The ordering was easy, shipping was fast. And assembly was without fault especially when using a nail gun. When it came to installation, I took it slow and steady working from the ground up and making sure everything was level and square.

It is now my pride and joy and I can say “I did that!” The room size is approximately 800 sqft and can handle about 600 bottles.” 

~C W Fraase~

Clean and classy DIY wine tasting center

And lastly, we have this seemingly simple but quite memorable DIY project by our client Mike who not only assembled his wine racking assembly all by his lonesome – he also personally  created the wine cellar art on the archway.

“This is a cute way to talk about going to a painting class to use your own art in your wine cellar. It also looks good in a closet.

The boxes arrived in a timely fashion and since I had a deadline, I got right to work on them. I have a large detached garage so I was able to create a workbench by putting a 4×8 sheet of plywood over two sawhorses, this made it easier to work while building the racks. Initially, I found the instructions a bit confusing and light on details. I slowed down and reread the instructions and inventoried what what in the box and this made them more clear and easier to follow.

Once I understood the instructions, assembly was a breeze. I used a brad nailer instead of a hammer which sped up the process and kept the quality at a high level. Once the racks where built, I took them to the house and placed them in my wine closet. The racks fit perfectly based on the dimensions I had provided to the design team. Putting the trim pieces on tied the top and bottom together and they look great.

I spent some time looking for a painting or a picture to hang in the tasting center. Not being able to find something affordable, I attended a painting session at Painting With a Twist and did my own wine painting. It’s not the best, but I think it looks great. I won’t be collecting any wine or planning on long term storage until the refrigeration is done, which I am planning on doing in the spring of 2016.

I love the racks, they look great and are solid. I think I got a great value and am very happy with team at Wine Cellar Innovations. Thanks for your guidance and help!”

~Mike G.~

We definitely expect 2016 to bring in bigger and better DIY inspirations, so join us in our next wine cellar journeys in the New Year! ^_^

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