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“Wine Cellar Resolutions” for 2016

December 28th, 2015

Barely a week left before we bid adieu to 2015! This year had been filled with lots of learning experiences as far as wine cellar construction and design is concerned, not just for our clients but for us as well. In fact, we were overwhelmed (and happily so!) by the increasing number of DIY wine cellar projects by clients utilizing our products. The end results that they generously shared with us and we’ve proudly featured here are nothing short of amazing. So for the New Year, we’re taking it upon ourselves to make the WCI experience even better than ever, starting with our list of “wine cellar resolutions.” Here are some things to really look forward to in 2016, so we encourage you guys to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on our social media pages ASAP:

Happy New Year from WCI!

More interactive wine cellar consultation services!

This year, we’ve worked hard to expand our wine cellar consultation services in our effort to consistently improve our services to wine cellar enthusiasts all over the globe. It bears mentioning that our website has been upgraded with more accessible features to allow easier communication with our design specialists, like our online chat options, contact forms, and design request forms, including My Project Folders. But there will always be room for improvement! So come 2016, expect our consultation services to become even more accessible and dynamic, reaching more and more potential clients wherever in the world they may be.

More “popular” wine cellar ideas and concepts!

We’ve been working on expanding this section of the website to accommodate more unique wine cellar designs and concepts. This coming 2016, expect to see even more unique ideas, particularly DIY ones. We’ve received tons of glowing reviews from clients who have utilized our wine racking products in ingenious ways. It’s about time we shine the spotlight on more WCI x “client” collaborations as well!

More wine racking product upgrades!

Like we always say, “There will always be room for improvement.” In all aspects of our business – from our products down to our customer service – we strive to make things even better for our customers. This year, we’ve introduced several essential upgrades, like in our wine rack kits and custom racking models. 2016 will pave the way for more product improvements so that every project utilizing WCI wine racks and accessories, whether it’s done by our team or DIY, will exude a professional touch.

Do you have suggestions on how we can make 2016 an even more amazing year for all wine cellar enthusiasts out there? Share your suggestions and leave a comment below!

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