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Our Top Holiday Wine Picks

December 21st, 2015

What’s the holidays (or any season for that matter!) without a good glass of wine? Thing is, there are just so many labels and vintages to choose from it can get pretty confusing even for the true connoisseur. It’s especially the case if you have quite a varied guest list – think, varied palates as well. But it’s no rocket science, believe us! There are lots of bottles out there that can readily cover most of the bases. All you need to do is to get better acquainted with them. Once you find your favorites, you can purchase some wine racks to keep them safe. That being said, check out our top holiday wine picks and find out which of these will bring that extra holiday cheer to your dinner tables:

Cheers to the holidays!Chardonnay

More than just a few surveys have shown that Chardonnay is in fact, the number-one take-home wine. It accounts for over one-fifth of purchases in wine stores which is pretty impressive. If you think about it, it’s doesn’t really come as a surprise because this grocery store standby is easy to find and delivers impressive quality for under 10 bucks. Our personal pick is Bogle Chard which sports a slightly creamy texture, walking the fine line between toasty oak and spice flavors. It also packs in lively green apple and melon fruit flavors, making it a sure crowd pleaser.

Pinot Gris

Our choice is this lovely California Pinot Gris, hailing from the same grape variety as its Italian counterpart. However, it has bigger body, greater juiciness, and richer flavor which are all perfect for the cold, winter season. It boasts of bold aromas of poached pear, tropical fruit, flowers and spice. Overall, it still sports a crisp and refreshing taste, but those extra layers of flavor make it one of the best winter whites to enjoy.


Definitely an alternative to Champagne, especially if the budget doesn’t permit the latter this season. Let’s face it, more than half of the population is always broke right before Christmas with all the insane holiday shopping to complete. But who says you can’t enjoy a good glass of the bubbly despite a swollen budget? This Italian bubbly is super versatile around the holidays. We recommend serving it well-chilled in a flute or toss in a sugar cube and dash of bitters for an effervescent “Champagne” cocktail. While the refreshing lemon, grapefruit, and melon flavors aren’t quite Champagne, you still get the “fizz” at a price your wallet will love and your guests will enjoy as well.

Cabernet Sauvignon

If there will be more guests of the male persuasion on your dinner table, then the Cab might be the bottle you’ll be wanting to pop open. This serious and manly red wine is indeed the king of flavors. We recommend well-loved labels like the Beringer Knight’s Valley Reserve. It packs in plenty of powerful blackberry flavor and a long smooth finish. This “manly” red will go down well even with wine novices.


If your table will be a conglomeration of taste buds, you’ll need something that’s equally popular with the college kids, the sweet-toothed ladies, and men wanting to pump the o’l charisma around. With its distinctive floral, citrus, and honey aromas, and a sweet but balanced flavor, Moscato is your wine. This baby is all about the simple pleasures of enjoying a good glass of wine in good company. It’s wonderfully low in alcohol but with a hint of refreshing fizz. It will give the young ones the right amount of buzz while keeping the adults at a contented pace. Plus, it goes down extremely well with fruity and spiced desserts like apple or pumpkin pie.

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