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Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Ideas

December 17th, 2015

It’s the crunch time, wine buddies! Barely a week left to go before Christmas is on its merry, merry way. We wouldn’t be surprised though, if there are still more than a few of us out there that haven’t gotten our shopping list all sorted out. It seems that last-minute holiday shopping has become a tradition as well. But fret not! You can still complete that list and give your recipient/s gifts that will definitely be treasured. And that’s what today’s blog is all about: last-minute holiday shopping ideas!


Online Gift Certificates

Sure, you can grab gift certificates at Walmart or Costco, but what about “wine cellar” gift certificates? That’s right! If you have a close family member or best bud who’s been breaking out the tape measure for a wine cellar project, then what better gift for them this season than a WCI gift certificate. Since time is of the essence, you can just purchase¬†an online gift certificate and receive an automated email with a link to download a printable template you can give right away. These are available in various denominations with a minimum $50 value.


Wine Coasters

Wine coasters will always be a sure win, especially if you’re running both out of time and ideas on the best gift to get a relative or close friend this season. But here at WCI, we’ve made things a little bit fancier for you with our French Wine Label Coasters.¬†These exquisitely designed coasters are the ultimate in durability as they are solid Italian marble, measure almost a 1/4″ thick, and have cushioned cork backings to boot. One set of four will definitely be a memorable present for any wine lover this holidays.


Brad Nail Gun & Nails Package

That someone tackling a wine cellar project on your list will love you to bits when you wrap up our Brad Nail Gun & Nails Package for them this Christmas. Every DIY-er needs the right tools to get the job done AND the results they want, so help your wine loving buddies achieve just that. At just under $50, this is a holiday present they will surely be grateful for.


Humidification Fountains

We have a healthy selection of beautifully designed humidification fountains as well as those with humidistat packages. Any of these lovelies will surely be a welcome addition to a wine lover’s home. Some of our personal favorites are the Classic Misting Bowl, Contemporary Misting Bowl, and Copper Bottle.

Need some more last-minute shopping advice? We’re happy to give you that us well! Poke us via our chat application on the website or send us a quick query via the contact form now! ^_^



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