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Technical Tuesday Episode #262: Under Stairwell Curvy Wine Cube Cellar

December 15th, 2015

It’s the second to the last Tech Tuesday on the blog for 2015! We’re kind of just blown away with how fast the year went by and similarly, with the amazing number of wine cellar projects our team has managed to complete together with our happy clients. We’re down to just two more and today’s feature is actually a pretty special one. We’re quite certain we haven’t showcased anything like this on the blog before, so we’re super excited to unveil it:

Project # 267695
Wine Rack: Curvy Wine Cubes
Bottle Capacity:

Under stairwell wine cellar

So check out this latest take on a “wine cellar combo” – Curvy Wine Cube x Under Stairwell x Glass-Enclosed wine cellar. How’s that for a winning combination? You are all probably aware by know how much we love doing “combos” with various wine racking products since they allow us to explore so many space-saving and design possibilities. The “combos” are also one of the best ways to illustrate just how versatile our products are, from the wine racks down to the wine cellar accessories.

This latest project is truly a gem because it shows just how space-efficient our under-stairwell wine cellar concepts are. See how the bottles are nicely tucked away into that corner of the home while still being able to become one of its main attractions, so to speak. The gorgeous Curvy Wine Cubes were such a clever choice because their inherently unique design is already eye-catching enough. Coupled with the glass panels and lighting accents, the Cubes have given this home a modern touch.

Speaking of “versatility,” note as well that the cubes are able to store not only wine bottles, but glassware and other accessories as well. Our client Emily purchased Concave and Convex Curvy Cubes with Diamond Inserts, Concave and Convex Curvy Cube Wine Holders, and Concave Curvy Wine Bin Cubes. But our Curvy Cube line also carries other options, like our Curvy Wine Cube Popular Packages. Plus, this series also comes with several add-ons such as the tabletop,  display tray, and wall-mount kit to allow for even more style opportunities. The WCI Curvy Wine Cube collection is indeed worth checking out, especially if you’re planning on giving someone really special this season!

“Photos of our wine cooler using your curvy wine cubes. Thank you. We are so happy with the results.”

~Emily Eismont~

Unique Curvy Cube wine cellar

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