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Easy Racking Assembly x DIY Wine Cellar Art

December 10th, 2015

DIY projects are certainly very fulfilling – especially when things turn out just right. Case in point – this DIY wine cellar our client Mike recently completed for his home. But the DIY wine racks are not the only things that are done by the client! You’ll find out soon enough, but first, let’s take a look at this wonderfully spacious closet transformation Mike managed to come up with:

The Vintner Individual Tasting Center

Keeping things simple but efficient, he sent in for our Vintner Series wine racking units – a smart choice if we may say so ourselves. The Individual Tasting Center with Open Diamond Bins provided an ample amount of space for both individual and bulk bottle storage, plus glassware storage to boot. And get this! Our client Mike personally hand-painted the wine cellar art himself. That makes everything in this wine cellar closet a DIY project – and certainly not bad for an amateur ^_^.

Lots of individual and bulk bottle storage space!

“This is a cute way to talk about going to a painting class to use your own art in your wine cellar. It also looks good in a closet.

The boxes arrived in a timely fashion and since I had a deadline, I got right to work on them. I have a large detached garage so I was able to create a workbench by putting a 4×8 sheet of plywood over two sawhorses, this made it easier to work while building the racks. Initially, I found the instructions a bit confusing and light on details. I slowed down and reread the instructions and inventoried what what in the box and this made them more clear and easier to follow.

Once I understood the instructions, assembly was a breeze. I used a brad nailer instead of a hammer which sped up the process and kept the quality at a high level. Once the racks where built, I took them to the house and placed them in my wine closet. The racks fit perfectly based on the dimensions I had provided to the design team. Putting the trim pieces on tied the top and bottom together and they look great.

I spent some time looking for a painting or a picture to hang in the tasting center. Not being able to find something affordable, I attended a painting session at Painting With a Twist and did my own painting. It’s not the best, but I think it looks great. I won’t be collecting any wine or planning on long term storage until the refrigeration is done, which I am planning on doing in the spring of 2016.

I love the racks, they look great and are solid. I think I got a great value and am very happy with team at Wine Cellar Innovations. Thanks for your guidance and help!”

~Mike G.~

Mike's DIY wine cellar art