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An Organized Affair Thanks To The Designer Series

November 26th, 2015

What happens when you don’t have proper wine storage for your bottles? Well, basically, you get more or less the same problem as our client Ken here used to have: a nearly impossible hunting spree for the bottle you actually want to pop open. Prior to his purchase of his WCI racks, Ken admitted to having wine bottles in various places in their home. As a result, they had to spend more time hunting for that one bottle they’d been craving to taste rather than actually enjoying it. So in order to give their growing collection a proper home and save them from the frustrations of “bottle hunting,” they sent in for some Individual Bottle Columns from our Designer Series wine rack kits:

DIY Designer Series racks!

To facilitate a more efficient assembly and installation of the racks, Ken utilized a nail gun which yielded some pretty awesome results. Check out these snaps of the completed wine racking assembly, all filled up with their once homeless bottles. The racks were put together neatly and perfectly fit into that empty stretch of wall in the client’s home. The addition of some clever decorative accents also helped increase the aesthetic appeal of the racking arrangement. Utilizing a nail gun was indeed a smart move because among all the methods to assembly a wine rack, this is easily the most practical one. Watch our learning video on popular ways to assemble a wine rack to see exactly what we mean!

Organized, spacious, and beautiful wine racking assembly.

Ken was kind enough to share his WCI experience with us as well and what he had to say about our products was certainly heartwarming:

“We’ve been enjoying our racks for some time now. I used a pneumatic nail gun and it did make the job easier.  I also attached all the racks to the wall securely, and to each other to provide rigidity.  I used a drop of glue at each junction point before I drove the nail, and I’m very happy with the results. I labeled the racks “Rack A”, “Rack B”, etc. and then subdivided each rack into its obvious “bin” (separated by the obvious cross pieces) and then row, column. The data base I created then tracks where each bottle is located by rack-bin-row-column.  We used to have bottles all over the house and while we might know we had a certain bottle, it was nearly impossible to find it.  Now we don’t have that problem.”

~Ken P.~